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Coming off Risperidone?


New Member
Is there anyone here who has stopped using Risperidone?
How did you come off from it? Which dose did you use and for how long?
Yes. Was on very briefly, but could not deal with the side effects and so, stopped taking them.

I think it was 1mg.

My psychiatrist said I needed to be on them for a long time, but research told me that long term usage was damaging.

Took for anger issues.
My son takes a mild dose of Risperidone. He never had to come off it, but I'm assuming it should be done gradually, with supervision from your psychologist.
I've no personal experience of it, but the advice given online all points to a very gradual reduction and recommends you be monitored by your doctor for around 2 years after coming off it due to the risk of both withdrawal and relapse. If you wish to come off it, your doctor or prescriber would be the best one to advise you, if you haven't spoken to them already.
Make a plan with your doctor to gradually come off it, then make sure to get regular checkups while coming off of it.
I went on to aripiprazole after risperidone.

But talk to a doctor about it instead of going by what others people have done, what works for them might not for you.
I am on my last day of my weaning off period from Risperidone. I was only on 1.5 miligrams. All I did was go down to 1mg for two weeks, then .5 for two weeks, and now (after tonight) I will be done taking it. I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I lost all the weight I gained from being on it. You will be glad you stopped taking it. I took it for about 6 months.
Today Is day 2 of not taking risperidone. I feel restless, irritable and discontent. I can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. I've been feeling like this all day, I thought It was drug hunger but now I know it's from being off the meds. I pray this doesn't last very long.

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