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Food preferences?


Utterly obssessed/uninterested
1. What are/were your favorite foods/ states/ flavors/ taste obsessions?
2. Did/do you change your diet because of them? Was/is it difficult to accomplish?
3. Did/does it affect your physical/mental health?
4. Do you think it has something to do with autism?

I am obsessed wit chocolate milk, I drink it almost every day. I do so since I was 14ys/o, and it forms part of my routine, so I don't feel like there is a significant difference in my physical health from not drinking it (don't worry, I've done the science behind), but in mental health...If I don't drink it, I feel more prompt to negative feelings. And yes, I think it has something to do with being a bit obsessive with what I like and the means by which I achieve inner peace, but it is part of who I am now (until my environment makes me change again).
I really like spicy food like curries or pizzas with chili peppers.

I also develop obsessions with having to eat a certain food every day, like a certain brand of crunchy musli or something random like cottage cheese or quark. I don't think this affects my health because I eat plenty of other foods too, and my diet is quite varied. However, when depressed or when I'm going through a period of greater anxiety, I have a tendency to impose strict routines on myself regarding food and other habits - only having certain things and certain amounts, and that can affect my health because I loose weight. I think that the enforcing routines and developing new obsessions is often a way that people with ASD cope with anxiety and depression, so I think that it is related to autism, indirectly.
my favorate food is sallad, but i think its because it makes me feel good, i have a healthy eating obsession i love the feeling of eating good, if i dont eat healthily i teand to feel bad, its not a weight thing as i would like to gain weight. I enjoy things that taste fresh. I have always been very fussy, im not a fan of alot of cooked foods although i grew up on plain tastes and loved plain pasta but i know its not good for me so i try not eat it too much as i have IBS. I have got a more varied diet now than i used to but i struggle to put weight on and always have. I think my eating habbits are defineatly aspergers related as i havent met anyone as fussy and perticular with food than me. I also have cravings for particular foods that i eat daily untill im sick of them then they change to something else
I don't know that you would call it an obsession but, my need to have a protein, a fruit or vegetable and a carb item in every meal does make watching the weight a bit of a challenge. I've got to stay under 120 lbs, preferable at 105 to 110 lbs to look good in my on stage wardrobe so, my need for carbs at every meal makes it a bit challenging.

I also love good beef (Prime Rib, Kobe Rib Eye or Fillet) and that is not diet food, especially when it has to come with a vegetable and a potato. Still I indulge a couple of times a month.

I remember my first year on tour, I got on a fast food Mexican binge, made the poor drivers stop at almost every Del Taco, Taco Bell and, Nogales in the USA and, drove my manager nuts demanding the stuff in hotels and, in Europe. I refused to eat anything else for the entire seven months of the tour LOL.
1. I've always liked Mexican Food, but as I've gotten older my taste for spicy foods has increased. I developed a taste for habanero peppers, and keep them in the freezer. I often nibble on a couple of them when eaten a meal that could use some heat.

2. Other than the addition of the peppers, my diet is about the same. I built up my tolerance to the heat over many years, to the point that most would consider it inedible.

3. I've seen no change in my physical heath. It may be beneficial to my mental health, as I feel quite relaxed, almost euphoric after eating them.

4. I've often wondered this myself. I don't know if it would qualify as a type of stimming.
My foods are very limited, but I love spaghetti. I am not sure why. That and pudding. I love pudding and jello. They make me happy.
I have like a top three for favorite foods.

3. Pad Thai
2. Pizza
1. Buffalo chicken wings

I eat fairly normal. I don't just stick to my favorites. As far as my health the chicken wings are the only thing that might it be so bad for me. I'm pre diabetic and it sucks. I imagine pad Thai is high in carbs. Meh. Honestly, it's really hard to avoid eating too many carbs. I did lose more than 20lbs, though, but I'm not losing anymore.

As far as an obsession, I guess I at least used to be really obsessed with spicy things and seeing how hot I can stand it, but I'm avoiding things that are a bit too hot, now. It's getting hard to handle anymore, but I can still handle medium heat.

Just like a lot of people, chocolate relaxes me and is good for my mental health. Wish I could say the same for my body. Lol
Tacos. My last meal of choice should the state ever execute me. :eek:

My mother made them at a time and place where they might have well been from another planet. Liked them so much I volunteered my mother to make them for my entire first grade class. My teacher and the kids (well, most of them) were thrilled. Mom? Not so much. :p

Having nothing to do with my autism from my perspective.
1. What are/were your favorite foods/ states/ flavors/ taste obsessions?

As a child, I was incredibly fussy. I even had specific plates that I would eat from as I liked the blue pattern (my mum actually kept these). I've always loved really strong flavours such as vinegar, Marmite and lemon. I hated curry as a child, but now it's one of my favourite things - if I'm not crying, then it isn't spicy enough! I still don't like food that is too dry (biscuits, crackers, plain meat, etc). I tend to eat the same things on certain days/meals, but just out of habit rather than preference. I eat loads of eggs and have marmite every day. I'll try new things if I'm at someone's house and they offer, but after a few decades of trial and error I know what my tastebuds and body prefer/need.

2. Did/do you change your diet because of them? Was/is it difficult to accomplish?

My parents were of the 'eat what you are given or go hungry' mentality, so I was a skinny kid but slowly learned to eat a wider variety of food as a result. I lived alone as a teen for the first time and had a very restricted diet for a while as I was suddenly free to eat what/when I wanted. Mostly, I forgot to eat as I was too focused on other things. It was a gradual learning process that I still haven't 100% mastered! But I now have one of those tracker things on my wrist that reminds me to eat! When I'm staying with my parents, my mum will practically force feed me! :D

3. Did/does it affect your physical/mental health?

When I've been single or lived alone, it has. While living with someone else, I tended to copy their routine so I would cook/eat when they did. But during the times I lived by myself I would get caught up in work or painting or whatever I was focused on and forget to eat until I was dizzy. Or alternatively, I obsessed over my diet and fixated over every meal as I didn't want to get sick. I tried going vegan, as a few people convinced me it was the healthiest diet out there, but I ended up in hospital and have spent the last couple of years repairing my body. I think different people suit different diets depending on their individual genetic makeup. I need tons of protein, no sugar and few carbs.

4. Do you think it has something to do with autism?

Probably, as I hear other people say the same things.
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