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Worried about college test, professor makes it about memorization not learning


Well-Known Member
I'm worried, I have a final test in 6h and I need a high score to pass the course. I study electronic engineering and this class is about electric communications: AM, FM modulation, digital modulation, etc. And even the whole class is like not sure abou it.

In all my years studying here I have never met such hard professor, the guy don't let us bring any equation/formula sheet, nor he provides any formula on exam, just some trigonometric identities, Fourier series and transforms; but nothing else. We can't use any kind of calculator and the questions he makes are related on memorization and what he gives in classroom nothing on books or else.

It is even the 2nd time I take this class, last seemster I failed it with another professor but the way this new guy gives class is totally opposite to the former professor or even any other I have had in the past. There's no logic organization in the topics, and most of the exercises are made by him and not any books nor source.

I have been studying for the past 6 weeks but I feel like I haven't learn anything.

BTW, this guy is not a full time professor, he apparently works in a state communications company the rest of the time and only gives our class on monday night.
Well, speaking as someone who used to be a teacher, this professor you're describing is obviously making it just as extra-hard for everyone else as he is for you, and if he fails an unusually high proportion of test candidates I'm guessing someone in the establishment will start asking questions, and possibly re-mark everyone's papers or else lower the pass-mark thresholds.

He sounds like he's doing it the old-fashioned way, and the other professors probably are aware he's a bit of a dinosaur and not doing things the way things are usually done now.

And anyway, who actually sets the final test? Is it this guy? And then does he personally mark the papers?

It never looks good for a teacher if an unusually high proportion of candidates gets bad marks or fails. And it doesn't look good for the institution when that happens, either. This won't make the actual test any more fun for you in 6 hours' time, but the test may not turn out to be the apocalypse you're currently fearing.

Good luck, anyway.

I predict you will still be alive and breathing at the end of it.

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