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  1. Sab

    medication that helps with executive functioning

    Hi :) I've been coming to the realization that much of my mental health struggles (depression and anxiety throughout my life) comes mostly from issues relating to executive functioning, obsessive thinking after social interactions and low self-esteem. I can have really good days but sometimes...
  2. C

    Psychiatrist for Adults with Autism

    Hello- I'm desperate and hoping someone can help. I have a 30 year old brother with severe autism and we're trying to find a psychiatrist to help with medication management. He currently lives in Birmingham, AL with my mom, but they're willing to go anywhere to see someone who's good. Does...
  3. LadyS

    General Medication Questions

    This is more for anyone here or know someone else who takes medications for comorbidities like anxiety or ADHD, past and present. Still consider myself a rookie when it comes to these things, so just curious for how it has worked for different people. Has it worked for you or have any troubles...
  4. Sab

    Medication options to help with emotional dysregulation / mood swings

    Hi everyone, I have been struggling with my mental health since forever and spend most of my energy managing it. Things were going better but these past months have been really tough and I am feeling discouraged, tired and hopeless. I've been considering the option of starting to take...
  5. Anaaewp

    Medicine don't work on me the way they are supposed to

    Hi, I was diagnosed with high functioning autism recently at 28 years old, and throughout my life I've been to neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists that have tried to treat me for anxiety, social-phobia and depression, to no avail. Usually, when they try to medicate me, I end up with...
  6. AngelaS267

    Started My Medication This Week.

    I started my medication, and I feel very proud of myself that I finally am working on getting myself help after years of dealing with anxiety and depression. I got the medication a while ago but for some reason I got anxiety about taking them. You realize how much is going to change when you use...
  7. Butterfly88

    Psychiatric Medications Worsening Sensory Issues?

    Lately I've been wondering if perhaps my psychiatric medications could be making my sensory issues worse. They just seem too severe. Is this a thing? Anyone else have experience with this? If they were in fact making it worse would I likely be having over side effects too?
  8. Joshua the Writer

    Continued Medication Issues (hopefully being resolved)

    I was prescribed a 15mg dose of Aderall. That helped with the heartrate issue that the 30mg caused, but it also created one more: my appetite was lowered. I meant one small snack and one meal a day lowered. Considering my metabolism is high (I am a 16 year old boy), and I am already pretty slim...
  9. C

    Medication for Social Anxiety?

    My 12 year old son is an aspie..Up until now I’ve been able to foster relationships for him with other kids. He was always well liked and had a nice group of friends. Now that he’s getting older I can’t be so involved in his social life. He’s starting to isolate himself and isn’t initiating any...
  10. Andie Kinney

    Stopping meds due to side effects, living with effects of long term meds

    I have been off medications since February this year. I was prescribed Seroquel for a BPD dx and Topamax for seizures (I've been misdxed as BPD) I was on Seroquel for around 5 years and it was not helping anymore. I wanted to come off of it for a long time. I have been taking Topamax for over 15...
  11. Joshua the Writer

    Figuring out Anxiety

    Hello! I am starting to figure out my anxiety more and why I am feeling anxiety more often. I had an appointment with my therapist today. We figured out that my anxiety is due to the ADHD medication I take, which is Aderall. Aderall is an amphetamine, which makes it a stimulant. As you all may...
  12. Jenisautistic

    How can you tell when you’re ready for bed?

    Sometimes I think I’m ready for bed I become sleepy take my medicine for the night lay down and become awake. I don’t know if this is Due to the medicine or due to the fact I can’t tell when I’m tired enough to sleep. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to sleep better ...
  13. S

    Is this me?

    This is me, and what has lead me to this forum.. I have felt different since childhood. Overly sensitive to life. Hyper aware in any social situation. Awkward or inadequate feeling. When it came to social anything, my anxieties were to the point of physical illness. They have become worse as of...
  14. R

    Coming off Risperidone?

    Is there anyone here who has stopped using Risperidone? How did you come off from it? Which dose did you use and for how long?
  15. G

    Here for my brother who has low functioning autism

    Hi everyone! I'm super stoked to have found this forum as I was doing research for my brother. He's nonverbal so being able to read all these posts helps me to see things from a different perspective; hopefully, it'll help me understand him more. The main thing I was trying to research prior...
  16. Gamma V

    Soda/Sugar Addiction and Prozac Dosage

    I'm still dealing with the soda/sugar addiction I posted about several months ago, and I had to put up with another lecture from my mother yesterday about how, if I gain more weight and outgrow my clothes, I can't afford new ones. The night before, I actually had a dream in which someone...
  17. Ameriblush

    Zoloft withdrawal...

    Even though I set constant reminders for myself, I get chided by my parents, and I have a pill tray, I keep forgetting to take the zoloft I was prescribed. On several occasions, including last night, I went through mood swings, hatred, exhaustion, depression, and violent behavior with no idea...
  18. B

    A question for parents with an autistic child/children, or people with severe autism.

    Hi everyone, I have a question for any parents of autistic children or any people with severe autism. My son who is 4 has severe autism has been going to see a pediatrician who is suggesting we put him on Risperadol (spelling?). I would like to know if any other parents have any experience with...
  19. V

    Medication that works for HFA, ADHD, and Anxiety?

    I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety a while ago, but only recently with HFA and ADHD. I am having the worst time with finding a good medication. SSRI's make my ADHD much worse, but help with anxiety. ADHD meds make my anxiety worse and add depression when the stimulant wears off, but while...
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