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Poorly Describe Your Special Interest


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
It's pretty simple. What ever you are obsessed with and love learning about or doing, just totally explain it in a way that confuses people, or makes you sound like a total weirdo.
I spend days, weeks, or even months tangling together yarn, in order to make squares of fabric. This is totally unncessary, as clothing and blankets can be found at millions of stores, worldwide.
I water them, fertilize them, expose them to light, and pick bugs off of them. Then after some time, I kill them and replace them. Rinse and repeat.
You throw the cubes. You throw them. Sometimes lots at once.

Then things happen. What things? Only the cubes can tell you. Then you must obey.

Sometimes there are R̸̼̂̐̆E̶͈̓͆C̶̛̩̿͋T̷̮̩̏̈́Â̵͓̐N̷̙̘̬̉G̶̙̟͌̏L̴̺̯̓̃È̸͓͓S̶̯̊. Are you a bad enough dude to handle them? Not if the other one has anything to say about it.

Also! Plastic!
I write in languages only machines understand.

Then I force electrons through carbon and copper to make silicon emit light.

Next, I use recycled coat hangers to receive radio waves. Contained in those radio waves are pictures, videos and people around the world talking about how their brains are wired.
I stare at those puffy things in the sky, fascinated by all that wet stuff that falls from them and the hot and cold.

Those bright dots in the night sky are cool too.

I also like taking small funky shaped pieces of cardboard and fitting them together.
Also fascinated by how all these weird (no offense) bipedal creatures around me think and feel. And how they do very bad things to each other, and all the stuff they've done in the past.

(...and all the tiny large-eyed grey creatures who supposedly put them here ;) :p ).

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