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  1. SalemGreencat

    What to do when an obsession/interest costs too much money? (I have too many interests, help)!

    I can get pretty intensely interested in things that require too much money in order to be as exhaustive as I want them to be. I have a handful of Obsessions/interests, many involve collecting, and I just cant continue to prioritize them all anymore and I don't know what to do about it. I know...
  2. Amy Stone

    Feeling Lost Between Obsessions...?

    I am newly self-diagnosed with Asperger's. I tend to become fully obsessed with a topic until I burn out from learning about it, and then I move to a new one. The lifespan for my obsessions is typically 1-2 years, but they can last longer or shorter. Some of my obsessions I had through the...
  3. Ursus Chainus

    Multiple Obsessions/Hobbies/Interests

    So... One thing that is said about us people on the spectrum is that we often have an abiding obsession. What about us that have so many that we cannot remember them all? Some of mine are: Languages/Linguistics Philosophy Eastern Religions Psychedelic Drugs Sexuality Chemistry (Organic...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Kobold Press, and Other Third - Party D&D Sourcebook Makers

    So, since we are all a bunch of absolute nerds here, I assume that I am right in guessing that most of us have played, or at least heard of Dungeons and Dragons. Well, there are companies other than Wizards of the Coast that make source books for monsters, player character rules, campaign...
  5. J

    Struggling with fixations and obsessive interests

    I've had obsessions and fixations about certain topics since I was a kid. It's not until recently that it's become a big problem for me. Here's the situation: I'm a big Zelda fan, love the franchise, and I was really excited to hear that Nintendo is making a sequel to Breath of the Wild (a very...
  6. M

    Obsessions and interests you can't afford

    Hi everyone, Do any of you have obsessions/interests that you can't afford? My obsession is with real cars, I like to buy them, buy parts for them, modify them etc but I do not earn enough money to do this. I have tried buying match box cars, model cars, Lego sets etc even though I like that...
  7. S

    My 12yo son with a PDD-NOS diagnosis "wants to live in the past". Can't figure it out.

    Hello everyone. Thanks you for reading this. I have a 12yo son who has been diagnosed with Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) some years ago. He does have trouble socializing and communicating, and is not currently on therapy, although he has done a bit social...
  8. asperagus

    Any Churners here?

    Any Aspies into the churning life? Been churning for welcome bonuses on telecommunications and financial products. I'd think that most churners are Aspies. Granted, many Aspies and NT's alike say churning is "too complicated", but it takes a special interest in mapping out the steps involved...
  9. B


    Growing up I have myself experienced and seen others in my family experience the impact of restricted interests on family life as such I wanted to find out how caregivers start to widen the restricted interests of their children.
  10. Genesis

    Coffee Shops

    It used to be along time ago that I hated Coffee, so when I tried certain blends from local shops, and Starbucks my opinion on this caffeine beverage began to change. It's to the point now that I enjoy Coffee by simply trying the different stuff from the independent shops, as well as Starbucks...
  11. R

    How can I hold myself together for the babies?

    I have been obsessed with babies for a few months. I long to hold and care for the babies, so I thought working with them would ease these infuriating urges, but I don't feel any differently about babies, unfortunately. I get emotional and sometimes teary thinking about babies or seeing...
  12. Bella Pines

    Conscious breathing or sensorimotor obsessions

    I've recently developed a new "thing" which after a bit of googling seems to be called "conscious breathing or sensorimotor obsessions". Basically I've been consciously breathing. It's difficult to describe but it's like I've forgotten how to naturally breathe and every breath is a conscious...
  13. texkag


    Hi Everyone, I have been away from the forum for months now mainly due to experiencing a major depression. I am my wife's carer and also have two teenagers on the spectrum. About five months ago I had to leave my voluntary role with the Citizen's Advice Bureau here in the UK because my wife's...
  14. Caelix3


    I'm obsessed with The Sims! Specifically Sims 2. But I also like Sims 4 as well and am warming up to Sims 3. Here is a picture of my sim couple. Caleb (Pink hair) and Leland (Black hair) Here is their son, Gayle! Does anyone else like the sims or is obsessed with it? :)
  15. S

    Obsession Question

    I am "big" on obsessions. Since I learned recently I have Asperger's Syndrome, it helps to explain why I am big on them. I've had some wild ones in my life, beginning in childhood. My first obsession that I can recall was with soap operas. This was back in the late 1960's and 70's...
  16. MissyMoo

    My Personal Obsession (or one of them)

    I like learning about people and astrology. When I meet someone, I like to find out their date of birth and then I analyse their traits and their birth charts (as far as I can) and compare them with other results. I spend most of my time doing this. Does anybody else spend a lot of time...
  17. B

    My daughter is obsessed with a real actress

    My daughter, age 18, is obsessed with a character called Cat Noir from Miraculous. She looks at him all day on her iPad at school, in her room, and in public. She even brings along a Cat Noir doll with her, along with her "miraculous" iPad. But her Cat Noir obsession is diminishing for another...
  18. LostInSilentHill

    Ever changing

    Since as long as I can remember I have had obsessions. Strangely enough, they do tend to change. For instance when I was 9 I became obsessed with Egypt and everything to do with it, I even taught myself how to read hieroglyphics. Everything had to be Egypt and anything that was not was...
  19. carbon12

    Food preferences?

    1. What are/were your favorite foods/ states/ flavors/ taste obsessions? 2. Did/do you change your diet because of them? Was/is it difficult to accomplish? 3. Did/does it affect your physical/mental health? 4. Do you think it has something to do with autism? I am obsessed wit chocolate milk, I...
  20. Brony714

    Your most unusual obsession and/or interest...

    What would you say would be your most unusual interest and/or obsession? And, if you like, you can also describe how this became an interest or obsession of yours. Since I started this thread, I'll start: Conjoined twins. Ever since I was about 4 or 5, I've been obsessed with conjoined, or...
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