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autism advocacy

  1. N

    "Masking" and "unmasking"

    So in an attempt to unpack my social aversion and figure out how now to go out in the world, knowing I'm an Autistic person, I wanted to air out my thoughts on this topic and hopefully, glean some diverse thoughts and opinions on the matter. I've come to the realisation that everybody masks, for...
  2. Nervous Rex

    Grateful for advocates

    Yesterday, the company I work for had an hour-long session on Autism and Neurodiversity, held by an autistic employee. They did an incredible job of explaining autism, common traits, masking, stims, anxiety, sensory sensitivities, etc. The presentation took about 20 minutes and then they spent...
  3. J

    Shakespeare & Autism

    Hello, I'm new here. I have a niece on the spectrum so am excited to be part of this community. I'm also part of a brand-new nonprofit arts organization that's putting on a one-night event about how a group of people are using sensory games featuring text from Shakespeare to break down...
  4. G

    I'm trying to write a book that has Autistic Characters in it

    I need specific advice here. As I've mentioned before in another thread, I'm writing a novel in which I hide the fact that certain characters are Autistic until chapter 5. I'm hoping that NTs/CLs (as I call them and as they're later referred to in the novel) in the audience gets hooked on the...
  5. G

    Autism Advocacy and the indirect approach

    I sometimes listen to a podcast by retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, whom I realize might be a controversial figure, he has said some controversial things in the past. However one thing he has emphasized since I started listening to him, is the indirect approach, advancing on things indirectly...
  6. G

    Why is it hard to get people’s attention?

    I know someone said that people in general, simply aren’t interested in talking about Autism; but I’ve been trying to reach out to people and I’m having a real hard time getting anyone to dialogue with me. Does anyone know anyway to provoke a response? I know @Gerontius said telling a story...
  7. G

    On the ongoing conversion of Autism Speaks

    So I just found out last night that Autism Speaks announced that they have stopped looking for a cure back in 2016. (Which happens to be the same year I reverted and, unfortunately and perhaps ironically, failed to accept myself as Autistic for a few years.) However the reasons they give as to...
  8. G

    Help writing an Autistic Comic series

    Hi everyone, I need help with something that will help promote Autism Awareness. Remember that Autistic Girl Autumn Campaign? Well, I had too short comics planned, one for October, one for November. But it turns out that the one that I had for this month, I finished too late, and because it...
  9. G

    What are the strongest arguments in favour of ABA?

    For my study of ABA, I want to get the strongest arguments in defence of it; so far the strongest argument I’ve seen in defence of it is that it sometimes works well, without the Autistic child being traumatized; (I’m thinking of entitling the next entry in my blog series “The Ends Don’t Justify...
  10. ABA Under The Microscope: Part 1: Introduction

    ABA Under The Microscope: Part 1: Introduction

    *Trigger Warning!* As my planned Novena to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary for Autism Awareness and many other Autistic issues approaches, I have been considering adding an ending of ABA Treatment to the list of petitions in this Rosary Novena. But before I do, I want to take a closer look at ABA...
  11. Claritas Blog

    Claritas Blog

    This the blog dedicated to Claritas, now a tiny prayer group, but hopefully something more in the future. (Claritas Prayer Group)
  12. G

    Autistic Girl Autumn Campaign

    I mentioned before the meme Autistic Girl Autumn, and my plans to use it to promote Autism Awareness and the like. I really I think this a great opportunity, and so, I’m posting this thread to encourage everyone else to join and take advantage as well and see if you can come up with ways to...
  13. G

    My YouTube Channel…

    I finally, finally got my YouTube Channel for Claritas up and running; that was so much harder than it needed to be! Hopefully I’ll have my first video up by this afternoon or evening, now, I’m going to take a break and have lunch and than work on my printer issues.
  14. G

    Apps for movie-making

    I plan on making YouTube videos as part of my Autism Advocacy, what kind of apps would you recommend? All of my laptops are down, and I only have my iPad and iPhone, so I can only use apps for this.
  15. G

    Autism before its discovery

    I realize a lot of stuff like this has probably been discussed on here before; but I what I want to do on here, is make the strongest case possible, that Autism existed before it was discovered. The reason I want to make this case, is because in my thinking over the apologetics I will employ in...
  16. G

    Autism Advocacy, what’s it like? What should I expect & what should I know?

    As was stated in my latest thread in the Religion sub-forum, I plan on becoming an Autism advocate, as odd as it may sound, I actually believe that this is a key part of my own spiritual growth, but I won’t digress into that on here. I want to know, from other advocates on here, what is it like...
  17. G

    Autism Advocacy & Traditional Catholic Philosophy

    I’m planning on taking Claritas to the next level, I’m going to be starting a YouTube channel for Claritas in which I advocate for Autism Acceptance and the like in the Catholic Church. On this thread, I plan on posting and discussing the philosophical arguments that will be key to this...
  18. Leslie Keating

    ND Masters Psych Student need Autistic YAs for short online survey on mental health & wellbeing

    Hi guys , we need participants for research on the impact of changes to services and quality of life during Covid 19 on autistic young adults. This survey has been approved by autistic young people. We really hope that this research will help to improve services for the autism community. See...
  19. Jenisautistic

    fall fun

  20. Jenisautistic

    I published another blog Anxiety: An Everlasting Battle

    please check it out An Autism Self-Advocate's Thoughts On Anxiety - DIFFERENT BRAINS
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