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  1. T

    Neurodiversity Workshop at 2024 NeurIPS (AI/ML) Conference

    As many know, NeurIPS is arguably the most sophisticated, renowned & quite serious AI/ML Research Conference in the world. - See, e.g., Google Research Blog at Google at NeurIPS 2023 - During the 2024 NeurIPS Conference, there will be a Neurodiversity AI/ML Workshop, which will focus on AI/ML...
  2. S

    Socialization learning resources?

    Hello all! I’m looking for some help from anyone with knowledge on learning resources - what I’m specifically hoping to find are videos of people talking and interacting from start to finish. Studying conversation and cues have been of great help to me in the past as far as learning how best...
  3. Novachels

    Autism Novel Writing Research

    Hello, I am writing a novel primarily on autism and have reached a few parts in my book where I require the personal experiences of those with autism, which I will detail a little more down below. For context, I live in the UK, and after receiving my diagnosis of autism as a teenager, I had no...
  4. L

    Autism and University

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing a lot of research on Autism and looking at how Autistic people find their experience at university, whether this is a good experience or bad. I have created a short questionnaire I would be grateful if anyone could fill out if it is applicable to you. Thanks...
  5. L

    Autism and University/College

    Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face at university or college. I am hoping to create an app which will help eliminate or reduce some of...
  6. L

    Autism and university/college

    Hi everyone, my names Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face in this type of educational setting. I am hoping to design an app which will help reduce some of these...
  7. Skittlebisquit

    Request for information

    I have a site admin request that I just wanted to post here and deal with publicly, for ease and to accommodate a thorny technical and ethical issue. I would like to know if I can post in this thread a current FAFSA application form, to use as a topic of study to empower the dependent of a site...
  8. V

    Likely to be Delayed 2-3 Years, Advice?

    So I'm in a bit of a pickle, maybe you guys can help me out with some tips or advice? While it is NOT set in-stone yet, I am VERY likely to end up being delayed an additional 2 or 3 years for my High School education (currently 12th grade, was within a semester of graduating at one point) due...
  9. Emzical

    What adjustments would have helped you to do a degree?

    Hi, I'm just wondering about those on the spectrum and what struggles they faced during their degree. What would have helped and did you finish or drop out of your degree? I would love to hear from people who didn't have the opportunity to study and why this was. Sometimes I don't understand...
  10. M

    Ill-advised reasons to learn a language other than English

    This would have been a thread in a club on Asperclick, but that site has closed. English being the most common lingua-franca in the world doesn't stop learning languages other than English being popular and doesn't even stop governments of all English-speaking from requiring schoolchildren to...
  11. Sara3

    Need help with asperger kid

    Hi. I recently was in a school for autistic kids. I loved being there. However I noticed one asperger kid who I think has an anxiety disorder (maybe selective mutism). He didn't speak to the adults, however I was told he was able to speak words in english and French. I would love to help him...
  12. Jorg

    Worried about college test, professor makes it about memorization not learning

    I'm worried, I have a final test in 6h and I need a high score to pass the course. I study electronic engineering and this class is about electric communications: AM, FM modulation, digital modulation, etc. And even the whole class is like not sure abou it. In all my years studying here I have...
  13. Mars26

    College Tips

    I'm going to College in the Fall and I'm really stressed out because I will be 2 years older than others, I will be living in dorm room in different city and because I'm shy and weird. That's why I would like to ask about tips how to fit in and survive.
  14. Welshcakenp19

    What do you wish you were told about relationships and sex when you were young?

    Hi there! I am really interested in looking into what kind of relationship and sex education would have made a difference to you, growing up? I am writing my Masters dissertation at the moment, looking into parental perspectives on the topic, but of course, it's much better to hear from the...
  15. L

    Autism and college

    so I really want to go to college but my autism holds me back, I panic everywhere I go and I struggle to leave the house, I don’t really know how well I’d do at college, I also don’t have any friends or that so theirs that, I just don’t know what to do anymore :(
  16. I

    a shy hi from Garden Grove

    I've made an account on this website for about a year or two (not sure, and not willing enough to check at the moment) but wanted to finally say hello. :) I was diagnosed with Asperger's two years ago and am living and dealing with mostly neurotypicals. I personally don't have many people that...
  17. Ieva

    just realized this is the first time I'm sharing my life story to others+ SURVEY -I NEED YOU OPINION

    Not a good thing to start with negative, but I hate traditional education system. I have always hated it, always trying to avoid it, running home to do something more meaningful. I could not concentrate to learn, I was just existing at school, and when I was home I was reading, learning and...
  18. LucyPurrs

    Autism Doesn't Stop Woman from Becoming a Lawyer

    Following article, not written by me, might be of interest to some of you: An autism diagnosis hasn't stopped this young woman from becoming a lawyer
  19. Jorg

    I hate feeling angry/evil

    I didn't find a related thread to post this, but I guess here I go. I just hate to feel angry or evil, even when I'm standing for something. Today was enrollment day in my college, there are 2 days and I'm most of the time schedueled to enroll on 2nd day. As many of other students I sometimes...
  20. Joshua the Writer

    IQ Tests are Obviously Biased!

    Here is an article a friend sent to me a few minutes ago. It's called Intelligence Testing: Accurate or Extremely Biased? It's from neuroethicsblog.com. ---------------------------------------------------------- In the early 1900s, psychologist Charles Spearman noticed that children who did well...
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