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  1. autism-and-autotune

    New Obsession: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in C Minor

    Not just the first movement, which is more famous than the others. The whole thing. I don't know why I go through phases where I seek something harmonically 'out there' like Beethoven tends to do, but here we are. The other night while I was busy attempting to be mindless I recollected that...
  2. C

    Sustaining passion for a Writing Project with Autism and Suspected ADHD?

    Even this forum post feels exhausting to start writing and is giving me a slight headache, which I guess is one sign of where I’m at. I don’t have an official ADHD Diagnosis. However, I do have Autism, and am on an NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment. I have lots of passions in my life, but...
  3. savi83

    Amateur/Ham Radio

    Hi everybody, I have been thinking of getting into Amateur/Ham Radio for a while now. I'm not really into the social side of the hobby but have a great interest in the technical side. Once you get to certain level you are able to build circuits to transmit/receive voice/data. Has anyone on...
  4. Jamila

    Huh ?

    My sister told me today that apparently, my intensive interest on different art styles and characters/people were actually intensive interests this whole time and were actually not crushes even tho they felt EXACTLY like it and idek why ... Why did my feelings for intensive interests feel like...
  5. AngelaS267

    What's Your Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Hey guys! I am looking for some interesting new channels to watch and would love to know what your favorite channel is and why. It can be absolutely any channel or topic. Mine is EmmyMadeinJapan. Her channel is so comforting, she's really smart, and she's educational when she's making or...
  6. Roy McCool

    Fanfiction and Writing

    I've been obsessed with fanfiction lately and I've been seriously considering taking the plunge and actually writing fanfiction of my own. I've enjoyed reading fanfics since I was twelve years old but I've not really written much of anything, even though I have a few ideas and concepts. To...
  7. Vindicator Phoenix

    Hijack the Conversation Topic!

    Okay, here's the plan, people! Someone above is you is gonna talk about something! Do whatever you can, to transition their topic into something you like. It doesn't matter how much your interest differs from theirs! If you can find a tiny speck of relevance, to your interest, capitalize on...
  8. SageRose

    Oriental music

    Just to be clear, I mean the general oriental culture and music, NOT just the 'belly dance' part. People often think that oriental is a term refering only to belly dances. No, oriental is the term generally refering to all cultures belonging in the East, from Asia Minor to China. I personally...
  9. Daydreamer

    How my interest in cats began.

    Since I feel in the mood to talk about it. :D Besides, perhaps some people will find this to be an interesting (yet admittedly rather lengthy) story. When I was younger I had three toy cats, although the count would go up to four if you included my sister's soft toy which she would often lend...
  10. Ylva

    Is there such a thing as a special interest?

    i've been thinking about it, and I'm thinking this is just how we are interested. It's how we "do" "interested". We don't necessarily "do" middle grounds when it comes to being interested. It's either off or on. Neurotypicals are interested in things in a less focused way, should we call their...
  11. Jorg

    Trading & collection cards

    Do any of you like to colect cards? Any tipe of cards. I'm starting a Yu-Gi-Oh card collection but from the older ones, when the tv series started on tv (Yugi's story). I'm currently not playing, just colecting them for the artwork.
  12. nike007

    Mental illness and neurodevelopmental disorders

    Hello. So after being diagnosed with a mental illness, I began to research all the different types, treatments, statistics, symptoms, things to help with these mental illnesses. Like basically everything. And then once my psychiatrist said I may be on the spectrum (which I found out I am), I...
  13. LostInSilentHill

    Ever changing

    Since as long as I can remember I have had obsessions. Strangely enough, they do tend to change. For instance when I was 9 I became obsessed with Egypt and everything to do with it, I even taught myself how to read hieroglyphics. Everything had to be Egypt and anything that was not was...
  14. Anachronic Samurai

    I have trouble keeping interest in things that "I'm good"

    Hello Everyone. Like the title say I have this problem, Yesterday I presented a Java application at Uni, my teacher said "I was expecting more of you because you are good" (I passed but it still knocks in my mind because scores are irrelevant to me) because I simply don't got any interest on...
  15. AGXStarseed

    Disneystrology - Astrology with a bit of Disney Magic...

    According to the Disney Wiki, this is what Disneystrology is: "Disneystrology is a book that combines astrology, numerology, and the magic of Disney movies to help readers understand their own personalities." So, here's mine: March 4th = Wart (Young King Arthur) = Movie: The Sword in the Stone...
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