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Family Love and Acceptance

Got into an argument with a relative yesterday over something I did and his take on it. It got heated after my refusal to see things his way and admit to intentions he thinks I had but I claimed I didn't (because I didn't). He called me "moron," a "****ing retard" with my "brain wired so ****ing weird" that I am glaringly abnormal. This is coming from a white collar medical professional with an advanced degree.

This cements my conclusion that neurotypicals are intolerant assholes. People like this relative are the reason people like us got burned at the stake in the past, and the type of people behind the "honor" killings in some parts of the world.
Odd Duck, we do not permit bashing of NTs here.
No NTs should ever be made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome here.
This forum is for everyone, and we have NT members who contribute.

Odd Duck 1357

The state of being "an intolerant asshole" is
equal opportunity. Spectrum people can be
that way, too, not just NTs.

That doesn't excuse your relative's behavior,
though. How to deal with blatant hostility directed
to yourself personally-----all I know how to do
is get away from it.

I don't know the way to bring light to a mind
that is filled with fear and darkness, such as
your relative's is, and some of mine are.

Aside from remaining firm in my knowledge that
I am none of the things they have said I am and
continuing to behave rationally, I have no

If I knew more, I could offer more.
I'm totally Rejected by my mother and father and although I am deeply wounded by this, I have come to realize that I'm better off without them. I don't care if you're an NT or not, nobody deserves to be bullied and name called. The very moment I feel threatened in any kind of way, I immediately remove myself.

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