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the person who's too much like you

What do you do when there's another autistic person in the room with similar traits as you?

  • Avoid them at all costs

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Approach them when no one's around

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Act shamelessly curious/interested about them

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Attempt to make them your new best friend

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 35.3%

  • Total voters
Approach them when it's quiet. Ask them what music they are interested in. If they like prog rock, maybe invite them round to my place to listen to some music.

Edit: if the person turned out to really be like me, we would compare experiences and find we have things in common. I would learn a lot about myself, because the other person in many ways would act like a mirror to myself, if we had similar traits and behaviours.
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I have met two in my life that are so similar to me that it's uncanny.

The first was my brother. We looked identical even though we were 3 years apart, and we thought exactly the same as each other, to the point that each of us always knew exactly what the other was thinking at all times. We were both very competitive but it was almost impossible for one of us to get the upper hand on the other, we both knew exactly what the other was thinking.

We were like clones of the one person. All we ever did was fight. And I'm not talking loud arguments here, I mean fight, extreme violence. We'd be so hyperfocused on each other that Mum could yell and scream and hit us and we didn't even know she was there. She broke the broom over my back when I was 11 but I didn't know, I never felt it.

Dad said that if I made her mad enough to break another broom then I'd get a hiding from him when he got home too, but he was never home. Whenever we went out anywhere in the car my sister had to sit in the middle to keep us apart, we were banned from playing canasta because that one always ended in bloodshed.

The second person I met that's like me was only a little while back. This time it's a lady, and the more we talked and the more we got to know each other the stronger the mutual attraction became. We both feel very comfortable with each other and we like each other more and more every day.

We're constantly in contact with each other one way or another every waking moment. We never seem to run out of things to talk about and we are so alike in so many different aspects of our lives. Both of us have found a kind of acceptance and understanding that neither of has experienced before.
If I met someone exactly like me, like especially same special interests and same personality, they would be my best friend in the world. I can only hope to meet such a person someday.
If I met someone exactly like me, like especially same special interests and same personality, they would be my best friend in the world. I can only hope to meet such a person someday.

I'd probably feel the same way. For me, the idea of meeting someone like that seems so alien. I only really encounter Autistic people through work or on here.
Maybe it's better when opposites attract.

OMG Full-On Double Batmans! What Does It Mean!? | The Mary Sue

In all seriousness, I tend to get along better with people of similar character than similar interests.
I might be in shock to meet someone exactly like me. I can only imagine finding someone with complete understanding and the exact level of feelings and how I deal with life overall. I can only imagine, also, being treated exactly how I would always treat anyone else. That would be great.
I have never met anyone who is a lot like me. I am often fascinated (quietly) when I meet others on the spectrum, as we have pretty good conversations usually, compared to conversation with other types of people. (I usually get along well with bipolar and ADHD people also.) However, I am not good at the whole friendship thing. I have never naturally been an initiator of contact with other people and am better at responding to people talking to me, texts, invites, etc. I also do not know how to keep things going with people, so if the other person stops calling, texting, etc. I don't really think of checking in with them when I probably should. I might, if it has been a really long time, but it just does not occur to me to do that. It's not because I don't care about them. I don't know why it goes that way. But, it often leads to things falling off. My only good friend now is a bipolar cousin of mine who knows I am a recluse, so he isn't put off by my lack of constant reciprocation. I have also had a lot of health problems in the last 15 years that cause me to have lifestyle or diet limitations, so I tend to avoid talking to people I don't know well so that I don't have to explain myself so much.... it takes a lot of energy.
Sadly @Stuttermabolur is not in the same room, but I would try to build a real life friendship with him if he was here.

His thinking patterns seem so similar to mines that I feel strange.

That's among the sweetest things anyone has said about me. Thank you. I've mentioned to you before how I related a lot to your methodical and practical way of approaching problems and giving advice before I even joined the forums.

Though we aren't physically close, I'm still happy to be your friend, and I'm glad we have correspondence. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be able to meet up. I'm hoping to see one, or maybe two members of the forum later this year.
I had a realization that someone seems eerily like me in emotional responses. They are pretty laid-back, and like to joke and laugh. But there are also very distinct differences so l like that too. Then we seem to relate at different levels also. It's interesting. I went back and checked some of my family surname, and a surname popped up exactly spelled as their last name, excecpt for the first letter. Their last name is unusual, so to see it pop up on my side off by one letter is kind of surprising. So instead of Schizm , my side had Kchizm as an example. This is only a example not anybody's actual last name.
I have no idea - I've never met anyone exactly like me. I thought that getting into a team of engineers, I would fit in, but they all make social connections that I don't, play video games that require coordination that I don't have, etc. Even among the nerds, I'm on the edge of society.

The closest I have found is actually a coworker of mine that I have worked closely with for the last few years. We call each other to talk about technical issues and how to solve difficult problems, and just wind up talking for 2 hours about whatever else is going on, other ideas, side problems, etc. I do enjoy that, but worry sometimes that I take too much of his time.
I do have a friend who is ADHD , bipolar and we just get each other, but l am not sure if we are alike.

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