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  1. Z

    May I join? There are chances I fit in...

    Hello everyone. I am a 46 yo woman officially identified as an Aspie two years ago after a burn out that kept me out of work for a few months. My life has changed a lot since then. Besides changes at work, personal relationships and knowing myself better, I have also entirely changed my...
  2. AutisticMilly

    Are Reboots/Remakes Ever Good?

    You can probably guess from the title what this is about. Do you think that remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings of old properties ever turn out good? Additionally, are there any that you particularly liked or disliked? I’ll start with one of my special interests. Last year, Studio Orange...
  3. Georgia Galaxy

    New Movies

    I have this thing where I'm usually not all that excited when a new movie trailer is out and everyone's talking about it, but I get excited later when it gets closer to come out? How do you guys feel about new movies coming out (even if you're old and prefer 80s movies lol) ? Also, for new...
  4. Patrick_B_1997

    Kind & Funny Video Game Lover

    Hi, everyone. My name is Patrick. I am 24 years old and I live in northwestern PA. I like video games, watching movies and watching cartoons/anime. I am also a book worm. I am looking for a friend and love with someone who understands my autism. You can talk to me if you want.
  5. Jenisautistic

    Hi everyone

  6. T

    Tim Kasse - Asperger, Systems Engineer, Music Lover

    Hello Dear Community, I am a 70 year old man who was officially diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age 64. I have read a number of book where people were diagnosed at around 40 or younger. What about going through for over 60 years wondering what was wrong with most of the rest of the world...
  7. Joshua the Writer

    The Monster Hunter Movie is a Nightmare

    Paul W.S. Anderson massacred my child! Yes, this is about the Monster Hunter movie! It was heckin' inaccurate as heck! I am a Monster Hunter fan and I am triggered by the MH movie. I was at least expecting ironic enjoyment, but, nope. It was a complete disappointment. It managed to completely...
  8. Joshua the Writer

    Paul W.S. Anderson

    Paul W.S. Anderson is a director responsible for the creation of many video game movies, the most recent one being Monster Hunter. I heard that the movies are consistently bad and that the Monster Hunter movie is basically like this:
  9. Rotundi

    Who's watched any good scary movies lately?

    The last scary movie I saw was Silent Hill. It was pretty good.
  10. M

    Free things to watch and or do online

    As we are mainly restricted to not going out anywhere for a few weeks where I am. I've managed to find a few things online to alleviate boredom. Please add favourite links of websites that may be of interest to others: 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns | Open...
  11. Sora

    What Hogwarts house are you in?

    I'm a Ravenclaw. I really like the fact that Ravenclaws aren't just limited to smart people, they can also be very creative and really passionate about the things they like. For example knowing a lot about a certain topic or subject they really enjoy. What about y'all?
  12. GrownupGirl

    Do you ever feel anxiety and dread about seeing a new movie?

    Have you ever put off seeing a movie, even though you've heard that it's really good and it looks like a movie you'd enjoy seeing simply because you feel anxiety at just the thought of having to give it your undivided attention for at *least* an hour and a half? That's how I've felt for years...
  13. Ladybird2013

    Anyone else like British mysteries?

    I love British mysteries- books, movies, TV shows! My favorite shows are: Midsomer Murders Father Brown Shetland Broadchurch Anyone else like these, or can recommend others?
  14. Autistamatic

    Your favourite comedy :)

    A new member here @Spartan commented on a post how comedy has helped them get through life. I have to say I agree with that. Comedy has always been a huge part of my life - stand up, sketch shows, sitcoms and satire all have put a smile on my face and helped keep me sane all these years. What...
  15. Mr Allen

    Will they make any more Harry Potter movies?

    I hope so if JK Rowling writes any more books. Daniel Radcliffe's only 28, he's not too old to reprise the role that made him famous. What I don't want though is some rubbish remake/reboot of the original series with somebody else as Harry, it genuinely wouldn't be as good IMO. And his famous...
  16. SunnyDay16

    Romantic movie clichés you're tired of seeing

    The main cliches I'm tired of seeing in romance movies are: Guy keeps persisting even after the girl says no multiple times and acts uninterested; he still gets the girl in the end Angsty, depressed character is "saved" by a love interest (aka the "healing power" of true love) Innocent good...
  17. theconservativeaspie

    My Job at the Movie Theaters.

    Hello all, Two months ago, I got accepted to work at a movie theater. It's a very popular brand in the US, I am sure that you have all heard of AMC Theaters. I'm not going to tell you which AMC I work at because I do not want you to know where I live. Working at this AMC has many pros and...
  18. Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    What is this blog going to be about...I suppose I want to focus on topics related to women with Asperger's. I will probably also go off on tangents regarding the things I am passionate about: books, movies, video games, music, traveling. Thanks for reading in advance, I hope you guys decide to...
  19. AGXStarseed

    Hostile environment to autistic people

    (Not written by me) The abuse hurled at a cinemagoer was shocking. How much are people’s attitudes shaped by government policy? A couple of years ago my brother, who has autism, was confronted by an angry audience member at the theatre. Or rather, his care worker was. “You shouldn’t let him...
  20. pjcnet

    Do you talk a lot through TV programmes or movies, often annoying other people?

    I have always had a problem with talking through TV programmes and movies when I'm watching them with other people, when I was a child I used to be constantly told off by my Dad for it and even as an adult my "friend" is always complaining about it, in fact he often says that he can't watch...
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