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  1. Jenisautistic

    Middle of the night thoughts

    Hey everyone, just wanted these videos of some random thoughts I had during the middle of the night
  2. Jenisautistic

    Has anyone seen this?

  3. Jenisautistic

    Jens video posts

    I decided that if I want to share a video instead of doing it randomly, I'm gonna post it in here. If any of you are interested, please follow this thread, I might even post some other stuff that I find interesting moving on Since today wis always be a somber day what I mean is a reminder...
  4. S

    Your creative process! (Speedpaints, videos, and more!)

    Ok, so. I want to see your creative process! But first, I'll explain what I mean. Most of the time, we post pictures and videos of the art itself in its final form... but what if this time, we posted pictures and videos of the processes we use to get there, mistakes and everything? Of course...
  5. HDLSeanWiley

    For anyone who was recently diagnosed, I think this video would really help you out a lot:

    It's only about 6 minutes, but I think it will help you more than you could ever think:
  6. B

    give us a voice

    A world today is a tough place especially for those with autism I should know because i Have it but I also what to make it a better one how you ask I have skills in video production am going to use my still to give people like us a platform if you want to help let me know
  7. Jenisautistic

    Why frozen two speaks to me and I’ll be coming back to work again and again Also an update

    Hey everyone I know I’ve Haven’t been on in a while just wanted to share my YouTube video with you and let you guys and how I’m doing I am doing well I have a new person through with the office of people development disabilities as a mentor she is very nice we have been doing a lot of fun...
  8. Autistamatic

    Two new videos from Autistamatic.

    Hi all Two new videos I've not yet posted here. The one at the bottom of this post was a collaboration between myself, The Autistic Allies FB group and The Aspergian. I quite liked the style I used on it so I decided to do something in a similar style on a different topic. I'll do more DERS...
  9. Autistamatic

    Making Autism Work - Autistamatic Report

    Blimey - 2 Autistamatic videos in less than 7 days???? What's got into me?!?!?!??!!!!! "Making Autism Work" is an Autistamatic Report about the difficulties autistic people have finding and keeping work. We're the most underemployed social group in the US & Europe and that has to change. This...
  10. Autistamatic

    Autistic Opinion - Greta Thunberg ~ Autistamatic

    There's been some nasty things said about Greta Thunberg. Whether you agree with her stance on climate change or not, the comments that are made to derail her because she is autistic, young, female etc. have been distasteful to say the least. This hit a peak this weekend when a short video of...
  11. Autistamatic

    Is your child's therapist harmful? - Autistamatic video collaboration

    I was asked by The Aspergian to make short videos to accompany a two part article about identifying harmful and helpful therapists for autistic children. The first part was published last night. How to Spot a Good– or Bad– Therapist for Your Autistic Child | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent...
  12. Autistamatic

    Masks & Autism- Why & How ~ new from Autistamatic

    Hi Autistipeeps New Autistamatic video available now, on the interwebs, for free! I've even chucked in subtitles at no extra charge ;) This time it's the one I've wanted to do for ages on masking - describing some of the reasons we do it and the consequences it can have. This also marks a...
  13. Renzo

    For all of you who could use some motivation

    Hey, I decided to create this thread because I sometimes have a lack of motivation. This imperfection of mine tries to stop me from achieving my goals and I guess you know what I'm talking about. A few days ago I came across the youtube channel of Ben Lionel Scott. He makes very motivational...
  14. DiverseWonderland

    Music and Music Video's that keep you going

    So does anyone have a Song or a specific Music Video that keeps you going or get's you motivated or calms you and makes you happy? One of mine is this AMV I found; I love the show and the song gets me pumped so that was a good combo, so what about you guys? Anyone have a Song or Music video...
  15. Jenisautistic

    (Video) what is high functioning autism?

  16. Jenisautistic

    Hey everyone

    Just want to share a video with you I thought you might like it’s about bullying and caring and loving and disability thank you I made it myself
  17. Ameriblush

    Anyone know of an animation app like this?

    Anyone on here familiar with apps like Flipaclip and others? They take inspiration from the old days of animation where the artist had to draw each frame of animation individually, then put the frames together and move them quickly to simulate movement. On the apps, you basically draw a frame of...
  18. Culture Insight

    Culture Insight

    A blog about anything. Stories we cover can be anything such as video games, music, science, art, all sorts of stuff!
  19. Vinca

    Competition to create a short film about autism.

    (The following is not written by me, but copied from http://www.autism.org.uk . There is additional information via the following link http://www.autism.org.uk/uncut ) Autism Uncut Film and Media Awards Autistic people are often misrepresented, stereotyped, or simply cut out altogether by the...
  20. Ylva

    Your job is killing you

    Facts presented in a humorous way by Cracked. Your job is killing you and getting away with it. That guy in the video is not me.
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