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How is your day shaping up today?


Hopefully Human
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I find that to be a bit of an odd phrase, although I like it. I’m pretty sure I understand what people mean when they say it, and I like the idea how we can indeed sometimes make our day what we want it to be. Like shaping pottery or woodwork or a loaf of bread.

So, what is on your agenda for the day?
This morning, I am drinking coffee by an open window listening to birdsong. Spring is dawning where I live and I can feel a motivation deep within that has been worn down by the winter.

I am watching a youtube video about medieval weapons as I hang around on the forum, really enjoying the heart warming pictures thread.

Later, there will be a Rocky walk around the neighborhood and then I will speak to a friend on the phone, which is a brand new experience for me, but something I have been enjoying.

I will have to spend some quiet time recharging either at the park with Rocky or in my room as I must mentally prepare for family dinner night. It is a sweet tradition that we have every Sunday, but one that I find extremely overwhelming in terms of sensory and social overload. But, leading up to it, I will spend time in the quiet, using my headphones if I have to. I’m trying to stay in the present moment rather than focusing on any anxiety.

When dinner time comes, I will focus on breathing slowly and I will have fidgets at hand, trying to appreciate the humans that want to spend time together.
My day is hectic as usual. I watched a couple episodes of the New TV show i started, felt guilty for not working so now i am doing some work due tomorrow.
For me it's the same pattern I've been on for some time, play a game for a while then check on the forum, then go back to gaming.

It's a tough life but someone has to live it. :)
I hope the rest of your day is great, Rodafina. This was a great idea for a thread!
Feel free to reach out to me if family is stressing you out too much and you need to talk. I'm all too familiar with that.

Phone calls are a new and terrifying experience for me too, but since I've arranged to meet some people from the forums in real life, I am okay with phone calls and video chatting with some of you now as well.
Let me know if you ever want to chat. Texting is fine too.
You have all heard my voice now so I have nothing to be ashamed of anymore lol

I hope dinner is better than you are anticipating. And remember to give Rocky lots of hugs.

Enjoy the spring! It's getting very nice here.


Today is my day off from work so I'm just going to enjoy the spring sunshine with my dogs, do some chores around the house, watch some videos, chat with some people, do some cooking, and just relax. It has been a slow work week but I'm still tired and it's still good to have days where you don't do much.
I was thinking of maybe planting some flowers too.
It's sunday so it's one of those quiet days. Sundays are always quiet, making food and spoiling cats. Vacuuming, tidying up a little. Resting. But I do have a looming problem I don't know how to deal with and it's a big one. So that's worrying and messing everything up a little.
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Is this for anyone? My family stress me out too…
I'm sorry your family is like that, Kirsty. Of course this includes you! Feel free to send me a PM anytime.
I'm not a professional so sometimes my advice stinks, but I try to help any way I can.
I am feeling very groggy today. I have finally reached my peak with dealing with my anxiety. I have noticed it has gotten bad, along with my depression. I’m trying to work through it l, so that I can get better. I feel tired and exhausted from dealing with it as I woke up today. I hope it gets better. I got up and ate come cereal today and my kitty came in my room to lay down.
Today I skipped my martial arts class. I wanted to rest in the morning so I did a bit of miniature painting. I also played Mario 3D World with my wife and daugther.

Now we are with some friends in a pizzla place with a very big playing area for kids. So my daugther is having fun with her friend while we talk with their parents. Well, Im not the most talkative but my wife covers me.

So my social energy is being burnt despite Im having a good time. Fortunately tomorrow is not a working day on México, so I will relax too.

I wish you all to have great days. :)
I met a friend this morning and we walked a rail trail with his dog. It was below freezing and windy, but sunny. Not bad once the sun rose a little and we got used to it. The trail runs through lots of farms which were nice to look at. I think the town also has some history with the Underground Railroad.

The dog also saw his first train up close, so that was fun.
Rain. We are getting yet another atmospheric river flowing through. Three days of rain up ahead with winds and possible thunderstorms. Way over our average annual precipitation and spring has just begun. But you know, I love a stormy night. We have an open patio - just a roof over it - and I like to sleep out there on a recliner, very close to the weather. If it gets windy, I pull a tarp over the sleeping bag to keep the rain off. Not as good as camping, but nice.

My wife just left with her friend to spend a week in Vegas, Good for her! Good for me that I'm not going because Vegas is sensory hell for me. I can do whatever I want all day and keep the house as warm as I want. (When you live with someone, compromise is necessary.)

Hit the gym Monday and Wednesday, do some hiking later in the week to see how my favorite spots did with all the rain, and maybe visit some wildflowers. There are some chores around the house. Feed the pets, clean up their poop in the yard, do some shopping, and worst of all, get the papers prepped for income tax.
I met my parents and sister and her family for Thai food and a walk, to celebrate my dad and brother-in-law's birthdays. I am currently, home and cooking and reading here.

Indeed, this was a nice idea for a thread, Rodafina.

A good day/evening to all.
I shall illustrate mine with some pictures.

I only just got up, so my day is just beginning.

First, we start with this:


and then after that, probably these things, in any order:





In between those activities, at two specific points, refer to the first image again. For meal time must occur three times per day.

At any time during any of those things, this also will occur numerous times:


How could I not spend time with my lovely dogs, after all?

Now I'd also like to go do outside things, but:


So I'll probably stay in today.

And then... okay look I'm too lazy to go take a photo of the bed so imagine I put one here.
Today was a typical weekend day, where no educational work is involved other than doing natural teaching of our kids through regular day-to-day doings and based on ability, behavior and need.

Do one or more indoor family fun game things.

Every two hours make our kids each of their separate small six meals.

Make sure our youngest does not break something wherever he goes throughout the day after he often darts off the couch and as he can put some inedible item in his mouth.

Make sure things stay somewhat clean, neat and orderly if big messes are made..

Get our youngest out as he wants to head to the nearest city to be pushed around in cart or stroller in some store, looking at the food or objects there.

Check the forums when not too busy or post.

Today was car washing day as it got a bit dirty the last few weeks and as winter is finally done, over and out! Vacuumed it out too today.

My wife and I find time to get our own quick meals throughout the day.

For good weather days, not today as it was cold and windy, we would head to a park or trail.

Figure out what the next week of instruction for each child will be.

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