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Do you struggle to recall voices?


Scatterbrained Creative
I do. When I'm dreaming or imagining a situation, the voices of people are either distant and indistinct (a haziness, as if the sound was going through a tunnel) or sound exactly the same as my voice.

This is also why I struggle to do accents. I lack a mental catalogue that I can refer to. No frame of reference to copy from. For example, I might know what a comedian sounds like but I can't hear their voice in my head. While I recognise their voice whenever I hear it; when it's not there I can't describe or imagine it so I can't replicate the sound.

I have a vivid imagination, but it does have weak spots. My mind is predominately visual, but smells and sounds do play an active role. However, I find atmospheric sounds (such as rainfall, birds chirping, leaves crunching, a gate squeaking) more memorable than the sound of someone's voice. The atmospheric sounds are often linked closely with the visual information.

When I think about someone talking to me, I find what they said much more memorable than how they said it. In fact, sometimes I forget what accent someone talked to me in, but I'll remember how they flicked their hair whenever they were self-conscious, how the fabric of their coat rustled when they moved their arms across a table and the smell of dirt on their shoes. My sense of smell is really sensitive.

It is a tad strange that I can easily lucid dream in exact visual detail, touch and smell, but I can't do the same audio-wise with voices. Still, I am used to it so it's not that jarring.
No. I can easily remember voices (and recreate them in my head). I do this conciously when writing stories in my head and imagining dialog and using a real life model/actor, etc. Am also very visual thinker. Words and numbers are my weak areas, both in visualizing and handling (ie struggle with spelling and math).
Can do mimicry, but my voice recognition, in terms of identifying people e.g. on phone, is poor.
Quite the opposite. I adore the nuance of accents.
I can't recall them unless I've physically heard them, which isn't difficult with what's available on the world wide web.

I've woken myself up laughing before now, which doesn't mean much in itself.
In my dream I was amongst a group of Glaswegians. The banter was hilarious.

I was laughing in a Glaswegian accent.

Go figure ? :)
I'm exactly the same way. When I hear someone's voice, I get sort of excited, because I'm like "Oh wow! That's right! That's what they sound like!"

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