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Poorly Describe Your Special Interest

I build successful fusion power plants to save the world from climate change. I distribute large grants allowing individuals and businesses to electrify everything. Well, at least in my dreams that happens.
I follow my clients around and pick up their poop. Sometimes I have them on a leash. They try to drink out of my toilet and sometimes they pee on the carpet.
I like holding those things the universe made millions of years ago from different
elements mixed together. They might have fallen from the sky or risen up from middle of the Earth. Some sparkle and shine, some are just colorful, but they are all
hard as rocks now.
I make a big pitcher of tea, with sugar, and then put a ploppy colony of bacteria and yeast on top. I then pour the liquid the colony was sitting in on top. I let it sit for a week or two. Then I drink it.

I actually used to sell gallons of this rotten tea, for $10/gallon!
I find a big scrap of fabric in my closet. I attach it to other scraps of fabric. I then wear these things outdoors, or gift them to others.
I like things that are moving environmental disasters on wheels.

I, too, enjoy these on occasion, but if there's anything that could possibly be cooler, it's watching unsuspecting people swarm all over self-propelled pipe bombs powered by flames.

Steam railroading--it doesn't get any better than that. Super versatile and having a bit of a come-back in the 21st century. The Grand Canyon Railroad, which has heritage going back to Theodore Roosevelt, is useable for keeping tourists out of the more pristine areas of the national park--and still runs a couple of massive steam locomotives. They converted theirs to vegetable oil, making it more environmentally friendly than the new diesels.
Of course the last steam locomotives I saw in actual service, though, were coal-fired. Not exactly "green" but the smell was unforgettable.
I go out in the forest and dig up invasive weeds. Then I come home and chop up the weeds, and lay them out to dry. Then I use those dried out weeds as food and medicine.
I take sharp knives and use them on helpless branches from the forest that i bring home with me, for more fun later. I have a secret vice as well. I collect beads
I put on rubber tied up to my ankle. Then l stretch out spandexy material to hide all the flaws and strange smells that emits from my bottom half. After l am totally delusional that l look fit, (thanks spandex), l bathe in a white substance that makes my armpits no longer emit foul smells. Then l put on two contraptions that keep water puddles on my chest from suddenly breaking free and slamming me in my face. After this ritual, l then turn to hunter mode to find a substance that speeds me up and permits me to jump on a black rolling pad where l practice giant steps, and then l move faster with my rubber things making me feel higher and even happy. As l forget the reason l am doing this, my black pad stops, bringing me to a sudden halt, almost flying off and landing on the floor. Other bodies are in motion with strange guttural sounds and l can only guess what it means.
i play some game that you click on some notes to the beat created by a Australian guy on the 2000s

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