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  1. A

    Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024 2024-03-28

    A series of talks on neurodiversity
  2. Y

    Acts of service without emotional repair after mocking me

    Husband and I are both autistic. I'm not alexithymic but he is. I'm an emotional person. Words of affirmation, quality time and touch are my love languages. He shows love through gifts and acts of service. He hurt me very badly yesterday. He mocked my deepest, most vulnerable emotional needs...
  3. L

    My partner (ASD) and I (NT) have relationship problems. Looking for advice/different perspectives!

    Hi everyone, This is my first time being on this forum and I'm looking for some perspective on my relationship problems with my partner. Hope to find some fresh insights here :). My partner (officially diagnosed with PDD-NOS as a kid) and I (NT) have been together for almost 3 years. We're...
  4. Komi-san can't communicate {AMV} - [Shape of you]

    Komi-san can't communicate {AMV} - [Shape of you]

    Komi Has Difficulties in Communicating
  5. mourningdove

    Talking/communicating through pets?

    I've always had trouble speaking to my immediate family directly at home. But we had two cats growing up, one of whom I was particularly close to (and who recently passed away, unfortunately). 1.) Communication got easier if I could hold my cat, Moon, and look at him instead of my mother or...
  6. autism-and-autotune

    A Thing to Contemplate: a sci-fi phenomenon

    It's a rather niche little trilogy, but has anyone else read the Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness? If not, I'll give a little more info as to what I've been thinking about since my diagnosis. I loved these books dearly during my teen years, and to me they're still moving today. There is, in...
  7. N

    Wife of Aspergers looking for support.

    Hello, I am new to this forum. My husband of 27 years has Aspergers (self-diagnosed) is a very loving and kind husband. It has been very difficult trying to find better ways to communicate. Dave is angry, negative and defensive that he has Aspergers and doesn't show any interest in working on...
  8. Y

    ND-ND marriage, anything I have not tried?

    I could write a whole book about this but I won't do that to you. The story might sound like a stereotype - wife feels emotionally deprived, disconnected, ND husband says he is doing what she is asking for but she isn't experiencing it the way it "should" be. ND husband apparently unable to see...
  9. S

    Making Friends

    I have no friends. I am 17 years old. When I interact with the autistic community, I feel welcomed, accepted, and appreciated. It seems that with time, I can make friends in the autistic community, but I cannot make any NT friends. In the past, I have tried to make friends, but I struggle. I do...
  10. Stuttermabolur

    Excessively complimenting people

    I tend to compliment people a lot. In the middle of a conversation I will say that the conversation is good, or that they have good points. If I notice some interesting piece of clothing (like octopus socks) I will compliment people on that and even during family dinner I will compliment the...
  11. Galvatrancis

    Any tips on How to interact with other ?

    Pretty much everyone who i know is a very joky person. But i cant intercat very greatly with them, and if i try, many people call me annoying and boring. What do i do ? OBS: I normally get my sense of humor from memes. If that helps your answer, i dont know what more.
  12. fern_77

    Speaking Issues

    Today I had gym class for fourth period. I sat on the floor on my computer and did not participate because I find gym overwhelming. It is still overwhelming when I am not participating because there is lots of noise and sometimes I feel like I have to keep an eye on the ball because I worry...
  13. G

    Do you space-out when discussing detailed things in conversations?

    When you are in a conversation and you engage in social skills like eye-contact and facial expressions, do you space-out you are asking a question, answering a question, explaining something or the like? What I mean is, when you are communicating something to another person, do you stop making...
  14. Joshua the Writer

    I Hate it When People Phrase Orders Like Questions

    A thing that really bothers me is when somebody phrases an order/command like a question. For example: My dad: "would you take the trash out for me?" Me: "no thank you" Dad: "why not?" Me: "because I don't want to" My dad: "but I told you to" Me: *Autistic confusion* I swear. Both of my...
  15. Skittlebisquit

    Chat Apps

    I really really like texting, do you want to know why? It's because I have trouble speaking sometimes. My phone will let me talk to it and it types for me. That I can do, because I can see it, and take my time. I can type on my phone ok, but it's so weird! I used to be able to type accurate...
  16. Joshua the Writer

    Tone Tags/Indicators: Use Them

    Tone Tags/Indicators were created in order to make online communication between NDs and NTs (as well as communication between NDs) easier. Here is a list: /j = joking /hj = half joking /s or /sarc = sarcastic / sarcasm /srs = serious /nsrs = not serious /lh = light hearted /g or /gen =...
  17. A

    Autistic Communication

    [This was posted recently on Facebook by a Scottish Autism group] If you or a loved one has gone through an autism assessment in the last few decades, you may have come across the dreaded ‘triad of impairments’. This is from a very deficit-based assessment model, thankfully not used anymore...
  18. Major Tom

    The most intelligent horse in the world, Jim Key.

    This is the wonderful story of Jim Key. The most intelligent horse in the world, but not only him, also his owner, who was also a very important person in history. If you enjoy animal stories and haven't seen this, please watch this! Here it is:
  19. S

    Break up with AS ex, haven't heard from him since, he'd said we'd stay friends

    I had a break up 4-5 months ago. He said several times we'd always be best friends, even if it didn't work out. Sadly since we were together, arguments escalated and it became like the opposite of best friends. Since the break up he hasn't read my messages or spoke to me. We started off as...
  20. Vindicator Phoenix

    What Matters, to You, in a Conversation?

    For me, I like: warmth and sympathy noticeable body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) smiling/smirking eye contact slow speech people getting my attention, before speaking (instead of sneaking up on me and unloading a rant) diplomacy/democracy non-directiveness friendly voice tone...
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