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  1. Jenisautistic

    (New video) why autistic people are not sick

  2. Mars26

    Mean people

    Hi, I have questions because I don't understand situation. I was shopping with my parents and when we were at the checkout. Old lady looked at me, so I smiled but then she started yelling at me. My mother said that she probably reacted that way because she had a bad experience in past. And it's...
  3. ryan1205

    Blog 2: Two & Half Years Ago...

    Two and a half years ago I joined this website. Back then I was depressed and angry because of the fallout after high school. I joined this website because I have Asperger's and wanted to know that I am not the only one out there who has problems. Life was tough after high school but now things...
  4. Sapphire K

    My Really Freakin' Strange Life

    My life is strange. I'm gonna tell you about it. I'm an Autistic bisexual. Also, expect tons of weirdnes. Blah blah blah, I am basically trying to meet the description length requirements at this point.
  5. shinobi

    I'm struggling to make new friends

    I moved to Yorkshire in October 2016 and it's now August 2019 and I still haven't made any friends here, I'm worried about what to say or how to approach people. I had lots of friends back in Bedfordshire and in London, I don't know what to do, I feel really isolated, I've been thinking about...
  6. A

    Tardigrades on the moon?

    (Not written by me) THE tiny pig-like creatures which smashed into the Moon could survive there for up to 30 years, experts said yesterday. Several thousand “tardigrades”, known as moss piglets, were on an Israeli lunar probe which crashed in April. Scientists believe the microscopic...
  7. Jenisautistic

    My 21st birthday Hooray

    Hey everyone yesterday was my 21st birthday Thank you all for being there for me for all this time I’ve been online Through forums thanks for all the advice you gave me over this time I’ll be updating you guys soon when I find out more information about things going on .
  8. Jenisautistic

    Again possibly auditioning for a musical locally

    Hey guys I am possibly going to do in the future audition for an upcoming local production of a musical called Matilda I was thinking of auditioning for Miss honey since I’m way too old to audition for Matilda Ha ha :p Although if I were younger I would probably totally fit the part...
  9. Jenisautistic

    Autism friendly performance of Frozen

    Hey guys A few days ago on June 23 I went to the autism Friendly performance of frozen. It was really fun and I met some nice people . I sat in the third row and the sound wasn’t even too loud I didn’t even need to use my headphones half of the time . My uncle dropped me off in in the...
  10. ConqueringZero44

    Chained to Life.

    The one thing i have never liked about myself is my anger, it's insane. I get frustrated really fast, it takes me every fiber of my being to slow it down. Sometimes it comes over from not understanding what's happening, it can come off from social groups. It can come off from myself, as i am...
  11. Jenisautistic

    What unconditional love means to me

    Just wanted to share this with you what does unconditional love mean to you?
  12. ConqueringZero44

    Freezing and Advice..

    I've been freezing quite alot when there's too many people around me, i don't know why.. I don't know how. And i always have to fight myself to keep moving. My legs will sometimes freeze, my mind goes numb. Shopping is extremely difficult and i try and avoid the same people twice as i worry i'll...
  13. Jenisautistic

    does anyone use a disability identification card?

    i just recently received one.. i figured it would help in situations that are difficult im "sick" or unable to talk well or cant be understood also if im scared.
  14. ConqueringZero44

    I Don't Want to Follow The Sheep.

    I'm sick of having all my hopes and ambitions dismissed, because nobody else wants to do that. I don't want to talk about memes all day everyday, i don't find that stuff funny all the damn time. I don't want to follow, i am sick of having peer pressure put on me. When now i just naturally resist...
  15. P

    Im Pretty Unsure

    Im pretty unsure as to whether i have High Functioning Autism/ Aspergers so i intend to post elements of my life and of why i think i have HFA/ Aspergers. I do quite a lot of introspection coupled with research on the symptoms and not knowing drives me crazy, it feels like if i could put a...
  16. Jenisautistic

    i’ll make an Advocate out of you ( original song )

    Hey guys I thought I would finally share this song with You. Hope you enjoy !
  17. Jenisautistic

    For those of you with difficulty reading

    Do you find fiction or nonfiction more difficult to read? I have dyslexia among many things. And I find that realistic fiction or nonfiction I don’t have a less problems andmore complex fiction Or fantasy books. Although fantasy is one of my favorite genres as well as realistic fiction ...
  18. Jenisautistic


    Rolling with the trend of people showing their books on YouTube and doing book hauls. so I decided to make my own Book Haul video. i’m trying my best not to try to read and understand when I read as much as I can .even though reading makes me want to throw up and makes my head spin I still love...
  19. ConqueringZero44

    Driving and Me.

    So, i got my license a couple years ago. The theory tests were easy, most theory is. Depending, on a person's level of understanding, but anyway. That's beside the point. When i did my test, it took me till the fifth attempt to be able to get it. I was always jealous of people who could pass on...
  20. ConqueringZero44


    Love and Acceptance is something i cherish. Always. Now it's a different story. I've had two relationships in my life, one of them being rather intense while the other was more different. My first relationship, i met her online.. Things were going well, and we were both hooked on each other, the...
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