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break up

  1. G

    How to win him back - the right way

    Sorry in advance for the very long post - and thank you in advance for reading and the feedback :) Yes, it's another one of those posts. I know there are lots of posts and resources on this, but I just wanted perspective on my particular situation from people on the spectrum. My aspie ex-bf...
  2. I

    Aspie Boyfriend just break up with me. What now?

    I met this guy online a few months ago. We started chatting and then after a few months of constant chatting we finally met in person. He already had told me about his asperger, but that day I could see it clear, and I just don´t mind. I did like him as he is. After a few days he told me that...
  3. S

    Break up with AS ex, haven't heard from him since, he'd said we'd stay friends

    I had a break up 4-5 months ago. He said several times we'd always be best friends, even if it didn't work out. Sadly since we were together, arguments escalated and it became like the opposite of best friends. Since the break up he hasn't read my messages or spoke to me. We started off as...
  4. A

    My aspergers boyfriend is behaving distant

    Me and my boyfriend with aspergers had a fight because I did not respond to his messages fast enough when I was out with a friend. He deleted every message he sent and we didn't talk for 2 weeks, so I messaged him again and I went crazy because he ignored my texts. I knew he was angry but he...
  5. sisselcakes

    NT/Aspie relationship- things I've learned about him and us

    Wanted to post this in the hopes it might be helpful to other NT's who are trying to navigate a relationship with someone on the spectrum. I see lots of NT's come on here looking for advice and information. These forums have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. After four...
  6. G

    My ex boyfriend is Asperger and he's broken up with me..again

    Hi. I have had a wonderful boyfriend whom I love dearly. The love of my life really. Now he has broken up with me again. He has told me he has commitment issues but since I have teach autistic kids I knew long ago that he was probably asperger. There is a long list which indicates this. I am NT...
  7. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I need to love again

    Today, May 10th, is Mother’s Day in México, there’s no school, and it’s a national holiday for many, except for restaurants. The ex didn’t take the kids to buy me a present and I resent him for that. He didn’t do it for my birthday either… after 18 years of me always doing something for him to...
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The empty love tank of a failed relationship

    I’m separated and so are you. I want to move forward, start anew. You want your wife to continue fighting. But she just can’t. She doesn’t have any strength left. You see me and you see your wife. You see my ex and you see yourself. You want me to go back to him, because that’s what you...
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Little Red Riding Hood no more

    I.. connect… the… dots…late… but I do. I found the “mystery” of why my ex husband didn’t want a wedding ring. For you, my dear reader, it might be obvious: because he doesn’t want women to know he’s married, right? But not for me. I can have something in front of me and still not be able to...
  10. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Changing how a man looks good on my paper

    I now have a map with all the places with hidden mines that I have to avoid in my love life. These mines are charming, exciting, intelligent men, that had unloving mothers. I also have in my map a destination: a man with his feet on Earth, capable of love, (since he received lots of it when he...
  11. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Good bye my Peter Pan, with love, your Mary Poppins

    As I promised, I am not trying to make you come back to me. You flew, and I just want to say good bye from the distance. First of all, I want to say thank you. Only you and I know how much you saved me, how much you changed my life: there is a before you, and an after you. You were my Peter...
  12. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The men of my dreams

    I remember, a couple of weeks ago, that we both had a good day. That was not the norm, you being without a job, me, recently separated from my husband. The following day you told me you had had a very vivid dream. You were in a building, which collapsed, and you were standing there, unscathed...
  13. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    A letter to you, my love

    I dreamed that I was in an apartment, in a building with glass walls, making breakfast for my kids. Suddenly someone calls me on the phone (I was wearing my Iphone’s headphones) and it was you. I get excited, happy, and move away from the kitchen, so no one can hear me. You talked to me, so...
  14. Sabrina

    Relationships with men with bad mothers

    I’ve had a variety of relationships: -The teenage boyfriend -The husband -The virtual man-friend. They are incredibly smart, handsome, kind and exciting. But they all had an awful relationship with their mothers while growing up. I feel like they are all the same guy, and that I have to stop...
  15. aquariuskevin


    Drowning in tears again today the sadness and emptiness of yesterday flood gates of rain still appear running down my faces as beautiful tears...
  16. Verdandi

    Aspie boyfriend left me...

    My Aspie boyfriend broke up with me. I am completely devastated. He told me that it was exhausting for him to be in a relationship, that he is tired of trying to live a "normal life". He said something about feeling stuck in a hole and that tiptoeing to get out is the thing that affects him...
  17. J

    Intimacy sucks. Help.

    My boyfriend and I are doing great and we love each other to death but he wants intimacy physically and I don't. I'm also asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone) and refuse to have sex because it doesn't appeal to me and I hate it. I also don't like too much skin touching, and he wants to...
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