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high fuctioning autism

  1. crp

    Subtyping the Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I've studied tons of the professional materials and I have to tell you that the so-called high-functioning autism (HFA) is probably not the Asperger's syndrome only (according to the current classification) but there is also another subtype of HFA that takes place accurately between the Kanner's...
  2. S

    Infodump about your Special Interests!

    Please reply to this thread. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. If you have a special interest, infodump about it! I love reading about your special interests!
  3. S

    Making Friends

    I have no friends. I am 17 years old. When I interact with the autistic community, I feel welcomed, accepted, and appreciated. It seems that with time, I can make friends in the autistic community, but I cannot make any NT friends. In the past, I have tried to make friends, but I struggle. I do...
  4. Equals Tuesday

    What's the Difference Between an Idol and a Special Interest?

    Hello, everyone. This is my first time writing a blog on this site, but God has been pressing something on my heart lately that I need your help with. I'm a high-functioning autistic high school student, and I notice a lot of times in my youth group that I don't relate to the way that the pastor...
  5. h.hartzzx177

    Hello! I am new to this platform.

    My name is Blaise and I am new to autism forums. I have diagnosed adhd and I'm awaiting diagnosis for asd. I like rocks, pinecones, psychology, and art. I hope everyone is doing well
  6. S


    Hello. this post is more to introduce myself to the community. my 10yr son and i are diagnosed with high functioning autism (aspergers). if that's even something that's really diagnosable imo. we have spent years trying to isolate and understand what this really means to us as individuals, and...
  7. Bristol


    Hey, my name is Bristol, and I've been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I came on here in hopes of emotional support and friendship, as I'm going through some rough times in my life (no self esteem, depression, anxiety, etc). Hopefully no one takes advantage of me during this time, but...
  8. qw0


    basically, i think i have hfa. i stim (nail biting, pacing, rocking back and forth, repeating words/phrases i think are comforting/funny, etc) i have very poor execution dysfunction, trouble picking up social cues and im very socially awkward. i was once the "gifted child", but high school shows...
  9. simetra

    Childhood favorites are stim toys today

    During my 'research' into autism, I was recently checking out #stimtoys on Instagram because that is exactly the platform on which serious research on autism should start. I was scrolling through the tag when I came across the account of a shop that seemed to be specialized in types of objects...
  10. S

    What is a 'Full Autism Diagnostic Report'?

    Hi all, As some of you may know I have recently been diagnosed with ASD and i have just recieved a short letter to confirm that i fit the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder in both the DSM-5 and the ICD-11 and in the letter it stated i would receive a full diagnostic report in the next few...
  11. S

    I had a meltdown and I dont know how i feel.

    Hi, Today i was in my mothers car with her when a car was coming too fast towards the round about we were going round and it caused me to get really anxious and aggressive and my mum tried to say that if she was to hit us then it would be the other drivers fault but i kept getting the compulsive...
  12. nhenke93

    Relationship Anxiety Issues

    I have always had issues with anxiety, but I know how to deal with it, generally speaking. When it comes to relationships, I just can't figure out how to cope!! I have a wonderful girlfriend right now. She knows I have high-functioning autism and works with me to make sure we are both happy. We...
  13. Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

    Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

My nine-year-old kid plucked part of his eyelashes out on Sunday. It was not the first time, but the second. The first time was when he learned that his best friend was changing schools. As a consequence, he plucked out 90% of the eyelashes in one eye, and half of them in the other.
  14. S

    Polarized Lenses, changed my life

    Ive always had issues regarding light, having to wear sunglasses inside because the glare was just too much. Leaving my vision dark and not the best. Always wearing them in summer is annoying as well because most glasses are uncomfortable and dont really work. Then i got polarized lenses and...
  15. Nielm

    A young wolf from Italy

    Hi everyone, I am from Italy and I am a young engineer of 23 years. I was diagnosed this year with High Functioning Autism and finally I explain many difficulties of my past, difficulties that my family has never understood or accepted and that now have a common matrix. I graduated last year...
  16. S

    Compulsive thoughts

    Does anyone suffer from fixations but within your head? I try and explain to people that it doesnt feel as though i have ocd because my brain just keeps popping up with thoughts of deafs and its doesnt seem to greatly upset me just make me anxious but sometimes i have these what i call "phase...
  17. S

    Sensory Questions

    Hi, I'm an neurotypical guy going through the ASD diagnoses and just wanted to ask a few questions. So over the past 3 years I've pretty mu h come to the point that I know I have ASD just because of the amount of research i have done but i have a few questions: Stimming: do you guys ever create...
  18. S

    Eye Movement.

    Hi, I'm undergoing the autism diagnoses but I'm 99% sure I'm an aspie after nearly 5 years of research and I just wanted to ask. I have this issue with looking at everything, when I'm outside or even in an environment I dont know I seem to flicker. When I say that I mean my eyes do this...
  19. S

    Im looking for an Autism themed image

    Hi guys, this page has been really helping with everything over the last year. I'm really grateful for all the amazing advice people have gave me. Just a question, does anyone have a link to the picture below that is the newtons prism experiment with an 'A' as the triangle as I want to get it...
  20. O

    Currently undergoing diagnostics and unsure how to act.

    Hello, I’m 23, and have been in and out of therapy for years now for depression, anxiety, and related complications. My therapist now believes I might have high functioning autism. I’ve had my own suspicions about this for some time, but now that a professional has also reached that...
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