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  1. A

    Why does nobody click with me

    The issue is not even that I don't click with anyone. I try to make friends everywhere, talk to everyone, but everyone just tells me we do not click or that they do not vibe with me. And by everyone I mean literally EVERYONE. I had the same thing in elementary school, middle school, high school...
  2. N

    Physically difficult to maintain conversations

    I like being social, but it is physical more than mental for me. What I mean is that I can begin conversation comfortably and speak naturally, but any more than that my speech begins to degrade. My jaw gets tight, and I start to have trouble first with 'r' sounds and eventually any speech that...
  3. A

    Anyone else who can form surface level connections, but not deeper connections?

    Aside from that, that most of the tips that you get for making deep connections don't ever work on you? I can make myself fit in with most groups, but it will never lead to any deeper connections. Even if I try to ask questions, even if I try to invite to do things. I still never manage take my...
  4. autism-and-autotune

    Disclosing my autism to my church?

    Hello everybody; thank you for your input in advance. I only put this question here because of my position in church. I like a lot of the people there, and have good connections with the other musicians. But lately I've been on the fence of disclosing my autism to the church--maybe not the...
  5. M

    Being patient with behaviors neurotypcials do not (generally) tolerate

    How many posters here accept behaviors that hardly any neurotypicals would accept?
  6. Patsy

    Beginning of My Journey

    Hi Everyone, I'm not entirely sure how to begin this post, but I feel like my journey is just beginning. My entire life I have felt different and haven't really been able to pinpoint exactly why. I've struggled socially since I was a child, never sure how to interact with people in a "normal"...
  7. Slim Jim

    Immune system controls social behavior

    Why your immune system may control your social behavior « Kurzweil Implications for autism-spectrum disorders and schizophrenia The Gut-Brain-Immune Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A State-of-Art Report Front Psychiatry. 2021; 12: 755171. Published online 2022 Feb 3
  8. Gerald Wilgus

    Have Trouble Eating Alone Sometimes

    Well, my next to last day in Bangkok and I went out to a restaurant that is doing interesting work with traditional flavors. I had chilis, about like Hatch Chilis, stuffed with crab and pork, cooked in Panang curry. The sweetness of the curry worked magnificently with the flavors and the heat...
  9. An0maly_1976

    Ableism Gaslighting?

    Ooooookaaaaay... As anyone here knows, living with these conditions is hard enough when you have a support group -- family and / or friends who understand you and have the patience to process your idiosyncracies. Unfortunately, I am generally surrounded by ignorant and intolerant individuals...
  10. Mars26

    Troubles with best friend

    I recently have big argument with my best friend in which he told me what a burden I am for him. And no matter what he misunderstands or says incomprehensible (even to neurotypical people), he will always find a way to say that I just don't understand because I have autism. I know that I'm...
  11. Jena

    Any one else hate it when someone says "don't worry you'll make new friends"

    I have Aspergers and so obviously making friends is very hard and change is difficult. When there is a big change such as a move to a different state or school or whatever this phrase is said. It's like frustrating cause other people think you can make friends just as easily as others and that...
  12. Daydreamer

    Why I'm here.

    So, I've decided to make this thread in order to clarify a few things. Firstly, I am not autistic. However, I am in no way qualified to provide mentoring or advice on how to cope for those who are. This is something that I get asked about, and I'd like to make it clear that's not a service I can...
  13. Vindicator Phoenix

    What Matters, to You, in a Conversation?

    For me, I like: warmth and sympathy noticeable body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) smiling/smirking eye contact slow speech people getting my attention, before speaking (instead of sneaking up on me and unloading a rant) diplomacy/democracy non-directiveness friendly voice tone...
  14. Searching for My Place on the Spectrum

    65 Years and Counting...

    Very early in my career, a decade or more before the turn of the century, I was given a test by my employer to determine, within any project, the level of importance I placed upon the people versus the task. After he gathered the results, I was told by the gentleman who administered the test...
  15. ImSensing

    Label Fear?

    ++ I am suspected to have ASD so please understand this is coming from a vulnerable place. I don’t want anyone to take this the way , I just want to know if anyone ever felt the same for even just a moment. When my therapist told me a few months ago she strongly believed I was on the spectrum...
  16. AngelWings17

    Good jobs for autistic people???

    If you've ready my previous posts that mention my job, you can probably tell that I hate it ant it's too stressful. I need to find another job. Preferably one that's Aspie friendly. And also, if the job allows visible tattoos and facial piercings then that's a bonus! I am striving to work with...
  17. J

    I need help with my job Why are people mean?

    Hi I work in the sales and I sell tickets to people in an office and I have autism and I don't understand what is going on and I need some help with my job. First off I work with customers all day and I am confused by why they always are upset with me and why they always complaining and it...
  18. A

    Discord server/secret society for neurodivergents

    Hey guys! I just created a new discord server called The Enlightened Brotherhood of Poor-Fellows for the Guidance of the Weak (or The Enlightened Brotherhood for short). This server exists to: 1. Discuss and debate on the best ways to help humanity and to better understand the world we live in...
  19. DiverseWonderland

    What is Normal for us?

    So we know about the "Social Guidelines" and what is considered "Normal" These days but what i want to know is what do you all do that you consider "normal" for yourself or what do you do that most others don't do? For instance I will play by imagining something in my head but on the outside...
  20. M

    The Social aspie

    This came up in a conversation with a university friend, He’s also on the spectrum. I was talking to him about how it feels that I’ve somewhat reverted back to the reluctance element of socializing with people, that my mom wants me to make friends again and go out for coffee with her friend’s...
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