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  1. MaddieZabczuk

    Writing about Asperger, BPD and other mental issues

    Hey, how are you? I'm Maddie Zabczuk. It's nice to meet you. I have BPD and I love to write. One of my best friends, whom I love to death, is an Aspie, so I thought, why not try to write a story about someone like my friend? He deserves love and understanding as we all do. So because I want to...
  2. Sabrina

    Younger male partners

    All the boyfriends that I’ve had (and ex husband), have been younger than me (six months, a year, two years, three years, three years). I’m curious to know if there are other female aspies like me. I used to think that it was because I looked younger, but maybe I’m emotionally younger too (an...
  3. My very own corner of peace and love

    My very own corner of peace and love

    Writing in anonymity has become a way to take care of myself. Every time I type a word, it's like combing my hair, or brushing my teeth. Sometimes it's like taking a hot bath for my soul, which is good since I don't have a bathtub. I decided to invest in a full size mattress for myself, so I can...
  4. DaRKMsOul18

    Story Make Up

    In this game you have to make up an outrageous weird story! You have to make it wacky and make a line of story that makes the story weirder and etc, or silly. example: starter:There was once a man named Bob. player: He was a fish player 2: that had 2 brain cells. just make it stupid as...
  5. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The potato bazooka

    I have two friends who used to be a couple, who were friends of my ex and I when we were a couple too. We don’t live in the same country anymore, but when I learned that they separated more or less at the time than we did, I contacted them (separately). What she said about their separation was...
  6. Mr Allen

    Aspies in the UK Police Force?

    Above. I'm half considering applying again to South Yorkshire Police Special Constabulary, even though I promised Mum and Dad in August 2011 that after 3 failed attempts to get in, I wouldn't do attempt #4. But that was nearly 7 years ago obviously. Due to other physical disabilities I doubt...
  7. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The movie of our lives

    There's several situations that worry me at the moment, but a few seconds ago, I got swept by "my" locker at the pool where I come to swim everyday. It looked beautiful, simple and colored coordinated. It could become an original picture of these times, not just mine, but everybody's. Like those...
  8. Mr Allen

    Aspies and Internet Banking

    Topic. I just tried to set up online Banking at my Bank, because the text is so small on my card with account details, I can't see it, even with my glasses on. I've rung the Bank's Scottish call centre who were very helpful, and gave me the customer number I needed, but they still cannot find...
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Do teens know what they want to do when they grow up?

    "It's very difficult that kids that age know what they want to be when they grow up" said my dad, sixty-seven, when I was telling him that my daughter, thirteen, already knew what she wanted to do when she grows up. Today, in the locker of the pool where I go swimming, I heard two women...
  10. Highway Cowboy

    What do i do now?

    Hi guys, recently diagnosed Aspergers, age 46. I'm a HGV Driver. High functioning autism /Aspergers. What am I supposed to do after diagnosis? I'm not looking for any benefits or anything like that.. Just wondered what I'm supposed to do now. Paid a fortune for private diagnosis cos NHS told...
  11. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The life-saving search for beauty of creative people

    Sopranos and tenors always make my soul soar. Right now, the owner of the incredible voice that I’m listening to is Katherine Jenkins. There’s magic in the melody, but there’s something even transcendental when one understand the lyrics. French, Italian, Spanish, and even English, transmit a...
  12. Mr Allen

    Aspies and Foreign call centres

    Topic. Do you have a problem understanding them? Particularly Indian ones? I definitely do, but that's probably more down to my deafness than being Aspie, although I'm sure it's part of it. Anyway, as a result I refuse on principle to deal with companies who do not have UK call centres, but...
  13. M

    Dating someone on the spectrum

    Hi, I'm dating someone who thinks he might be on the AS spectrum. I was talking to someone at work last fall about some stuff we were dealing with at home and she casually suggested he may be somewhere on the spectrum. I didn't' say anything to him about it, but observed his behavior and...
  14. DiegoB

    Aspies vs. psychopaths

    Hello! I am new to this forum and would like to share my rare ideas in this space because I want them to be read by people who understand them. If my English is not very good I ask for forgiveness, in fact I speak Spanish ... Well, lately I've had the idea that Aspies are the opposite of...
  15. Mr Allen

    Question for UK based Aspies, would you go on Blind Date?

    Topic. I'm just watching it on 5 now, and there's really nice young ladies on to be picked, numbers 2 and 3 especially. I applied for the rebooted show way back when they were making the first series but didn't get on it. How about you lot?
  16. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    The best of times... (First published 01 Jan 2018)

    It's that time of year again, and I had hoped to have something heartwarming, insightful and completely out of character for a logic loving, systematic, no-nonsense Aspie, to share with you all. My Christmas tree is still up, so I've thrown in some Dickens, and have sprinkled it with a...
  17. M

    Successful therapy in Aspie/NT's relationships

    Years ago, my husband and I attempted therapy several times with different therapists in order to help our marriage. The first was a Catholic marriage counselor, in fact a priest, who advised us on our marriage. He seemed more concerned with church doctrine that our marriage. The second was a...
  18. pjcnet

    Aspies, are you more forgetful than most people?

    I have always been more forgetful than most people, especially when it comes to losing objects, although it does seem to have somewhat worsened as I've got older and I'm now 48 years of age. Here is one of many examples, I lost an important letter recently and anxiously searched for it for...
  19. M

    Lurkers, come in from the cold. Are you Aspies or Aspie curious and part of the tribe?

    You don't have to interact here, unless you want to. Yet you could lurk inside Aspies Central, and become members, all it takes is signing up. You might even make contact with others who have similar interests, and discover that interacting with people is not so terribly frightening. Perhaps...
  20. M

    Yeehaw, it's an Aspie/Autie/everybody party,

    Somehow I'm celebrating whatever comes to mind. It's sunny and not too cold where I am, so that makes me happy. So, what would happen at an all along the spectrum party? Here at Aspie central? There are no rules, you don't have to socialize, write or talk. You don't have to be here if you...
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