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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    The question isn't well worded, but basically, I am wondering about what "play" behaviour you exhibited as children which was atypical: More specifically, what activities did your peers perform but you didn't care about at all? I am mainly thinking about ages 10 and under. When I was a kid, I...
  2. A

    Understanding preferences for online research

    Hello everyone! My name is Anita and I am trying to understand preferences in online research in autistic adolescents (12-16yrs). I have made a super quick survey that should take about 5min to complete, and I would love your opinions. It asks you to rate some research scenarios from most to...
  3. Gerald Wilgus

    RIP Stephen Sondheim

    A giant of American theater has left us and I am sad at his passing. His work spoke to me in so many ways and it is hard for me to pick my favorite. I discovered him when I was in New Jersey for training and spent a couple of days in NYC, getting Hot Tix for Sweeney Todd. One of my favorite...
  4. Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

    Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

My nine-year-old kid plucked part of his eyelashes out on Sunday. It was not the first time, but the second. The first time was when he learned that his best friend was changing schools. As a consequence, he plucked out 90% of the eyelashes in one eye, and half of them in the other.
  5. J

    8yo Autistic Boy Talks About Having Autism & Meltdowns On Social Media

    This is my son and is from our YouTube account where we vlog, play video games and upload other random stuff. We also have a facebook page and a facebook autism support group for family members of children on the spectrum. As well as a Instagram. Links can be found on this video or on our...
  6. Renzo

    How to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive

    How to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive (Source) Autistic children face a lot of misunderstanding. You can trust me on that because I've been in the same position as your promising boy or girl is now. Just like your kid, I have autism. Just like your kid, I had parents who really wanted to help...
  7. S

    Any tips on connecting or feeling OK?

    I have been feeling very low and isolated recently. It was worse this week as my children were ill, so I hardly left the house. I've realised I have to push a bit to make opportunities to speak to people. But I'm in the usual trapped situation that seems common on here - I crave connection, and...
  8. I

    Can you help me? Small research project into PARENTS!

    Hello everyone, Hopefully you can help me out, I am a student studying my bachelor degree, and currently doing a small research project about the parents of autistic children and whether there is enough support provided for these parents. This research has a real primary focus on the parents...
  9. Butterfly88

    Why Autism Doesn’t Have to be Scary for Children

    Why Autism Doesn’t Have to be Scary for Children http://www.patheos.com/blogs/withoutacrystalball/2018/08/why-autism-doesnt-have-to-be-scary-for-children/ This quote confused me. "Looking at them with compassion, I told them, my son, been born with a brain that had parts of it that didn’t...
  10. DesertRose

    Grown children

    My grandson, was just diagnosed with aspergers. I really knew nothing about it until recently. With all the research I've done on this topic lately, I now can say almost without a doubt, his mother is autistic/aspie. I had no idea back then, it was 30+ years ago. I've also seen a lot of the same...
  11. ashketchumnow

    I need help

    Hi I'm Ashley, and while I'm not on the spectrum, a child in my care is believed to be. She is currently 4 years old, about 20lbs and refuses to eat. It's becoming more and more worrisome as she is only really eating crackers and cheese, and weighs as much as a 1 year old. She hardly sleep...
  12. Sabrina

    Share your funny or cute aspie moments !

    My 8yr old son: “Every second grader was playing one single game of tag during recess”. —— Silence—- Me: ... Everybody except you, I presume. 8 yr old: Yes. I was just walking, and then, sitting. —— Silence—- I looked, amused, at my 13 yr old. We had a conversation years ago, when she...
  13. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    A mom, a son and lots of curiosity

    My eight-year-old told me last night, again, that he’s not learning anything at school. That he wants to know how everything was created, and how the plants and animals were inside. I told him the we could learn it at home anyway. So today I found these very cool videos that I want to see and...
  14. M

    Is the way we learn and use language different from the rest of society?

    Recall learning words as a child, and how I thought each word, the more complex it was, the more magical/special. Learning long words, more than shorter concise ones, caused me a world of pain from my peers and family. Yet I carried on, carting around my gigantic dictionary, as it was and still...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I have the most important job in the world

    I read a simple question in a thread here in AspiesCentral: ‘Do you love yourself?’ ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I do’, was my immediate thought. Unfortunately, most people answered either ‘no’ or ‘yes except’. I was appalled. I haven’t always had the best self-esteem. Just this...
  16. Sabrina

    If your parents divorced when you were a kid or a teenager...

    ... I would like to know if you have any advice for me, regarding my children's emotional well-being (I just separated from my husband and we are heading for divorce).
  17. pjcnet

    Could asthma and allergies during pregnancy be linked to autism?

    I was diagnosed as autistic as a very young child in the 1970s along with both my brothers who are severely autistic. Neither of my brothers can read or write, count to 5 or do many things that a "normal" person can and sadly they will need 24/7 care for the rest of their lives. I was also very...
  18. Peatsmoke

    Advice wanted from Aspie mothers (or mothers of Aspie mothers...)

    Does this ring any bells with anybody: My sister (who I think is an Aspie - I would never dare bring it up with her) has recently told our mum that she's no longer welcome to spend any time with her daughter (mum's granddaughter). When asked why, she just said "Don't get me started!". My mum...
  19. Z

    Seasme Street's Autistic Muppet

    Finally watched some of Julie the Autistic Muppet in action. I think she is absolutely amazing and will hopefully help both NT and autistic kids understand and support autism better.
  20. Z

    27th May 2017

    "No kid Is cookie cook cutter, their fore we can't treat them like they are" said myself in reference t people who all kids learn the same an uniform, when they are all individually made.
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