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asperger syndrome

  1. allan619

    Undiagnosed - Part Two

    Work Life I decided to leave school at the first chance I got. I was 16 years old and my first job was working in an office, doing basic office type things, I won’t bore you with the details. You might be thinking why I would choose such a job if I don’t like being around people and have...
  2. allan619

    Undiagnosed - Part One

    Do I have Asperger Syndrome? I’ve always been a quiet and shy person, one of my earliest memories is of my mother telling people “Don’t mind him he’s shy”. For the longest time I have just assumed that this was a quirk of my personality. Some people are born with brown hair some with blond...
  3. allan619

    Do I have Asperger Syndrome

    This is a simple blog about my life being an undiagnosed Asspie. I talk about my school life, my work life, my social life and some of the common traits I have. I think that I'm on the mild end of the spectrum and so writing this blog was really an attempt to self diagnose.
  4. A

    Please help me. Last year of IB now

    Hi, my name is Albert I'm 18 years old, and was diagnosed back in May, which is quite a late diagnosis. I am currently attending my 6th school, in the fifth country I'm living in, and am currently in my last year of IB. I did redo a year of IB as I had switched schools. The last one was...
  5. W

    NT male needs help understanding ASD wife

    I am a NT male and my wife has Aspergers. I love her more than anything, so much that I am reaching out on a forum! I need help and feel like I’m drowning trying to keep my marriage afloat! We can have the best time in the world and then the next second I don’t respond or do something in a way...
  6. E

    do people with asperger syndrome see things more realistically ?

    Hello, i can't post to general so i ask here. I know ppl with asperger syndrome takes things literally. Some savant with autism, flies one time above city and paints it literally how he saw it and profesional artists said, that it was photo and not painted. I have asperger syndrome and i...

    Asperger Syndrome Is a Robber

    i don’t know how long I’ve had AS, all I know is symptoms began after elementary school when I was joked and ridiculed by other kids. I never had any friends, I never had a gf who really loved me, just a slew of broken relationships, and from all this-until I was 23- 10 years of anxiety...
  8. Jena

    How do I help my boyfriend understand?

    So I been dating this guy for 2 years. Which is amazing considering I am a aspie, and he is my first boyfriend. However I feel there is some conflict in the relationship. And I really strongly want this to keep going as I am very much in love with him, but I am not quite sure how to do it...
  9. Jharbour

    New here

    Hello, I’m Jesse from Washington state I’m 27 and in the process of diagnosis for aspergers . I’ve been going to counseling trying to figure out why I’ve had such a hard time just coping with life, and not feeling normal. I’d been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but I had the suspicion...
  10. Beatrice Telfer


    Hey!! I am a student in south east London studying for a BA Hons in Business Psychology. I am carrying out dissertation in relation to my degree. I am shouting out to all fellow Aspies willing to take part in a study that will look to address workplace strain for Aspies and what can be done to...
  11. Dakota Keck


    My name is Dakota and im an aspie from San Antonio Texas, I'm new to the website, so anyones opinions would be very much appriciated. My issue with having aspergers is that I have issues with telling lies,so I am honest and sometimes my honesty comes off as mean. Well the last few months I have...
  12. L

    Waiting to be diagnosed or not with Autism

    Hello everyone, My name is Lucas and I'm 23 years old. I have always been a quirky, like one of a kind (not on the good way) entire life, but never knew why. Last week, I came across Asperger's Syndrome. And the more I read about it, the more it made sense. It was as if they were talking...
  13. S

    My Introduction

    Hello! My name is Shonda, and I am neurotypical. I did a lot of occupational therapy work with children who were on the spectrum, and years later, wound up dating a man with Apergers. Though I am not on the spectrum myself, autism has been a large part of my life and I my reasons for joining...
  14. The Lovely Lexi

    Learning Disability?

    Hello everyone. Not sure if this is the right section, but I wanted to bring up a concern. I wanted to know if having some type of learning disability such as ADD and ADHD are somehow linked to having ASD. I noticed that I tend to find it hard to concentrate when studying and doing homework...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer


    A few months ago I was in a low moment of my life, confused, and without energy. Fortunately, reading books doesn’t require much effort on my part, so I started reading a cascade of books on relationships. There was one that made an emphasis in having fun: make it a goal, have more fun in your...
  16. aarparca

    I struggle with Aspergers. Am I #blessed or what?

    A lot of times we use the word blessed lightly. Whenever an event happens to us that makes us happy, or we work hard and reward ourselves with something rare money can buy, our tendency is to post or tweet it out and drop the hashtag #blessed Examples: I just bought a car. #Blessed (I wish...
  17. pjcnet

    Why do so many people define Asperger Syndrome as a mental health condition?

    I was diagnosed from a very early age with autism in the 1970s and was obviously born with it, much later I was re-diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and both my brothers are severely autistic (E.g. they can't count to 5, read or write Etc Etc.). I am however sick and tired of being told even by...
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