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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    The question isn't well worded, but basically, I am wondering about what "play" behaviour you exhibited as children which was atypical: More specifically, what activities did your peers perform but you didn't care about at all? I am mainly thinking about ages 10 and under. When I was a kid, I...
  2. G

    Do you space-out when discussing detailed things in conversations?

    When you are in a conversation and you engage in social skills like eye-contact and facial expressions, do you space-out you are asking a question, answering a question, explaining something or the like? What I mean is, when you are communicating something to another person, do you stop making...
  3. Daydreamer

    Do you struggle to recall voices?

    I do. When I'm dreaming or imagining a situation, the voices of people are either distant and indistinct (a haziness, as if the sound was going through a tunnel) or sound exactly the same as my voice. This is also why I struggle to do accents. I lack a mental catalogue that I can refer to. No...
  4. J

    joe's 1st blog

    joe's 1st blog is very general. It's all about life, imagination, random stuff and things i wrote down in my notepads
  5. Major Tom

    The power of imagination?

    Some of what is said in this video is a little hard to come to terms with, but other things I find to be true. It basically said that if you imagine your ideal future and immerse yourself into that imagination 100% of your dreams will become inevitable. That part doesn't make sense to me. What...
  6. GrownupGirl

    Tell a blatant lie/Fabulous Fib

    Aspies and auties have a reputation for always being truthful, so here's a thread that shows how creative we can be by telling an obvious and/or outrageous whopper of a fib. Here's one of mine: I never speak to my cats in baby talk. Izzin dat wight, my widdle smoochy-woochy babbeh...
  7. whale_bone

    Lucid dreaming

    So lucid dreaming is awesome. I do it quite a lot. Any theories and/or experiences you'd like to share?
  8. DiverseWonderland

    Imagining a Story/AMV

    A thing i like to do Is play a song/music i like and Imagine a story or scene going and playing out with the song/music sort of like a AMV that i am imagining and it's sort of the way I play although to someone on the outside it looks like i'm just walking in circles with headphones on but in my...
  9. DiverseWonderland

    How Imagination and Special Interests are His Motivation

    (Not written by me) Jonah wants you to know that he has Asperger’s Syndrome. Yes, he says, it has hardships but his autism comes with many strengths. One of his greatest is his imagination. He uses it in a positive, creative way to help him through day-to-day tasks or when he needs to go to a...
  10. J

    How to overcome intense daydreaming?

    I was diagnosed with high functioning autism when I was at least a toddler, and all my life I've had an unusually active imagination. A part of expressing this imagination for me has been retreating into the imaginary world inside of my head and re-enacting what was going on in there. I often...
  11. Daydreamer

    Were you imaginative as a child?

    Fiction played a significantly large role in my childhood. In a way it helped me cope with my surroundings. Having an imaginary world that I could escape to when times got rough altered my mood at times. I spent years creating my own paracosm, adding small details to it each day (even down to...
  12. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I have the most important job in the world

    I read a simple question in a thread here in AspiesCentral: ‘Do you love yourself?’ ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I do’, was my immediate thought. Unfortunately, most people answered either ‘no’ or ‘yes except’. I was appalled. I haven’t always had the best self-esteem. Just this...
  13. Lonelyaspie173

    When music and imagination puts you in a tight mood.

    Made up this little awesomeness of a jam. Naaaaaw just me being trance music silly!! Wha we gonna do yah! Wha we gonna yah! Wha we gonna do Ho! Wha we gonna do yah! Music has always been an escape. For me an escape into wonderland in which sometimes I never want to return. And a creative if an...
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