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love and relationships

  1. kazmen17

    Feeling alone in a sea with seemingly no options

    I miss intimacy with another person to have someone to hug, hold hands with, and share my struggles in a deeply personal way that I can't with anyone else. I miss that connection to fall back on, but I also feel like I'm almost not allowed to. The only place I meet others is work where they're...
  2. kityoume

    let's talk about love

    when I was 16 I fell in love with a girl, I am also a girl. We talked and she meant a lot to me, but our relationship had difficulties because of her and because of me as well. communication with her influenced many decisions in my life, after a few years of friendship we began to meet and live...
  3. B

    NT extremely confused with how her ASD ex-fiancé is treating her!

    Hi all, so I am new to this thread but I need some help so a little background. My fiancé ended is 6 weeks ago after being together for a year. We got engaged after 3 months (I became his special interest and he fell for me HARD). Apparently before he met me he was AGAINST marriage but when he...
  4. N

    Asperger and long distance communication

    A hello to everyone and I hope you are all well due to current situations. I had a thought basically awhile ago but it came into my mind again today . Since I am currently in a long distance relationship right now for a while longer and since we can’t see each other so much. I relay mostly...
  5. Aby Hazes

    New and Looking for Help and Advice with my BF with ASD

    Hi, I'm Aby and I'm 20 years old from the Philippines and an NT (neurotypic or not in the spectrum). I have been in an almost 6-month long-distance relationship with a guy I met online (Snapchat actually) and he has been diagnosed with Autism last year, about September 2019. And honestly, being...
  6. ismee

    Don't know what to do

    So, i met this guy in my home town. He's like 4 years younger than me, I really really like him. I stayed the night with him at new years eve ( no sex , only kissing ). The day after i asked him if he liked me too and he said yes i like you but not enough ( he responded only after a vew days!!)...
  7. C

    Am I overreacting?

    Hi I've been in a monogamous relationship with my high-functioning aspie boyfriend for a couple of yrs now. He always struggled to express his emotions etc but it's getting to the point where I just don't feel love from him at all and I need to know if the relationship is just not worth it or...
  8. rosewater

    Started dating an Aspie... and for a while I thought he was a psychopath

    Hi everybody! (warning, long post ahead) First post on the forum :) Great to meet you all. I hope I have not offended anybody with the title of this post. A few months ago I met a person who I initially thought to be an Aspie. However, shortly after I became convinced he was a psychopath...
  9. N

    I feel a bit down and don't know what to do..

    Probably my 3 post now.. So the situation has evolved itself and I moved out from my asperger boyfriend.. Back home to my country for awhile.. And i feel like im breaking.. The good bye was hard for me and everything but i know it was the best. We went out the night befor and had a talk about...
  10. M

    I fell in love with a high functioning autistic

    Hey, so i was trying to learn about autism more and i found this site. Im still trying to figure out how to use this , but well , here's my story. I've been hurt by men before that's why i swore never to get too attached to someone again. I've been talking to a lot of guys just to avoid having...
  11. rae

    Intimacy Issues

    I've just recently gotten into a relationship with a NT guy, he's really great and understanding especially when it comes to things I struggle with. I want to be able to show more affection towards him but I feel quite uncomfortable with it, because I'm not exactly sure what's okay to say to him...
  12. U

    Mentally and physically exhausted HFA boyfriend - help!

    Hi I am new here. I have a lovely HFA boyfriend, and we have been together for one and a half years now. I am an NT myself, and we are both middle aged having bad marriages behind us. The relationship has been wonderful so far. I have never felt being loved this much before. My boyfriend is...
  13. ConqueringZero44


    Thoughts about my life if they come up, and if they don't. Life, love, loss, anything. This will be written maybe(?) if i can muster up a thought. And maybe you will find it engaging! Thank you!
  14. A

    I'm in love with someone famous. What can I do to get over it?

    I'm 15 turning 16 in April, and I'm in love with a celebrity. I think she is absolutely beautiful and feel like we have a lot in common. I'm fully aware that chances of me ending up with her are slim to none, so I want to get over it. I've been trying super hard to do so but no success. What do...
  15. G

    My ex boyfriend is Asperger and he's broken up with me..again

    Hi. I have had a wonderful boyfriend whom I love dearly. The love of my life really. Now he has broken up with me again. He has told me he has commitment issues but since I have teach autistic kids I knew long ago that he was probably asperger. There is a long list which indicates this. I am NT...
  16. mangodude

    Abusive relationship

    hello! i'll try to be short. around 4 years ago i met a girl whom i first became friends(!!!)with but later on i developed a romantic feelings towards. i am rather bad at hiding my feelings, but i managed to "stay friends with her for the following 3 years". there were times when she...
  17. p3rverseimp

    26 NT and 36 AS- mixed messages.

    Hi guys, I’ll try my best to keep this as short as possible. In August, I started dating an aspie guy who I really liked (let’s call him Joe). He was very forthright with his feelings for me; however, he has issues with drink. I told him I didn’t know whether I could handle that because I have...
  18. Starryeyes18

    Relationship with Aspie Husband - advice

    Hi, I've just joined this site out of desperation to understand more about how you lovely aspie's deal with relationships. My husband and I have been together 9 years, we are married and have a 15 month son and another baby on the way. Things have been difficult since our son arrived and he has...
  19. Eden

    Should I Give Up On My Aspie Husband?

    Hi All, I'm new here. I have a 13-year-old son who was diagnosed with ASD when he was 5. His dad and I divorced in 2012, initiated by me, because of lack of communication and emotional intimacy. We had been together for 12 years, married for 8. He's a great guy. Reliable, honest, trustworthy...
  20. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I have the most important job in the world

    I read a simple question in a thread here in AspiesCentral: ‘Do you love yourself?’ ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I do’, was my immediate thought. Unfortunately, most people answered either ‘no’ or ‘yes except’. I was appalled. I haven’t always had the best self-esteem. Just this...
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