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How fast do you read?

Bella Pines

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I read very slowly, at talking pace and I'm wondering if this is an aspie trait or just a me reading slowly trait.

I hold conversations in my head all the time. Whether it is composing an email, or having a practice argument (that I never end up actually having in real life, or just generally talking to myself.

But the conversations are the same speed as actually talking, which is exactly how I read. As I read a book or a newspaper, I effectively read it silently to myself. So is this an aspie thing?
Not sure if it's an aspie thing, but it more than likely is as I also read in my own talking pace. It takes me longer at times to get the words out when I talk and also takes longer for me to process words when reading.
It all depends on how rivating the book is, whether I read slow or fast.

As for talking, I find that I go fast pace, when I sense no cues from the other, whether they are interested or not; it is like I am waiting for them to do something to say that I have talked enough and that usually happens, when someone actually seems interested in what I have to say. It completely disarms me, because I am so used to ones doing the opposite.

Sometimes, my mind goes completely blank on what to say and I have to escape then.

But, my book reading and my speech are not a replica of each other.

I am told that I am too loud and too quiet, hows that for you lol
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from the title of an article i build an expectation of the reasoning that will follow, i read the first and last sentence of a paragraph and fill in the middle in my head, if that doesn't correspond to what i expected from the title then i read the paragraph to find out why the reasoning is different,

essentially i'm only interested in whats new, i don't really want to read what i already know
It is an aspie thing as it's slow processing. (Don't understand why I said I wasn't sure..) But, yes, definitely!! I've had this disorder all my life and I'm diagnosed.

You know what, I sent someone a long text before and within literally less than a minute of sending it, she replied. I'm like, "You read that fast." I question did she really read it all or... but she did. It would of taken me longer to process what was said and think of what to say back.
I'm a slow reader. I can be very slow at times when reading aloud - and I put that down to the fact that I couldn't speak until I was 4. I think that's the only trouble I have now with the physical ability to talk these days.
I also read fast, and a lot, it comes naturally to me.

With conversations, or any information that I gather through listening, it takes me longer, and more effort. I have to make a conscious effort not to lose concentration, specially if what is being said is not interesting to me.

About chatting in my head: I used to engage in endless imaginary arguments with my mom, not anymore.
I read very fast. I skim even faster!

If it is a technical manual or self-help type of book then I read it super fast in order to build an index of the content in my mind - then I came back later for any details.

I do have conversation in my head though they are sorting and organizing that which is already available. I can't allow for arguements in my own head as that turns into a time vacuum and is not constructive. I do practice interacting with others in my mind.
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I don't know.
We had reading study at school when I was 12.

Average rate was 200 words per minute, according
to the information in our unit about reading.

I could read 600 wpm.
I enjoyed the reading unit.
The material we read was on a variety of topics,
not the same stuff we had in other classes.
i read extremely slow,i have extremely slow information processing and i struggle to understand many words without a dictionary plus i struggle if it isnt short sentances, but i had put that down to my intellectual disability not my autism.
I've always read really fast, sometimes too fast and I don't process all that happened. I don't try to, it's just the way I've always been. In High School I was going to get another 300-400+ page book to read and do a report on every day.My teacher didn't believe I could read that fast until she got my report and realized I could. I have no idea how many words per minute though and I don't think I read as fast as I used to.

For talking, outside of people I know I've been told I talk too fast. I think part of it is nerves but I don't know. With people I know I can often lose track of what I was saying to begin with...lol
It depends on what I'm reading.
Favourite authors - lightning fast.
Text books on interesting subjects - again, super fast.
Handwritten letters from friends - quickly.
Other forms and documents I'm required to sign - snail's pace , to be in no doubt over what I'm reading and signing.

All other things, I'll read them when I have to. No patience for that which appears pointless or telling me something I already know in a different way.

As for talking to myself, I'm doing it now whilst writing this. Building this post but going over each word and how they sound when strung together in my head. If I can't get it right I won't bother writing and getting it right can sometimes take a really long time.

I try to avoid real time conversations, they move at such a quick pace I have no time to think about how I'm supposed to reply. If I'm not leading the conversation I can very quickly get lost.
I read very fast. Too fast as alot of the time I have to go back and re-read a couple of sentences as I read it so fast I forgot what it said lol.

I also have conversations in my head but that is at my normal talking pace, and as I type this I say it outloud to myself, not sure why I do that?
Hard to say. To me, speed is completely relative to a rate of absorption.

I can quickly scan words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. However whether or not I really comprehended what I read may vary if I attempt to gauge such a thing. It depends on what I'm reading and how much of it I truly comprehended. o_O
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I read at what I've always considered a normal pace, maybe a little faster than others. I do have mild dyslexia and Irlen syndrome though, so sometimes that can be an issue.
My reading pace is slowing down. I wasn't a big reader anyway. I used to catalog books in a library and was a natural because I am detail-oriented. But the last ting I wanted to do at home after a work day of cataloging was to pick up a book.

The book I read most is the Bible. I used to read a chapter a day but I've started recently just taking a verse a day. My problem is a lack of concentration. I can't stay focused on what I'm reading. My mind is going 90 to nothing on a zillion other things. When I try to switch my focus back to the page, I'm lecturing myself on drifting off. So if I concentrate on a verse or a few of them, I have a better chance of taking what I'm reading in than trying to digest a chapter.
I tend to either skim quickly through text to get what I need, or read at a slower, more thorough pace if the text is interesting enough. I do have to re-read something occasionally, especially with terms and words I'm not familiar with and just because (my short-term memory sucks at times), and the more complex it is the longer it takes to settle in.
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