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  1. agenderbeing

    College and Job-seeking Advice?

    Hello there, I’m currently in a huge transitional part of my life as a college student. If open to sharing, feel free yo reply with your own experiences/struggles as a neurodivergent person (especially if a part of multiple marginalized groups).Thanks! All experiences are valid.
  2. M

    How to deal with college pressure while parenting

    Hello, apologise in advanced if this is the wrong thread, I am still trying to figure out navigating this site. There is so much wonderful threads and information, but unfortunately it's a little too much for my brain to handle in a short time Anyway, I have 2 weeks left of college.. Well two...
  3. L

    Autism and University/College

    Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face at university or college. I am hoping to create an app which will help eliminate or reduce some of...
  4. L

    Autism and university/college

    Hi everyone, my names Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face in this type of educational setting. I am hoping to design an app which will help reduce some of these...
  5. Mars26

    Waiting to hear from my best friend

    I've been having a pretty bad time lately. At the university, privately, etc. However, with the help of a psychiatrist and a good attitude, I managed not to fall into depression again. It was really hard. However, I made one mistake when I felt sad. Namely, I got drunk at a party, on the same...
  6. Jenisautistic

    I finally published a blog!:)

    Inclusion in College For Those With Unique Needs - DIFFERENT BRAINS please let me know what you think of this
  7. Mars26

    Friends Issue

    I'll start with the hardest thing. I lost my friend in Monday and I was at her funeral yesterday. I mention this because it is quite relevant to my thread. Let's start from the beginning my late friend, me and my other friend were close but we weren't each other only friends. When we started...
  8. Jorg

    Worried about college test, professor makes it about memorization not learning

    I'm worried, I have a final test in 6h and I need a high score to pass the course. I study electronic engineering and this class is about electric communications: AM, FM modulation, digital modulation, etc. And even the whole class is like not sure abou it. In all my years studying here I have...
  9. JoGo

    My Experience at School of Social Work UIUC

    I was a former student at University of Illinois, School of Social Work with a disability called Landau-Kleffner; that is on the spectrum. I disclosed my disability by writing about it for my admission paper, so they knew ahead of time. I finished two semester at the program, but left on my...
  10. U

    Where can I find part-time IT work, particularly for those on the spectrum? It can't be that hard.

    Hello. I just got out of college with 8 IT certifications. I had a part-time job but I am not sure if my layoff was related to my disability. They simply stopped calling me to the assignments, saying that the remaining jobs are small, for supervisors to finish themselves. However, I have no...
  11. Douglas Thompson

    What is it like to be a college student?

    Hey, I'm a college student who is trying to complete my degree. I'm doing a study about other college students with Asperger's, HFAD, or some other type of ASD. I'm having a hard time getting enough participants for the study because I am overwhelmed and get really anxious when I try to ask...
  12. L

    Autism and college

    so I really want to go to college but my autism holds me back, I panic everywhere I go and I struggle to leave the house, I don’t really know how well I’d do at college, I also don’t have any friends or that so theirs that, I just don’t know what to do anymore :(
  13. Jena

    Question regarding learning disability and aspergers

    My question is too long to put in the title so this is my question: Is it possible to be diagnosed with Asperger and ADHD when young in 4th grade. But have a undiagnosed learning disability that has gone unnoticed? I'm a 21 year old female, in college, and noticed since I started college how...
  14. Jenisautistic

    What is it like to go to college with autism or another disability?

    I am trying to figure out whether not I can go to a college program for people with disabilities in my area It is called Impact u ImpactU I was wondering what it’s like for other people here who have disabilities such as autism.
  15. S

    Need college students with ASD for help with my dissertation

    Hi, all. My name is Stacy Henry, and I am a special education teacher in Georgia. I am in the process of completing my dissertation for my EdD in Special Education, and I have reached the point that I need to find participants for interviews as soon as humanly possible. I need to find at least...
  16. Catalyst

    Vague Assignments

    For anyone who's dealt with this... Have you found you have trouble doing assignments that are vague? My bf (also on the Spectrum) just got an assignment where he has to write a paper on a stance. Any stance. And he's having a hard time wrapping his head around it, because there's no real...
  17. stratocaster

    Intro Post - Diagnosis

    Hi everyone, I'm new to blogging, but I really like writing as a hobby. Anyway, this is my first post and so I'm going to talk about my experience getting diagnosed with autism through my university's medical system. If you're college age or nearly so and you're undiagnosed this might be a...
  18. Douglas Thompson

    Research with College Students

    I really need some students who what to help me learn something. I'm doing a research project and trying to find some college students who might like to tell others what it is like to be in school (college) and have Asperger's or HFAD. Can anyone tell me where I should start? I set up a poll...
  19. Douglas Thompson

    Hello I'm studying students with HFAD

    I'm doing a research project about students in school (college) and have Asperger's or HFAD.
  20. Douglas Thompson

    College students with autism

    Hello, I'm a college student (doctoral degree) who is doing a study about college students with autism. I have found studies that share what parents have to say and what teachers want people to know. However, there are not a lot of studies that talk about the experiences that students have from...
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