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Beatrice Telfer

New Member
Hey!! I am a student in south east London studying for a BA Hons in Business Psychology. I am carrying out dissertation in relation to my degree. I am shouting out to all fellow Aspies willing to take part in a study that will look to address workplace strain for Aspies and what can be done to prevent that, thus improving job engagement in the workplace. Inbox me if you are willing I will send you all the required information and we can arrange a telephone call. The interview should last no longer than 30mins

The objective of this research is to focus on what specific Job Demands and Job Resources are best suited to increase Job Engagement in individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS); from an individual perspective.

The main aim of the study will look to put emphasis on what specific Job Demands and Job Resources would provide a suitable working environment in which to improve workplace Motivation, Job Performance and Job Engagement for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). I will also look to highlight when Aspies believed their Personal Resources were not being considered, fully used or not being invested in.

I will also look to address what specific Job Demands and what Job Resources or lack of them caused Strain in the past and this will build on preventing future Strain and Health Problems for Aspies in the workplace.

I will provide you with a participant information form that has to be read, signed and sent back. I will also provide an information sheet in advance, which will provide you with an idea of what is meant by each of the variables being considered, such as what is meant by Job Demands and Job Resources

What you will be asked to do:

· You must have either been employed in the past or are currently employed

· I may ask you what your Job Title and Position is/was

· I may ask you which company you worked for to gain context

· However, I will not state for which company you are working or have worked for in the past within the study itself

· I may ask you a few questions regarding the provision or the lack of the provision of Job Resources at your past or current job in relation to AS

· I may ask you about the unrealistic and/or the lack of Job Demands; and the suitable Job Demands in relation to AS

· I may ask you about your experiences of Strain/Health Problems at work in relation to AS

· I may ask you about experiences where you had thrived and have felt fully Engaged

· I may ask you about when you wished to have thrived at work in relation to AS

· I may ask you about your experiences of Job Crafting and making use of the Job Resources available to you

Contact me in my inbox on the forum if you would like to take part. I will try to ensure that interviews are no longer than a 30 min telephone call and must be completed within the next upcoming week.
I'll do it.

Can I get a copy of your dissertation when it's submitted?

It of particular interest to me.
I know you asked for private messages, but I have no problem with public exposure. :)

I didn't know I was asd through my employee history, dunno if that rules me out.
I'm interested in the this here could you tell me some of the results of your findings here when you get what ya need please

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