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self acceptance

  1. autism-and-autotune

    Is the notion of writing a memoir silly?

    Since my diagnosis, I've been indulging in memoirs of fellow individuals with Autism. The first couple books I read with my fiancee include Unmasking Autism by Devon Price (much recommended!) and But you Don't Look Autistic by Bianca Toeps. On the docket is one book by Temple Grandin (her...
  2. unpeaceofBea

    Introduction thread!

    Hello! I’m 22 years old and I have a strong strong suspicion I may be somewhere on the spectrum, but I have yet to pursue professional confirmation! A friend told me two years ago that they thought I was on the spectrum and initially I thought it was a ridiculous notion, but the more I learn...
  3. Jenisautistic


    Hello everyone it’s been a while everything’s been going ok I am currently in a day program for those with intellectual disabilities. I am also win their advocacy and Board group I am not completely on the board club yet, but I will be soon. Hopefully. As it is nearing January 2023, I have a...
  4. Bana_Boona


    A question that often plagues my mind in my day-to-day life is: How can I advocate for myself and my needs, without feeling or seeming selfish? Say I'm at work, and the lights are too bright. Luckily, at my office, the lights can be dimmed and the color temperature can be changed. This is great...
  5. K


    My name is Kenzie. I am new here and am self-diagnosed autistic. I was wondering if anyone could help me decide if it is worth getting an official diagnosis. I have several autistic traits including avoiding eye contact, not catching on to social ques, not understanding jokes and sarcasm...
  6. Valya81

    Origin story

    Started Sep 25 2021 There’s not a lot to say that hasn’t already been said. It feels that way most days. It feels like a big question mark in my chest. I’ve heard somewhere, “There are years that ask, and years that answer.” This year answers, but new question marks are planted, moved...
  7. Devanne

    Learning to be myself

    As I have come to terms with the (relatively recent) insight that I am autistic, I have also come to realize that much of my behavior is simply a parrot of my neurotypical peers. I didn't notice that i had been changing my laugh to seem less "odd" or how often i suppressed discomfort to avoid...
  8. Siegfried Wolfram

    Hi everybody

    Hi, my name is Siegfried (I know, ask my mom, pretty ancient German name so you can call me Sig or something) and I am 36 years old. I was born and raised in Bulgaria, Europe. When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis (has nothing to do with autism or as...
  9. texkag

    Coming out to the world

    I was wondering how many of you have come out as openly autistic. Do you have a blog, a You Tube Channel etc.? Are you comfortable identifying yourself publicly as autistic? I was diagnosed four years ago and have only told a handful of my closest family and one or two others. I wonder if I...
  10. S

    Am I attractive?

    This is not a post that is negatively themed, i have just gone my whole life not understanding the hidden body language in society like nearly everyone on this forum and i have always wondered if anyone found me attractive and if i am just missing the signs maybe.. i have had no luck on dating...
  11. Accepting Autism

    Accepting Autism

    I found out I have autism almost two years ago. I was halfway in the process of getting my degree in university (year 2 of 4). Recently I have graduated and I'm on summer break right now. I start working in September. I did not take the time in the past two years to learn to accept that I have...
  12. Pinkie B


    For years I've been experimenting with different religious/spiritual concepts in an attempt to free myself of the constant anxiety and ennui that has pervaded my life. For a while I experimented with mindfulness/yoga/buddhist meditation and the concept of non-attachment. As the theory goes, all...
  13. Gummi27

    Sensory Battlefield

    I would like to try and share my journey as a recently diagnosed autistic adult. Learning to reshape how I see myself, and find the line of where I end and others begin.
  14. Jenisautistic

    Who says music video by me

    “Who says who says you’re not perfect who says you’re not worth it who says you’re the only one that’s hurting trust me that’s the price of beauty who says you’re not pretty who says you’re not beautiful who says. “ Being myself though all this pain trauma and frustrating and scary times ...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I have the most important job in the world

    I read a simple question in a thread here in AspiesCentral: ‘Do you love yourself?’ ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I do’, was my immediate thought. Unfortunately, most people answered either ‘no’ or ‘yes except’. I was appalled. I haven’t always had the best self-esteem. Just this...
  16. The Gentle and Brave Writer


    A few months ago I was in a low moment of my life, confused, and without energy. Fortunately, reading books doesn’t require much effort on my part, so I started reading a cascade of books on relationships. There was one that made an emphasis in having fun: make it a goal, have more fun in your...
  17. Voltaic

    What life has taught me. Personal philosophy for a happy life.

    Some midnight rambles. Started off as venting, then developed into something that may be helpful. Quoted phrases and words are edited out swears. Edit: if any of you don't get anything, I am happy to explain and expand upon. I like hearing myself talk. “Be yourself.” Yea right. Such a thing is...
  18. Bolletje

    Being me is exhausting sometimes.

    Time for another update! I'm nearing the end of this internship, and nearing the end of my time as a student. This fall, I'll have my medical license. I can't wait for the moment I finally get to call myself a doctor. Things are looking up, I'm getting great performance reviews and I get tons of...
  19. Sabrina

    Let's talk about dress codes

    Ever since I was teenager I've wanted some converse boots. But I never got them because they were not feminine enough (something learned from my mother). But that didn't stopped me from feeling lust over that kind of shoes everytime I saw them. Today I decided to walk, but the shoes I was...
  20. Sabrina

    Do you feel that you are not good enough?

    I am 43 years old and I have to say that I have not worked for money ever since I had my first kid (I have worked a lot as a mom) and I am recovering from not feeling good enough because of that. My narcissistic parents and sisters always make a point of reminding me of that. For them, if I am...
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