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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    Cool Article that Comforts Me

    As someone who has actually suffered from thinking, "Does my own family think I'm weird?" And many other things as someone with Aspergers', this article comforts me a lot. Special interests I believe that I also tend to have rigid thinking, and many times have thought, "People are not going to...
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    Data Entry

    Do any of you have any idea what a job in Data Entry is like? Have you had any experience? My family is considering putting me in the work from home data entry job, which means copying words and typing and stuff.
  3. U

    The Coding Thread

    Hello everyone. I wasn’t sure where to put this thread, but I created this thread to have a place to discuss coding, a place for people on the spectrum to potentially find opportunities freelancing or otherwise, or, for general discussion regarding coding, sharing projects, help with their...
  4. allan619

    Application Forms are a Nightmare

    There is not many jobs available to the average unskilled person but its even harder when the person in question is on the autism spectrum. Even if it is on the mild end of the spectrum. We are pretty much limited to jobs that are flexible with regards working hours and don't require too much...
  5. Joshua the Writer

    I Applied to Kroger Today

    Hey, so I applied to Kroger. They actually had open interviews, but for a completely different position than what I was looking for, but the lady who was there just told me that she'd redirect everything to the hiring manager. All I had to do was complete an online application. I hope I get the...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    Applied to Wendy's Today

    I applied to Wendy's today because I was eating there with my Mom, Sister, my cousin, Kyra, and my [amazing] Uncle Sean (we were eating there before my cousin and uncle had to go back to Michigan) and noticed they're hiring. Noticing a job opportunity, I went up to the counter and asked for an...
  7. Jena

    Started new job first job too and Wanted to know if anyone else is like this?

    So I started my very first job at age 21. Farm aid at a zoo. Want to be a zoologist since I was born. Anyways my personality is usually timid shy unsure of everything socially awkward and can't talk to any humans without anxiety and my social awkwardness thanks to aspergers come in. I normally...
  8. P

    Realizing This About Job Interviews . . .

    As someone who is both an introvert and on the spectrum, going to job interviews can feel especially intimidating; you're competing for the same position with who knows how many other neurotypical applicants, all of which have varying strengths and degrees of experience, including satisfactory...
  9. S

    Autism and computer companies

    Long time ago a lady at my school that represented Voc Rehab told me that computer companies are looking to hire autistic people but then when I spoke to the Voc Rehab counselor about it she act like she had no idea about it said she never heard of that which most of them counselors don't know...
  10. RiverSong

    Body Language and Job Interviews

    During my job search, I've noticed a pattern from the articles I'm reading about interviewing tips, prep, advice, etc. Many websites have advice on body language do's and don'ts during an interview. I thought, well, this might be interesting stuff to learn. Only to find out that a lot of my own...
  11. Andrew206

    What does a good job look like to you?

    In your opinion, what does a good job look like to you?
  12. Butterfly88

    Job Seekers with Neurological Conditions Sought for Award-Winning Documentary Series "Employable Me"

    Found this on Twitter and thought it may be of interest to some. Twitter Link: Liz Alderman CASTING (@CASTINGgal) | Twitter
  13. Finally Getting Out There

    Finally Getting Out There

    Yesterday me and my mom printed out an application (10 pages long) for Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation is a place where they find jobs that are suitable for people with disabilities. Since I have ASD, I would love to have a job that is easier, understandable, not hard and...
  14. ErinH

    Aspies in Work

    Hi everyone, I work full-time and have done so since university (and worked part-time before uni), with the occasional year-or-two gap due to mental health difficulties (before I realised I could be aspie). I have always hated working in the sense that I can never seem to release myself from...
  15. A

    How can I get a job without professional or academic references....? :-(

    So........as many high functioning aspies may have, my past resume is very checkered - random jobs, gaps, etc. So, I get really uncomfortable with asking people to serve as references over and over and over, for random jobs, years and years after I have last seen them, etc. They are really...
  16. Naturalist

    Can't deal with computers??

    Hello, I have been absent for a long time, in part because of this problem which is getting worse all the time. I cannot deal with computers, internet, email, etc. It is information overload and too much to sift through. Just looking at it paralyzes me. In the case of email, everyone is...
  17. Questella

    How old were you when you got your first job?

    How old were you when you got your first job? And what was it, how did you get it? How was it? I'm curious, I wasn't allowed to work when I was school aged, I didn't get my license until I was 18, and immediately started applying everywhere I could think of... I only ever got three interviews...
  18. SpaceCadet

    Scared about going back to work again

    Hi - I was recently diagnosed (by the V.A.) as an aspie and while it didn't really surprise me, I've been pretty depressed about it. Also I've been on SSDI for several years now - for unrelated, physical stuff - but I've improved a lot and I'd really like to go back to work again. I've worked...
  19. Liambruno

    Job Interviews and Cultural Fit

    Hi. Need a bit of advice from those who are better than I am at surviving the more pretentious popular rituals that have snuck into job interview processes. To avoid a long soliloquy and a bunch of attendant whining about the unfairness of life (which, my analysis tells me, is an indifferent...
  20. Sportster

    Best and Worst Jobs for Aspies

    . . .
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