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  1. B

    NT extremely confused with how her ASD ex-fiancé is treating her!

    Hi all, so I am new to this thread but I need some help so a little background. My fiancé ended is 6 weeks ago after being together for a year. We got engaged after 3 months (I became his special interest and he fell for me HARD). Apparently before he met me he was AGAINST marriage but when he...
  2. P

    Being sick SUCKS!

    It's been a little while.... I came down with what the doctor called a "minor bronchial infection" late last week and was out of commission for like 4 days. I had no energy, a nasty cough -which is still keeping me company sadly - a low-grade fever, a sore throat, a headache, and at one point...
  3. Gritches

    Free Cookies

    Once upon a time a few days ago, I decided I'd bring some cookies to work and give them away. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, but moreover I thought it would be a cheap way to buy some stock with people and to meet people I haven't met before. After all, free cookies: what could...
  4. Bella Pines

    How do you feel about NTs?

    I read a blog recently that is written by an autistic about NTs. It is a tad patronising to NTs, but FAR less so than any article written by NTs about aspies, which always contain phrases like 'symptoms' and 'diagnosis', like it's a disease that needs to be managed. However, the blog raises a...
  5. dragoncat16

    What are the symptoms of neurotypical syndrome?

    A popular notion here and elsewhere on the internet is that aspies occupy one part of the entire human neuro spectrum, and that Asperger syndrome (or type 1 ASD) in itself is not a disability. What if we were the majority and what we call "neurotypicals" were the odd ones (though we would be the...
  6. M

    Are many neurotypicals too needy or emotional to be in relationships with Aspies & Auties?

    People come to Aspie Central regularly, looking for advice on how to navigate or save their relationships with people they suspect or know may be on the spectrum. Quite often their difficulties are similar and their grievances about aspie/nt relationships have a familiar pattern to them. Some...
  7. O

    Family Love and Acceptance

    Got into an argument with a relative yesterday over something I did and his take on it. It got heated after my refusal to see things his way and admit to intentions he thinks I had but I claimed I didn't (because I didn't). He called me "moron," a "****ing retard" with my "brain wired so...
  8. Ylva

    Autism conlang?

    I've posted before about maybe teaching people who struggle with language a simpler conlang. This is not that. Often when I read blogs and articles by autistic people, it is mentioned that the English language lacks words for some things that are related to how the world looks for autistics. So...
  9. LoveDream

    Hi! I'm new and I'm a NT in love with an Aspie and this is my story!

    About Me: -I am a NT Female in love with an Aspie Male. -I am an extremely friendly, open, happy social butterfly. -I am very expressive and think with my heart. -On a scale of emotion to logic; obviously, I'd score extreme on emotion. About My Relationship: -We have been together 8 years...
  10. sisselcakes

    Dating man with ASD traits. When/if to broach the subject?

    I just posted a very long narrative about a specific incident I had recently with my boyfriend of 7 months. I have a hard time describing in words my experience with him. I love him very much. He is kind, caring, and loyal. We have ongoing communication problems,usually that end up with me...
  11. Redruby

    NT female with Aspie man - am I stuck as a FWB

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading this forums for a while and I appreciate everyone's honesty and advices and decided to write a topic myself. Any advices or thoughts written for me will be much appreciated. I am a NT female who has met an Aspie man a little over a year online. We texted and...
  12. Redruby

    NT female courting an Aspie Male - Advices appreciated

    I am a NT woman that is in love with an Aspie man. We have been having a physical relationship for about 6 months now but I want to be in a relationship with him. He's been very clear that he doesn't want a relationship with me because he doesn't see it with me. Once the mind is made, is...
  13. M

    How to know if my aspie fwb wants more?

    Hi all, I'm an NT for the most part (never been tested and have a history of aspergers/autism plus some mild tendencies I've noticed in myself, so could be either way). I have a friend (with high-functioning aspergers or autism, not 100% sure) whom I play in a music group with, who I've had a...
  14. M


    All of this is a little rant to gloat and compare to people including relatives and others I know who are still paying for things near their retirement, loans, car payments, two mortgages. These are the same people who made comments such as 'just throw it away and buy a new one, why would you...
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