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  1. apolloidolsice

    intense bullying?

    did anyone else get bullied extremely bad? I have been a social outcast my entire life and only after starting work at one of those "rehab"-esque workplaces that have diagnosed kids, troubled gang-member kids, and kids who have no grades at all. I have memories of being chased by a group of kids...
  2. Jenisautistic

    For those that have been in the mental health system what changes would you make?

    Next month is mental health awareness month Hello everyone a while ago, I made a video about what I believe could be changed in the mental health system, mainly in the hospital, but I would like to hear your thoughts as well and things that should be rights versus privileges or something like...
  3. ilovebeingtheworst★

    Were you forbidden to make art?

    Has anyone had the experience of being forbidden to do their special interest? How did that make you feel? Did you continue to do it? How do you feel about it now? My story is that I spent most of my life drawing/painting, starting when I was about 3 until I was 16 (as a teenager I spent about...
  4. Octopodes'MentalHealth

    I'm not sure what to write here...

    Hello I am new to the forum. I discovered it while searching the internet to see if some of my "quirks" are just autistic traits. Specifically, when I get overwhelmed, I have a tendency to shut down or freeze. Such as when I feel like I cannot speak. The thoughts and answers to people's...
  5. E

    Hello everyone , how are you ??

    I'm a 22 year old aspie (yes I know the term isn't in use anymore I'm still using it) I was abused by the system and was refused an education , I've heard stories about how this was in other states though where I was I have post traumatic just remembering special education just from how bad it...
  6. D

    Interpersonal Trauma And Posttraumatic Stress In Autistic Adults

    Hi everyone! Two years ago, I posted here to recruit participants for a research study on dissociation in autism spectrum disorders. I got a lot of interest and responses! I'm still analyzing some of the data, including the free response descriptions of how autistic adults experience...
  7. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  8. hatfullofrain

    Has anyone tried Somatic Experiencing therapy

    I've done a bit of research and this sounds interesting to me. I was telling my sister that I feel like I'm holding on to some trauma, but nothing so serious that I would qualify for PTSD. I feel like it's just been a slow drip, drip of things that have just got too much for me and the last...
  9. Aspychata

    Okay , what's next...

    So l took a PTSD test and scored high. It's scary. l still am a lot better than l was. Anybody else have suggestions here? Thanks.
  10. onlything

    How do you deal with trauma?

    This topic may turn out quite sensitive, so please be careful and set up limits for yourself, so that you wouldn't get triggered. Christmas Eve 2018 was a day when something quite traumatic happened to me. Needless to say, it was the kind of thing that just doesn't let go and it seems like my...
  11. N

    New to the forum and searching for empathy and encouragement

    Hi. My mother had ASC, and my brother. I didn't know that back then when I suddenly felt trapped into marrying my husband. I didn't understand what was going on, but his behaviour felt normal to me, because he behaved like my mother and brother. I don't feel safe saying too much here, in case...
  12. Gritches

    PTSD and the Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness

    Very recently, I've learned of the healing power behind forgiving yourself for a troubled past, and as highlighted in JDartistic's post about dealing with humiliation, I'm not alone in that sentiment. I would, however, like to explain where I was, where I am now, and what changed in hopes that...
  13. Butterfly88

    Autism and Trauma

    I have PDD-NOS and PTSD. I’m in therapy working through trauma. Problem is my therapist says she doesn’t think I’m autistic. She also seems to not know the difference between Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS. When I started stimming in her office she looked worried and asked me if I was okay...
  14. Tulipa

    Need an advice

    Hi everybody! I need an advice or some stories from you. In my childhood I used to dance contemporary, but they told me, that my body was not good enough and I could get a trauma. Now I am afraid of doing something. I really wanna play guitar and other instruments, I wanna sing, make music, but...
  15. Ylva

    Trouble reading up on social skills.

    I keep trying to read up on social skills, but those books should come with content warnings. They trigger flashbacks so intensely I can barely remember what I read afterwards. Of course, this inability to learn these particular things doesn't help me feel prepared for social interaction, so I...
  16. Katleya

    Spectrum adults coping with childhood trauma caused by others

    A common motif here is the bullying, lack of acceptance and often traumatic life events that we were subjected to in our childhoor/teenage years for our lack of conformity to the NT world. So I have a lot of questions today, and I could use some help with those. 1. As an adult, how do you cope...
  17. A_Screaming_Turtle

    Flashbacks/traumatic events/martial arts?

    Does anyone get flashbacks? I mean from bullying in high school, work place, and even college. Over the past 9 years, I've had trouble sleeping at night due to high school bullying. At first, I thought it was just me, but whenever I've done research, I have found that they are studies to support...
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