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just realized this is the first time I'm sharing my life story to others+ SURVEY -I NEED YOU OPINION


New Member
Not a good thing to start with negative, but I hate traditional education system. I have always hated it, always trying to avoid it, running home to do something more meaningful. I could not concentrate to learn, I was just existing at school, and when I was home I was reading, learning and really enjoying it. Am I the only one like that?

After I finished school, I studied politics, I loved it, I was dreaming to work as a journalist and some kind of activist to make the world better and more meaningful. The dream failed, cause my social skills are too hopeless...
It is also extremely hard to stay at one job, I have changed jobs a lot and could not find my place. Meanwhile I found the love of my life, my husband (who happens to be also an aspie, and also hates traditional school system - is that a coincidence?), and we have a son (who happens to be an aspie too, lol) and a daughter. Something just was not right with my career, til I figured out that I can do only what I love and my passion (what a paradox) is education, lol.

So I found my place in an alternative education system (Montesori), I also started to study education science at very traditional university (which is complete nightmare for me, but difficulties lead to success, right?) and now I am dreaming of my own school, which would be a great place to thrive also for aspies. But during my research (cause I don't want to make mistakes) I need to study also traditional education approaches. So this leads to the survey I am despairingly hoping you can fill out. It is about very traditional approach - ABA, and I need this survey because I need to be a pro in all l fields, to explain, what's good and bad to others, and maybe I am seeing everything too black and white, so I need to know YOUR OPINION. If you are also passionate to make the world more logic and right, I will share the results! Also I would be extremely happy to read you opinion or any advice. After this survey I am going to make more surveys about other approaches.
Experience with ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy
You should know that many here who have had ABA Therapy have been traumatized because it was too much for them, and is not the way to go.
I've heard about ABA and it seems to be too intense.
Have not heard of it helping anyone I've personally spoken with about it.
I have not had any experience with it for myself.
For the most part I have't had to deal with any sort of therapy. I think it's 1 of those things that works well for some, not so well for others.

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