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  1. theeviloneisyou

    Autism and anger issues (I’m ALWAYS angry)

    When I was a kid, I was very happy-go-lucky. I liked having fun, I got along with my peers, and I very rarely lost my temper. But around the end of elementary school and the start of middle school, that began to change. I started to get very angry, lashing out at classmates, teachers, and my...
  2. tripleU

    Forum does not feel like how it was

    Hello, this forum does not feel like how it was, I think since the religion and racism things I posted here, the forum went away. It isn't like how caring it was at the start, when I joined sometime in March. What have I done wrong? I have started to hate this forum like I hate other things...
  3. tripleU

    Gone Crazy, Need to recover

    Hello, I have gone crazy, I am destroying everything harming everything. From this; From the my language is too mean thread, I learned to be precautious but they were still acting like 3 year olds. Venting does help a bit, but the person, has to take interest in it as I am too smart for that...
  4. tripleU

    Super Emotional?

    Hi, I am super emotional? I keep getting complained for this, and even banned from r/autism, don't go there. Here is one example, when I got one downvote on Reddit, My ears got hot red and couldn't do anything that day until I found this forum. Also people on r/autism complained about my super...
  5. Georgia Galaxy

    Silly Article :P

    https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CatharticChores Think you guys might enjoy reading this!
  6. O

    Me, Moods, & Coping Strategies

    After a manic episode, I sometimes had all kinds of emotions and normal moods before crashing into persistent depression. I meet the diagnostic criteria for mania, but I never fall down into major depression, the depression that I have after the manic episode is mild. What is that stage called?
  7. G

    Help with bad memories

    I need help with bad memories, they really messed things up last night and this morning. A month or two ago I had this embarrassing experience that left me feeling really angry and I thought I had finally gotten over it but yesterday, it came back and I started struggling with several other...
  8. jleeb05

    Is it Just Me...(lesser known/discussed ASD traits)

    Hi all, This is my first time posting. I'm a little less than three weeks away from beginning my ASD assessment. As a kid, it was assumed by me, my therapist, and my family that I had Asperger's but I was never officially assessed or diagnosed. While there are many reasons for this assumption...
  9. G


    Alright, I’m back now and am ready and will apologize for what happened that caused me to withdraw... Before I reverted to the Catholic Faith I had issues with authority and authority figures and thus viewed them with the utmost hostility and cynicism; after I reverted, I over-corrected and...
  10. G

    Dealing with Irritability

    I’ve made improvements with my anger issues, but now I’m struggling with a more subtle form of it, namely irritability. In regards to angry thoughts and the like I now rarely struggle with them, they do occur sometimes but rarely; I do however, have these moments where I’m put in an irritable...
  11. G

    Biggest flaw, how serious it is, and how to confront it

    I know I've made threads on this before and others have, likewise, mentioned this; but I really want to discuss my own struggle with this, what it's like for me and how I might be able to overcome this. So right now, my biggest flaw is anger, I really struggle with anger right now and I just...
  12. D

    Brother of ASD, what should I do here?

    Hello all, I'm looking to get some advice on what I should do/not do when it comes to my brother's meltdowns. The worst stim is watching sports, he has a specific team and gets extremely upset when they lose... and they lose a lot. By upset, I mean hitting his head, yelling, swearing, slamming...
  13. BlueSky Aozora

    Do you actively try to prevent yourself from getting angry at the slightest thing?

    Do you feel angry at the 'slightest' thing? Sometimes (or many times?) the anger is irrational. Do you actively try to overcome it, to prevent your anger? Like going to anger management class or something. Do you make it your ultimate goal to overcome it? I think this is important because it's...
  14. sisselcakes

    NT/Aspie relationship- things I've learned about him and us

    Wanted to post this in the hopes it might be helpful to other NT's who are trying to navigate a relationship with someone on the spectrum. I see lots of NT's come on here looking for advice and information. These forums have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. After four...
  15. L

    Hi I need help or guidance

    hi my name is lj or jesse i need serious help autism is doing my head in right now i have no control over my emotions i was never taught i truely need help ive been asking for years and got no where im still no where and im getting worse my partner is the one who cops it the most please help me...
  16. ConqueringZero44

    Driving and Me.

    So, i got my license a couple years ago. The theory tests were easy, most theory is. Depending, on a person's level of understanding, but anyway. That's beside the point. When i did my test, it took me till the fifth attempt to be able to get it. I was always jealous of people who could pass on...
  17. spacegirlalienfairy

    Hi, there!

    Well, I am actually feeling rather shy, even scared, to be joining your forum. I am self-diagnosed, & I realized I was autistic about a year ago, by reading autistic people's own personal stories. My therapist, who I've been seeing for a long time, agrees with me & says that autism is the best...
  18. A

    I believe my dad has aspergers - would it help him to know about it?

    Hello everyone! I strongly believe my father has aspergers (or is somehow on the autistic spectrum). My sister's therapist is the one who first mentioned the idea, following that I did a lot of research for months, and everything suddenly clicked. We found the courage to talk about it to my mum...
  19. dragoncat16

    Meltdowns at work due to stress

    I am wondering if it is a common experience to have a meltdown at work due to the stress of having co-workers treat one badly, and how it happens. I'll relate my experiences and then others can respond. What triggered my "meltdowns" was being put in impossible situations. I was given an unfair...
  20. A

    Motivation Level = 0.00% Unless...

    For most of my life, I have had absolutely NO motivation at all whatsoever to do anything. But the weird part of it is that I actually DO have desires to want to do certain things (I want to make video projects. Nothing really professional, just fun stuff to put on YouTube, etc.), but when I...
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