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  1. furkandorum

    People's I.Q

    Are other people really have less iq than me or is this just another "thing" of being an aspie? I excessively feel like all the other people are bunch of gorillas that can somehow talk my language. I surely can't control this feeling, it is annoying and it is making my life harder. Innerly, i...
  2. M

    How did you feel about yourself and other people when you were a child?

    I'm curious how autism affected the way people here felt early in their life when they were less than 10 years old and if things are different now that you're older. The main questions I'm interested in are: Did you feel like other people liked you? Did you feel like you belonged? What did you...
  3. M


    Up until last year, I thought people treated me poorly because I was different. I blamed them for making me feel worse. I tried hard to act normal but I wasn't perfect and still got criticized. Since I couldn't change how people treated me, I thought there was nothing I could do about it. The...
  4. M

    Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    WHAT IS ALEXITHYMIA? Alexithymia refers to trouble identifying and describing emotions. Most people learn about emotions from their parents. If your parents did not teach you about emotions or adequately respond to your emotional distress when you were a child, you may have trouble understanding...
  5. Major Tom

    Describe how you are feeling right now with a song.

    As the title said, here's my song:
  6. Aspychata

    Words From Your Favorite Song

    So this is to bring back those songs we sing over and over, (if l could only stop singing this song). It's up to you how much of the song you wish to put down. Allow me to throw this out: It's my party and l'll cry if l want to, cry if l want to.
  7. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND


    People treat me different. It's in the tone of their voices the looks on their face. They look at me with pity.. and fill my head with lies because they are afraid I can't handle the truth. Heads up, autism doesn't mean stupid. It's a neurological phenomenon and mostly affects how I interact...
  8. Michael Balog

    Taking my life back from anxiety.

    This upcoming Saturday I am going to do something that I thought I would never ever do in my life even though I have thought about it and even picked out things I liked and wanted to get. I'm going to get my very first tattoo done this Saturday and part of me is anxious and scared another part...
  9. Ginseng

    Says autistics feel

    People with autism can read emotions and feel empathy
  10. Ginseng

    How do y'all handle death from someone close to you?

    My mother died today and we will be going out of town to her funeral. Funerals have always been very difficult for me and many times I have gotten out of going to funerals just because all the emotion and feelings seemed to really mess with me. I wondered if this was an aspie thing or just me. I...
  11. tree


    FEELINGS is a word chain game. Use the last letter of the word in the previous post as the first letter in the new word. All words will pertain to feelings/emotion/state of being. EXAMPLE excited depression nervous silly yearning etc... Spoiler contains links to 7 sites with 'feeling'...
  12. sisselcakes

    Explaining Relationship Dynamics to Aspie

    Usually I come on here to post or read threads when I'm struggling in my relationship with my (undiagnosed) ASD boyfriend. I guess reading and writing helps me see things from a more objective and broader perspective. I'm here to vent frustration because people on here "get it" but also to...
  13. sisselcakes

    Aspie overload - how to help

    How do you like your friends and family to treat you when you're on overload? My bf had gotten fired from many jobs in IT due to interpersonal issues- usually would end up telling someone off or having his version of a meltdown due to frustration with "illogical" people. Actually he might have...
  14. LucyPurrs

    New Course on Emotional Intelligence by Asperger's from the Inside

    Here's some links to information about the course: Aspergers From The Inside
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Allowing myself to feel sadness

    I was a bad mom last night and this morning. My fuse was very short and I got exasperated at the most menial things. They’re kids, for crying out loud, what’s wrong with me? I know what’s wrong. I saw the ex yesterday, after weeks of not seeing him, and he didn’t even turn the his head to...
  16. NT_tavbabe

    Feelings about feelings

    I just have a general question, how do you feel about having feelings for other people? Cause I hate it a lot, to me it just gets in the way with unnecessary emotions and cause disruptions in my life when all I want is to end up alone and work so I can live in comfort.(also with a cat) so is...
  17. G

    Aspie boyfriend broke up with me :'-(

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum. Last night my Aspie boyfriend broke up with me and I'm totally crumbling inside. I don't know what to do. I'm totally sad. He said he has been struggling with commitment and relationships for a long long time, for about since the breakup from the partner...
  18. LucyPurrs

    Emotional Intelligence Course 2018-01-05

    I took this course and highly recommend it. The instructor has an Asperger's Diagnosis and has a website called Asperger's from the Inside on which he has put many excellent videos. I ( Paul Micallef) would like to announce the dates of the next 4-week Autism Friendly Online Emotional...
  19. LucyPurrs

    New Autism Friendly Free Course on Emotional Intelligence from an Aspie

    Aspergers from the Inside is offering a free course which starts this Sunday. He also has many videos which are well done as he is very intelligent, perceptive and very articulate. He has Aspergers. Highly recommend this course. Here's a link to his Facebook page: Aspergers From The Inside His...

    Levels of friendship

    just had an uncomfortable and hurtful moment with my special friend. We are LDR. I got a FB notification to all his friends that he has marked himself “safe” in a storm that has hit his immediate area. I have not heard directly from him in the last couple of days as I usually do the care...
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