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  1. Aleya

    Tips on How To Handle Small Changes

    I need some tips on how to calm myself down. My brothers love to cancel and reschedule plans and I feel like exploding. Can you please share some tips on what you do in these situations to calm down? Thank you in advance :)
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    When you feel your life start to improve?

    Whether or not this has happened to you recently (sorry if it hasn't!!) is there anything happening to you that you're super excited/happy about or just a nice change? Mine is that I get to stay at my Mum's place for 7 days while my other relatives are out and I just did my nails... I'm so...
  3. Hylian

    Reacting to change

    How do you react to change? Like, if your routines change, plans that are made suddenly change, etc. I've noticed that even minor changes stress me out and overwhelm me. Something like having to work an hour earlier will stress me out for the whole day, or the order of things that I do during...
  4. Jenisautistic

    Just another update

    Hello everyone first I want to say that my grandmother is doing better from a fall that broke her hip that I mentioned before my grandmother got out of the rehab center I have been back with my grandmother for a while now I have an aide that helps me with stuff around the house but my...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Words of wisdom about change

    Hey everyone Everything‘s been changing so fast with this pandemic One good changes having a mentor but I’m still getting used to everything about it I miss spending time with my grandmother and when something changes like in plans happen I kind of freak out a bit and get nervous...
  6. G

    Can't be wrong because you can't change?

    Whoa, just a few minutes ago something came to me, and as I came here, this thought developed more and more and I actually feel rather uneasy or disturbed right now as I type this. Also a quick warning that this topic is related to my Faith, I'll avoid going into detail on it but it might come...
  7. GadAbout

    People do change.

    I have noticed, after participating in a few online forums over a few years, that although personality structure remains fairly consistent throughout the life span, I actually do see some improvement in certain participants. It's easy to conclude when all a person's posts seem to revolve around...
  8. soniiiety

    a very important msg that every should view

    hello all this is an announcement, you all might hate me, you all might not like what I about to say but this is my opinion, the chat section is fake and here's way i believe that most of see on this forum are either complaints or self attention." This site cannot help you. what your looking...
  9. BraidedPony

    The fear of taking risks...related to autism?

    I’m at a crossroads in my life. Maybe this isn’t even a big deal but it feels like a big deal to me. Im living in an apartment that I like OK, but it isn’t MY place. I’ve never owned a place by myself, only when married to a man that had tools and handyman knowledge. Now I am single and a senior...
  10. As sweet as-pie

    New years resolutions 2018

    Hi everyone! Is it too early to ask this?! I've been feeling a lot of positive changes coming lately, I'm glad it's nearly new year because it always makes me feel better about change. It's a new start, fresh page, not sure if any of you feel the same. (Resolutions last about 2 days though! :p...
  11. As sweet as-pie

    Job Interview - Anxiety about new places

    Hi all, I have my first ever job interview tomorrow. At first I was very socially anxious about it, but then I worked out which angle to go for and have been practising questions so I'm not as worried about that anymore. I'm confident that I'll be able to answer most things. Usually with...
  12. HelzBelz


    I'm right on the tip of a burnout and know I need to make some changes if I want to stop myself tipping into the abyss, although I don't have the energy to think, process and take action. I've noticed a lot of aspies seem to go through regular burnout - have any of you found ways to cope when...
  13. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    The hits keep coming

    So, has the bubble burst? Has my new-found validity run out of steam? Met its match? Died a death? The answer is most assuredly: No. Indeed, I have put it to the test. I have thrown everything I can think of at it: There have been social events, stressful health issues, concerns about the...
  14. Bolletje

    Balance is a tricksy hobbit.

    I've made it through my first month back in med school. It's been quite the month. In january I was sitting at home, overweight, chainsmoking, binge drinking and worrying about the future. These last four weeks I've spent twelve hours a day studying, I've stopped smoking, hardly had a drink, and...
  15. OuterSpaceBoy

    Looking back on the first two years after my AS diagnosis

    Hello everybody, I’ve written a little piece reflecting on the first two years after my AS diagnosis. If anyone’s interested, please have a look: https://medium.com/@OuterSpaceBoy/everything-changes-nothing-changes-a0bc211ed45e#.r9follwnv
  16. Sportster

    Google Chrome Incognito Change?

    . . .
  17. As sweet as-pie

    How do you deal with sudden, unexpected change?

    I can deal with change if it's me that instigates it, but if it's someone else I completely shut down and have to deal with overwhelming stress. It's my birthday this weekend and me and 2 friends have been planning since march, but sadly due to unforseen circumstances, my best friends parents...
  18. U

    Changing routine to adapt to life's demands

    I read a lot. At least I prefer to. I have a ton of books from volunteering at the library. My normal reading time, according to the routine I've settled into, is late in the afternoon. Unfortunately my part-time retail job often makes doing it at that time impossible (though I have three days...
  19. LostInSilentHill

    New shows, movies and books

    I find that a lot of people get upset with me when I don't watch the show/movie they recommend or read a book that they wanted me to read. They say that I am not trusting their opinion on media or something. I only watch things I've seem before and have a very difficult time even trying to get...
  20. N

    Hi I'm Niky

    A couple of people in my life have pointed out that they think I have aspergers. While I disagreed at first and found them amusing, I later started to wonder as well. I don't want to get diagnosed because I don't want it to affect my career. Anyway, I've always had trouble fitting into...
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