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  1. autism-and-autotune

    Does anyone else get confused with basic questions, or over-explain your answer?

    It's confusing because it's all in interpretation, and I get so...frustrated with myself. Is it a communication thing? For example, my fiancee was recently talking to me about a certain TikTok where a girl was saying that her sensory-overload aisle in the grocery store was the spice aisle. "How...
  2. Atrapa Almas

    Conversation with AI (LaMDA)

    So I dont have much knowledge of AIs or coding, but I have a lot of practice into understanding conversations from a very distinct way. I am curious to know your points of view on this interview: https://cajundiscordian.medium.com/is-lamda-sentient-an-interview-ea64d916d917 Could you share...
  3. Skittlebisquit

    Take turns talking

    There is a rhythm to it that I don't understand. This rhythm seems to vary or rather the speed of it does. Sometimes I get it right, mostly I don't. Is she interrupting me when I am speaking or am I talking wrong? Did I repeat myself yet again (like for clarity) because I do that a lot. I can't...
  4. Vindicator Phoenix

    What Matters, to You, in a Conversation?

    For me, I like: warmth and sympathy noticeable body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) smiling/smirking eye contact slow speech people getting my attention, before speaking (instead of sneaking up on me and unloading a rant) diplomacy/democracy non-directiveness friendly voice tone...
  5. AHClemist

    Nerd Mode, activate!

    Do any of you drastically change the way you speak when someone asks you about something you are interested in? I've noticed I will change my tone of voice and style of speaking to something much more presentation-like rather than the usual conversation style. The last time I actually gave a...
  6. stuckinpain

    Socially Awkward Experiences...

    I wonder if I will ever accept that I have Asperger. I hate that I can't get any words out from my mouth in groups. It's so difficult and all I want is to be like the others.. Yes social. How do you learn to accept it? How do you learn to deal with that your social skills are terrible and that...
  7. Vindicator Phoenix

    Hijack the Conversation Topic!

    Okay, here's the plan, people! Someone above is you is gonna talk about something! Do whatever you can, to transition their topic into something you like. It doesn't matter how much your interest differs from theirs! If you can find a tiny speck of relevance, to your interest, capitalize on...
  8. J

    'Preaching' not talking

    Hi everybody. This is my first ever online autism forum. I read the thread about Aspie speech, and joined because while some described characteristics or 'problems' rang a bell to me, nobody mentioned my problem so I thought I would. Maybe somebody has a similar one? I have been accused of...
  9. P

    Having "sound-bites" for conversations

    I've observed that someone will bring up a topical event which I have in fact thought quite a bit about, but I will say nothing or very little about the subject because I can't convert my thoughts into easily-digestible sound-bites. I suppose I could try to ramble on, but I feel my rambling just...
  10. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Abused Amoebas and Career Correlations (First published Nov 2017)

    I was reading an excerpt from a zoological textbook the other day about the reactions of different types of amoeba to stimulus. (Yes - this is the sort of thing you will find in my web surfing history. Shut up.) It seems that amoeba, generally, rarely move because of a positive stimulus...
  11. Bella Pines

    How fast do you read?

    I read very slowly, at talking pace and I'm wondering if this is an aspie trait or just a me reading slowly trait. I hold conversations in my head all the time. Whether it is composing an email, or having a practice argument (that I never end up actually having in real life, or just generally...
  12. Caelix3

    Help with socializing?

    I have trouble making and keeping a conversation. But mostly with keeping a conversation going. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a conversation going?
  13. Vinca

    The TalkWorks Wiki

    (The following isn't written by me, but has been copied and pasted from http://talkworks.wikidot.com/start . I purchased one of the books that they mention, at a local charity shop and found it very helpful in explaining the nuts and bolts of conversations.) Welcome to the TalkWorks Wiki. If...
  14. Ylva

    On Conversation -TED Talk

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