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  1. Aspychata

    Lot of pain currently.

    The person l like is standoffish. (Not a real word) And l am having to stop calling and texting. Lot of times l have purposely derailed our relationship because l feel so helpless around him. He just creates a wealth of emotions and l feel useless. Any help in slowly forgetting about this...
  2. S

    New Here and Looking for Connections!

    Hi! I'm new here and want to meet other autistic people and hopefully make some friends. I don't really know anyone else who is autistic, and I'd like to change that! I'm 30 year old woman newly diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I live in Illinois. I'm a librarian by training, but in...
  3. S

    Yeah, hi

    I'm SuperDawg, I was born with High-Functioning Autism and I like to play video games. I am also mixed-handed which means I do different tasks with both hands, which is cool, I guess. Edit: I also want to make friends on here.
  4. Galvatrancis

    Hello, dear human beings.

    I was diagnosed 2 years ago, but never believed that i was an aspie. Until i noticed that everything that was normal to me was weird to others. Im on this forum to see people who i can relate with. I don have a lot of friends, and its cool to know nore people who are like me.
  5. Scarlet_27

    Hello there

    I'm new to this forum so I think that it will be good to introduce myself. I rarely share personal informations on the Internet but if i do here, nothing will hurt me. I'm so happy that I discovered this site (by searching differences between autism and intj personality type but that's...
  6. Henkel

    Hello, Im new here.

    Hello everyone First of all, sorry if my english isn’t good, its my second language and i sometimes find it difficult finding the right words or spelling. I have been on a dutch forum for a while but because they shut it down i havent been on any other forum lately. I missed it and now i like...
  7. M

    Hey everyone :)

    Hi everyone! :D My name is Peyton and I am currently in my last year of high school. I live in Australia. Whilst I am not on the spectrum myself, my older sister is. Living with and caring for someone with autism has been an eye-opening experience for me and has made me more passionate about...
  8. SugarPlumFairy

    Hello from Germany!

    Hey hey, I'm still a bit unsure whether I really belong here, but I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet people who share similar experiences. I'm not diagnosed with anything except depression (who isn't?), but I have a growing suspicion that I might be on the spectrum. I never...
  9. M

    Hello *waves awkwardly

    Hi, I'm Marti, 36 from Hereford. I'm currently awaiting diagnosis. Just wanted to say hi and have a look around as since I first looked into the possibility of me being on the spectrum about a year ago I have found less alone and abit more connected after hearing other people's accounts Marti
  10. Ame568


    I'm new here, just signed up today after some debating. I don't truly know if I'm autistic or not but with the research I do I HIGHLY relate to it.
  11. Bristol


    Hey, my name is Bristol, and I've been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I came on here in hopes of emotional support and friendship, as I'm going through some rough times in my life (no self esteem, depression, anxiety, etc). Hopefully no one takes advantage of me during this time, but...
  12. ThatAlexDude


    Alex is the name, and as an Autist myself, what better way to make new loving, caring, and respecting pals than joining on this wonderful site?
  13. A


    Hello, I'm going to hold back on a name for now, because I'm unfortunately not there yet, but I will about myself! Also, I'm in my mid thirties. Where to begin... I guess the start? As a child I had a doctor diagnose me with delayed social skills and ADHD. This was enough to get me an IEP and...
  14. thepriceofimagination

    everything is new and so confusing

    hi. I'm new to this forum. And I wasn't diagnosed until I was 30. hi again. What do you think about the show Atypical?
  15. Scott_Milk

    Moving over from another aspie forum that is shutting down

    Hello all, as the title says, I am moving over from another site that is shutting down at the end of this month. I had just started there only back in august and had actually liked the small community that it was since I started to feel like I knew the people there. but it seems I caught it...
  16. J

    A small/ straightforward intro

    My name is Julia I live in the Midwest of the USA. I have been living with aspergers ever since I was three. I am currently a full time worker at a store and I’m trying to become more independent this year and work on my goals. My interests include : reading, writing, working out, traveling...
  17. Mars26


    Hello, I am 20 years old guy with asperger syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was in preschool. My parents are supportive but my father still doesn't accept that I have asperger. He constantly comparing me to people the same age as me. I also have supportive older sister. I had few close friends...
  18. denminn


    Hello, this is Dennis. I'm 49 and live in Minneapolis, MN (USA). I'm a part-time ordained minister. I was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2008. I used to follow the Wrong Planet forums a while back and want to get back in the forums to meet people. Look forward to meeting you!
  19. Chenelle

    Hi All!

    Um hi, I'm a bit shy and am looking for a community that I can explain things to and make friends. I have a hard time understanding...almost everything... and just recently started to develop new cognitive skills outside of my genetic deficits. I've been learning about non localised...
  20. Mickaylaxcat

    New here, Hello from MAINE USA.

    Hello everyone! Im Mickayla. I love pokemon and video games. i have offically diagnosed High functioning autism. i am in a day program currently where every Wednesday i go and do things in the community/ learn life skills. i am 19 and have a boyfriend of a year or so and we together and...
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