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  1. S

    New to forum, currently studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness looking to chat to people whilst i study

    Hello, I am studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness after completing Level 2 in Counselling Skills and Supporting Children's Mental Health and Well-being online at Open University, I live on my own in rented accommodation and don't have a network of people to talk to about what I am studying and...
  2. T

    36 year old divorce father of 2.

    Hello. I’ve come to finally accept that I may be on the spectrum at some level. I never felt like I fit in. The thought that I could have autism never crossed my mind seriously until I met an autistic woman at a coffee shop. I finally felt like I was talking to someone who could understand my...
  3. L

    New to the site

    Hello, I already thought way too long on what to name this thread (as well as my account name). I'm a late diagnosed high functioning autistic, and for the last year I've been reading up more about the spectrum and peoples' experiences being on it. What I've read is extremely relatable. The...
  4. Sing112

    Its all new all the time.

    Hello, I'm Sing. I really don't know what to say much further than that. I don't do well talking about myself but I'm a beast of a bartender and the moon plus a passport make my favourite sidekicks. A few more if I think about it but that's a bit long winded, lol. So, hi there :)
  5. A

    Hi everyone

    Hey, I don't really know what to write, but hello everyone reading this. I was diagnosed almost a year ago, and I guess it explains much of the ups and downs of my life. Anyways, I would like to get to know people :)
  6. S

    Yeah, hi

    I'm SuperDawg, I was born with High-Functioning Autism and I like to play video games. I am also mixed-handed which means I do different tasks with both hands, which is cool, I guess. Edit: I also want to make friends on here.
  7. Roxiee

    New me new start!

    So, I don't tend to eat or drink a lot but my mum got shopping come and she surprised me with this bottle that has certain times to finish what's inside the bottle, so far I'm doing great! I'm really proud of myself, New me new start to life and how I look after myself! @Sarah S
  8. An0maly_1976

    New Normal?

    Hi! So glad to find this site, hoping to find others I can identify with that can help me make some sense of myself. After stumbling across mention of Asperger's, I took an online RAADS test that placed me at or 2-3 times ASD thresholds. I strongly suspect I am an Aspie (self-diagnosed)...
  9. HDLSeanWiley

    New study shows children don't approve of a form of ABA as much as parents and clinicians do

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a commonly used version of ABA, and yet, according to a new study, children who receive it don't approve of it as much as their parents or clinicians do.
  10. h.hartzzx177

    Hello! I am new to this platform.

    My name is Blaise and I am new to autism forums. I have diagnosed adhd and I'm awaiting diagnosis for asd. I like rocks, pinecones, psychology, and art. I hope everyone is doing well
  11. Valya81

    Hello hello

    Hi, my name is Valya. I am excited yet worried about pursuing diagnosis because of the way in which I've seen others discriminated against. I really love reading and personality type systems, so I think that's why I've gone undiagnosed for so long. I fixate on relationships among communities and...
  12. Janja

    Hello everyone!

    I am waiting for my assessment, but they can’t give it to me until November 10! I am very disappointed that I have to wait so long for this. It was suggested by a therapist I had gone to for an assessment of ADD that I probably do NOT have ADD. After asking multiple questions, she said it sounds...
  13. Lizzie Earnshaw


    So hey, not sure if I’m intruding or not but hoping i might be able to find some answers. I was looking into ways (like self help cause already on antidepressants for PMDD so what will more doctor help include other than upping the dose...) to get myself out of my OCD tendencies and stumbled...
  14. AndyTrunks

    Hallo from Denmark!

    Heya peeps! I'm Anders, but go by Andy on the internet. Got diagnosed about 5 years ago with Aspergers, and going through some things at the moment. So I thought I'd join a forum and get some of the thoughts put to words and presented for some fresh perspectives from people who're in similar...
  15. CDMcVey

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings to those that read this post and a deep thanks. I just recently got my ASD diagnosis coupled with C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (even though I don't feel depressed). I was even tested to have a higher than average IQ which makes this seem all the more frustrating for me. I have...
  16. DogInClothes

    New to everything, Hi!

    I'm a 28yr Queer Non-Binary (NB), who uses They/Them You can call me Dog for short! I had been on a road to diagnose myself further, because "anxiety& depression" just didn't hit all the nails on the head. This came to a head recently, and I discovered I was undeniably autistic. Everything...
  17. OnyxM


    Hi everyone :) Nice to meet you all here. I decided to register here because I suspect I either have ASD or ADD or both and I'm not sure yet so I'm on the research spree for the moment. Can't afford a diagnosis for now so self diagnosis is my only option. I'm hoping that by reading these forums...
  18. Bristol


    Hey, my name is Bristol, and I've been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I came on here in hopes of emotional support and friendship, as I'm going through some rough times in my life (no self esteem, depression, anxiety, etc). Hopefully no one takes advantage of me during this time, but...
  19. MsGyver


    I haven't been officially diagnosed only because the healthcare in America is terrible, but I have talked with trained therapists who have looked more into Autism in woman to try and understand me and help me also agreeing I was on the spectrum they just couldn't give me a proper diagnoses since...
  20. P

    Hello from an Anxious Autistic

    Hello all! I wanted to share a little about myself as I am new here. I was officially diagnosed with Asperger's or high-functioning Autism while I was in high school. Since then, I've become highly fascinated with Autism and made it a goal to learn as much about the disorder as I can. I've even...
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