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  1. CosmicVenus

    Autism Genetics Study

    Hi everyone, I'm a senior in high school at a private school in Roanoke, Texas. Currently, I'm in the AP Research course and I've decided to do my project on the genetics of autism, specifically how mutations in certain autism candidate genes affect the expression of symptoms. I'm looking for...
  2. S

    New to forum, currently studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness looking to chat to people whilst i study

    Hello, I am studying Level 2 in Autism Awareness after completing Level 2 in Counselling Skills and Supporting Children's Mental Health and Well-being online at Open University, I live on my own in rented accommodation and don't have a network of people to talk to about what I am studying and...
  3. G

    Museum Experience Survey

    Hi everyone! My research team and I are conducting a study which focuses on improving the experience of museums for autistic adults. The survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses will be anonymized. If you are interested this is the link...
  4. A

    Understanding preferences for online research

    Hello everyone! My name is Anita and I am trying to understand preferences in online research in autistic adolescents (12-16yrs). I have made a super quick survey that should take about 5min to complete, and I would love your opinions. It asks you to rate some research scenarios from most to...
  5. M

    Doing my Research Project on autism for school...

    Hey everyone I'm from Australia and in Year 12 (senior year, year 13, whatever you call the final year of secondary school in your country) we do a research project about a topic of our choice. My topic of choice is the possibility of an ethically sourced cure for autism. Note that I do not...
  6. B

    Dissertation research on autism and H.E. access

    Hi I’m looking for participants to participate in my online survey for my dissertation looking at how society’s perceptions of autism effects higher education access the link is Does society’s perception of Autism affect Higher Educational access for autistic students? all responses and shares...
  7. Streetwise

    Suicide and percentages of diagnosed and undiagnosed Autism in the uk

    Study reveals high rate of possible undiagnosed autism in people who died by suicide
  8. HDLSeanWiley

    New study shows children don't approve of a form of ABA as much as parents and clinicians do

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a commonly used version of ABA, and yet, according to a new study, children who receive it don't approve of it as much as their parents or clinicians do.
  9. HDLSeanWiley

    New study shows no link between autism and gut problems

    It's very popular to assume that autism and gut problems are connected, but this new study shows otherwise.
  10. HDLSeanWiley

    A new autism study that will empower autistic people

    There was a recent study done that was done in a way that was respectful of how autistic people are and don't presume that they give bad interviews just because of the way they express themselves: Community Newsletter: “Autism Voices” and the developing cortex | Spectrum | Autism Research News
  11. pileapeperomioides

    Research Study Opportunity for Autistic Students

    Hello, I'm looking for participants for my dissertation, and I would be really grateful if anyone here could lend 5-10 minutes of their time to take part in my survey. I am a masters student at the University of Edinburgh, and my study is about exploring some of the challenges that autistic...
  12. Lundi

    Studying for until late 20s to the detriment of dating/social life

    I think that my situation is a bit known here, so I will skip it. Anyway I spent most of my life, since age 4 or 5 up to age 28 studying hard, to the detriment of both my dating and social life. If you can call it that, because usually I have had no dating nor social life. In high school I was...
  13. S

    Looking for astrology study participants

    Hello! My name is Elizabeth, I am a student of Vedic Astrology finishing my first year of study. In order to receive the certificate, we must complete a study of a specific condition, illness, or population. I have chosen Asperger's or HFA because I have several people in my life with this...
  14. Jorg

    Jeeezz I can't believe this guy, have you known someone like this?

    I just needed to take this out of my chest, idk if you have ever encountered someone like this in your work or in your study. You see, for those who don't know me, I'm studying electronic engineering, I'm taking a course in Econimic engineering with other 5 courses. So , in this class the...
  15. Douglas Thompson

    What is it like to be a college student?

    Hey, I'm a college student who is trying to complete my degree. I'm doing a study about other college students with Asperger's, HFAD, or some other type of ASD. I'm having a hard time getting enough participants for the study because I am overwhelmed and get really anxious when I try to ask...
  16. L

    Take part in this study: Studying the impact of depression on quality of life for adults

    Calling all adults (18 years and over) with ASD! Would you like to take part in research? I am a Master’s student and as part of my dissertation project I am conducting a study on the impact of depression on quality of life for autistic adults. This will involve completing an online survey...
  17. I

    Study about hearing and emotions

    Hello everybody! We are a research team from the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (IMMM, Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller) of the University of Music, Drama and Media based in Hanover, Germany and are currently conducting a large-scale online study on hearing and emotions. For...
  18. DesertRose

    Where did you learn to research?

    As I've probably stated before, I did not go to college or university. I quit in the 11th grade because i simply couldnt take it anymore, and did corespondence and got my Diploma about a month after the next year would have started. Daddy asked me if I wanted to go to college, and probably would...
  19. J

    A Design of A Product That Can Help Individuals With Autism Calm Themselves Down [THESIS]

    Hello! I took on this topic because, even if I'm not related with anyone with Autism, I have always taken a liking to psychology. That also goes the same with mental disabilities, and since the push for awareness has become rampant these days, that made me want to take on the topic. I also...
  20. D

    Participate in a Study on Dissociation in Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Hello! My name is Katherine. I'm an autistic adult and psychology student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I've noticed that myself, many of my friends with autism, and many autistic individuals on social media report symptoms of dissociation. For example, many of us have experiences such...
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