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Is anyone staying up till gone Midnight to see the New Year in?

Mr Allen

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Because we're all in different time zones, Midnight here in the UK's about 7 PM Eastern in the US, 4 PM Pacific.

I tend not to stay up now I'm getting older, when I was young my Nan used to insist I stopped up to see the New Year in every year, and then we did the "Auld Lang Syne" song (traditional, has been for Donkey's years)
It’s 11:34 pm here in Australia and I am still up though I am a night owl so this isn’t unusual for me.
Mrs Autistamatic and I always see the new year in together. She's a Scot so it's kind of a tradition for her and her family.
Used to when I "celebrated", but now, it is just another day and rather inconvenient when doing accounts lol

Here, in France, we are an hour ahead of you in the uk.
I'll most probably be still awake at 12am, but I don't really see the point of celebrating a year tick over? It still feels the same, just need to remember not to embarrass myself by writing down the wrong year for the next 3 months. o_O

Thankfully my bf granted my request to stay home because my social energy has completely run out over Christmas and another party is the last thing I need - I can just feel the brink of a meltdown and anxiety attack. So he's going out and I get to recharge. :)
I’ll see the new year in with my boyfriend, but I’ll probably be taking a nap this afternoon to help me get there. Provided I’m able to sleep with all the fireworks going off around here :/
No longer see the old year out and let the new year in.
(Children all grown up and at parties)
Me and Mr Gracey like the peace and quiet.

If I nod off, guaranteed an abrupt awakening by fireworks and ships horns at midnight.
(Live near river that runs into the Liverpool Bay/Irish Sea)
When I was little, the tradition was everybody stayed up to watch the ball drop on TV. The adults drank booze and there was kissing. If Grandma Anne was present she gave each kid a metal pot and a wooden spoon and sent us out on the porch to make noise.

The last 2 decades, my hubby & I have been toasting the new year in the hot tub we built in the basement. Sometimes we do it at midnight and, now that we are senior citizens, sometimes at noon.

In this neighborhood, there will be firecrackers, so all the townsfolk will be awake, whether they stick to their usual bedtimes or not.
I'm usually up until past midnight, so probably will be just because of that.
I remember working the night 2000 came in - what a pain. Everyone was so afraid that computers and everything would mess up, not being set for 2000 so we had management everywhere. I always thought the panic was so senseless - and it was. I've never been to a NY's party that I enjoyed and wasn't miserable, so I don't do those.
Used to when I "celebrated", but now, it is just another day and rather inconvenient

My sentiments exactly Suzanne. The older I get the more "vain" it seems to celebrate the new year or even holidays for that matter. However, there might be some part of me that envies the younger generations. Everyone have a good year! :D
Sure. It's the one day of the year when the city launches a large fireworks display downtown.

Normally they execute any individual caught using fireworks here. But through professional pyrotechnics and an average of 25 degrees Fahrenheit, there's less of a fire exposure. Most of the time, that is. Hopefully we'll get a little snow this time.

Besides, it's televised. LOL...I wouldn't dream of being out there this time of year so late at night. :cool:

Though there's another reason to remain awake. Just in case some nut really does set the desert on fire from their own illegal fireworks. Have to be ready to contact the Fire Dept. if necessary. :eek:
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I will have to vent before the craze starts, and hope that no rocket flies into my window because yes a few launch those sideways
I will, largely because of the fireworks that'll be scaring my cat and I don't want her racing around the house in a panic on her own. I have work the day after tomorrow, so I'd prefer to go to bed earlier, really.
I used to stay up with friends, screaming and drinking, and then continue screaming and drinking until the construct of time was lost and sleep became involuntary (also known as "passing out").

Now I stay up with the same friends, chatting, they have a drink or two and I drink juice, and then we disperse shortly after midnight. :D
I'll be up, but not because of New Years. I'll be up just... because. Chances are, gaming will be occurring.
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