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36 year old divorce father of 2.


New Member

I’ve come to finally accept that I may be on the spectrum at some level. I never felt like I fit in. The thought that I could have autism never crossed my mind seriously until I met an autistic woman at a coffee shop. I finally felt like I was talking to someone who could understand my perspective. Since I’ve embraced the possibility I am seeing fixations I have developed, stimming techniques I use without realizing I was doing them for a long time, and am more aware generally of how I act in the world.

I have taken a couple tests online that seem legitimate, and scored high enough that there’s a greater than 70 percent chance I’m on the spectrum. I feel like I need an official diagnosis if just to convince the people I’ve been talking to in my family that think I’m being ridiculous.

So while I’m in the process of that I just want to browse this forum and see how much I can relate to you all. I’m interested to see how many things in my life make sense through this lens.

Much appreciated for letting me be here without an official diagnosis. Definitely feel welcomed.
Hi and welcome. It's nice to hear from someone so positive as well. Many of us had the same problem as you with family being either dubious or in complete denial, with varied results between us, so there's another similarity we share.
Hey there HissingFauna and welcome to the forum! I haven’t got a diagnosis yet either but I found this forum because of a similar journey that I’m on as well - once I opened up the possibility that I may be on the spectrum and learning more about ASD really answered so so many questions that I wrestled with for a long time (I’m 35 now). I know that this forum has helped me a lot and I just know it will be a great place for you as well. It’s very refreshing to read through a lot of the posts to see other people who are struggling in ways that we have struggled silently and never known why - and even when we don’t have the right answers, and even when we still end up struggling, at least here we can struggle together and that means everything in the world to me. You’re not alone in this, that’s for sure!
Hello and welcome @Hissingfauna22.

Glad you have found us, and no, there are no requirements of diagnosis to be here. I am self diagnosed. Here on the forum we say self determined. One of the most helpful things for me to finally accept that idea was being here with a mix of people and hearing the experiences related to autism. I related so strongly to the struggles, successes, and inner worlds that people have described here that it set me on the path of learning as much as I could about autism.

The confirmation is in the information, and everything I have learned about autism has helped me to live life in a more sensible way where I have the tiniest bit of control that I did not have before. There is understanding in knowing and there is freedom to simply exist now.

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