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How to deal with college pressure while parenting


Hello, apologise in advanced if this is the wrong thread, I am still trying to figure out navigating this site. There is so much wonderful threads and information, but unfortunately it's a little too much for my brain to handle in a short time

Anyway, I have 2 weeks left of college.. Well two weeks left in the workshop. I am doing a Woodworking furniture making course. The course dynamic has changed a little this year as it is an art and design course rather than a woodworking course, which means that we have to hand in all of our design process theory work but to pass the course our actual physical piece doesn't get assessed. our tutor would rather our piece be finished for our exhibition which we hold every year. I would also love for my piece to be finished but I really don't think it will be.

I am making a wool spinning wheel, I stupidly took on the challenge thinking it will all be ok. Well it would have all been ok if I could have attended college every day. That has not been possible because my son, who has suspected autism has been refusing to go to school (I don't blame him I totally understand why he finds school so challenging) also my daughter has been ill a lot, her age group seem to be constantly ill, I blame lockdowns! So my predicament is that I feel I am not going to pass the course. I have college tomorrow and I'm thinking should I tell my tutor this? that I am worried I will not pass?

I am feeling very overwhelmed and almost guilty that I haven't been able to attend because my children haven't been in school. My tutor has also asked me to go in extra days which I have not been able to due to my children not being in school. I feel like I am disappointing her and also failing myself! Feeling very overwhelmed

PS: sorry for such a long post. I have problems concentrating on reading and yet write a lot for others to read, how ironic
I suggest you let the instructor know about your difficulties. Especially if you doubt you'll finish in time. I don’t know your particular situation, but in my experience, instructors can be pretty accommodating if you let them know about issues in advance.

If you are only focused on passing, an unfinished project done to a high standard might be enough. Again, I would speak with your instructor about this (maybe send an email if you are nervous about asking after class).
It's always best to be forthcoming, and as soon as possible with any challenges that you are experiencing, as this gives the instructor more time and potential options to consider.

Potential options, in addition to

* Assigning a grade to whatever you have done (keeping in mind that an more challenging project would likely be weighted accordingly and so could still score okay even if incomplete) as Stuttermabolur suggested, and
* The potential for the instructor to issue an interim incomplete course (which depending on the instructor and school/department policies could result in additional time being given for you to complete, or for you to be allowed to retake the course later, with a new project, without it counting as a re-take) as WhitewaterWoman suggested

* The possibility of the instructor having you submit what you have now, and to start a newer simpler project, perhaps with an extra week or two, to demonstrate that you can finish a project
* The possibility of an aegrotat grade. This is when someone is granted a pass, without a grade, when it is considered that they did not complete the course requirements due to circumstances outside of their control (usually due to their own illness, but sometimes considered in other circumstances), and in the opinion of the instructor, the student was expected to and was on track to pass. It's most commonly used when the course would have been the final one taken prior to completing a program.

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