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My life would be easier if…

If people weren’t selfish, cruel, and manipulative.

My life would be easier if:

I could believe what I was told and not question everything.

I didn’t need to have tight definitions around words that most are ok with being not well defined.

I wasn’t going through occasional emotional meltdowns that destroy meaningful and important relationships.

I didn’t have a lifetime of abuse and trauma that leads to above emotional meltdowns.

I didn’t have impossible standards for myself that I can never live up to.

I could sense that others cared about me without reading the tea leaves and reacting when the result feels negative.

I am exactly same, I get the worst meltdowns that result in me hurting myself very badly when I feel like others are hurting me or taking away wonderful things

And.my bpd and trauma get a lot worse where I feel like no one wants me.
My life would be easier if I was not who I was and then told I was not the right material

And if I had never done social media
My life would be easier if God made all the decisions and the right ones for me in case I go wrong to make sure I am not taken advantage of in my vulnerability

And my parents could support and help me more.

And I had a mum like me
If I didn't have so many medical problems.
If I didn't have chronic pain.
If I didn't have so much anxiety.
And the same as @Tom showed:

... I understood building peaceful boundaries better and I did not let myself get to the point where I must defend and destroy.
Life would be easy....

If I did not have chronic agoraphobia; health anxiety
If trusted in myself.
If there was not a black cloud in front of my mind's eye, when I want to do something, but do not see how to go about it.
If I had a driver's license ( should really be the first one)
If I trusted other's words, rather than constantly questoning them ( but in fairness, have been let down a lot)
If I did not expect decency from others.
If I did not care about what others think of me.
If I were not too sensitive and get offended way too easily.

Probably many more.
. . . if I was the owner-on-board of an FTL starfaring vessel, with a well-trained and well-adjusted crew to keep everything running.
… I could show my family that I love them in the same way they show that to each other.

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