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Application Forms are a Nightmare


Well-Known Member
There is not many jobs available to the average unskilled person but its even harder when the person in question is on the autism spectrum. Even if it is on the mild end of the spectrum. We are pretty much limited to jobs that are flexible with regards working hours and don't require too much customer interaction. For me this means life as a taxi driver. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a job on the NHS jobs website for which I thought I would be really well suited. It was in the decontamination unit and basically the role involved the sterilisation of reusable medical devices. I have previously done some temp work in a similar role and really enjoyed it so I got a little bit carried away and convinced my self that I was going to get this job and finally put an end to my taxi driving career. My excitement was short lived as I got to the end of my application form and the dreaded reference section. You see driving a taxi is a self employed role, I simply don't have any references and to my dismay I realised that I could not submit my application form without the relevant information.

Shouldn't we all be allowed to apply for jobs within our NHS, isn't it up to the bosses at the NHS to filter out applications that are not suitable. I'm not saying they need to give me the job of course but to be told that I can't even apply seems to me to be a kind of prejudice against the self employed. Of course this is the problem with large bearaucracies they have no time for people all they want is a correctly filled out form that they can roboticly analyse. Some job vacancies go even further and say they will not accept CV applications so you must fill out the online form no matter how poorly it is designed or how fit for purpose it really is. I can't help but think of the number of people who fill out these forms with excitement and enthusiasm about a new job opportunity only to then realise that their circumstances don't fit into a neat little box like these online application forms seem to assume we all do.

Is this a common issue with other asspies, getting frustrated with application forms?

I also get very annoyed with poorly worded questions on application forms especially ones with binary answers.
I know many people, ND or NT, are put off by application forms and other paperwork.

One thing I learned a long time ago (and I'm in my 60s, so you know it's been a while that I've been around!) is that you don't have to fill out every field on an application.

If possible, try to imagine what the employer really wants to know and answer accordingly. You can also leave the field blank and submit it anyway.

The references field, though, is really pretty important. Many, many aspies have trouble figuring out who to use as a job reference. If your taxi driving is through a dispatch company, you could use a manager there, even if you've never met them - they can confirm the length of your involvement. You could also use your case manager at a social support program. Or your primary care physician, who can at least say they've known you x number of years. A minister, a teacher, even a landlord.

The reason the employer needs to verify references is to be sure they don't hire someone with very patchy attendance or even someone who has embezzled from a previous employer. You can understand why they want this information!

You mention a need for flexible hours, and I wondered if that would really work for the job you mentioned. If they need someone to decontaminate supplies, they want you to attend regularly!
I get frustrated with application forms on a regular basis. Especially with questions that ask the same thing (worded differently) that I answered earlier in the application.

I also have trouble figuring out who to use for a reference. I usually get concerned about what they’ll say about me to a potential employer.

I don’t like applications that require a personality test. Whenever I do one, I usually answer with what I think the potential employer wants to hear. After that, I usually don’t get a call back.
Maybe it's part of the weeding out process. Finally l have a few references of people l met along my path in the new state l have lived in. Some are casual friends, others are connected to jobs. I have called people and asked if l can use them as a reference. In your particular case, l would use a long term client that you have know and have picked up many times. They probably would be fine giving you a reference. A lot of applications just ask if it's a friend or professional reference.

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