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  1. Ame568

    Mom needs a bit of help

    Sorry if this isn't allowed in this topic but my mom needs help, she wants to hear (well read) why you guys don't support Autism Speaks since most people she talks to supports/works for them and she said that if it weren't for them my nephew/nibbling wouldn't be getting the help he needs. If you...
  2. Ame568


    So sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything. Anyway my mom called someone to help with my nephew, especially with his behavior and I was wondering how to tell if they're gonna use ABA methods on him and how bad is ABA? I over heard someone say they use "legal abuse" methods and that...
  3. Ame568

    Confused, please help

    I'm confused, my nephew went for an autism assessment and it turns out that he is autistic but they wanted to do a check up today and I'm confused as to why they wanted to do that. My mom said it was to make sure that nothing changed but that's still confusing to me. Can anyone help make me...
  4. Ame568

    Are you vegan?

    I heard someone say that being vegan for a long time should be a symptom of autism (I couldn't tell if she was joking/partially joking or not) and it just made me feel uneasy and wanted to know how many autistic people on here are vegan. I probably shouldn't add this but I want to, I am not a...
  5. Ame568

    How to get him to stop biting

    Hey all, sorry it's been a while. My nephew keeps on trying to bite everyday, there are days where he actually does bite us (me mostly) and no matter what we do (like time-out, telling him "no biting/you are not going to bite anyone/etc", removing myself or him from the situation and so on) he...
  6. Ame568

    Special gift?

    I went to get my hair cut yesterday and the lady who cut my hair said that all autistic children/adults have a special gift like drawing really well for example; That made me wonder if that's true because I'm self diagnosed but I don't think I have a special gift and it sounded ableist to me...
  7. Ame568

    How to bottle break?

    Although we don't have an official diagnosis we believe that my nephew is autistic and/or has ADHD. He's 3 years old, non-talking (mentally behind other 3 year olds, he acts more like a 2-2 1/2 year old) and still drinking from his bottle and wants nothing to do with a cup. We tried different...
  8. Ame568

    I need some help with my nephew

    So, after years of research I decided to finally call myself autistic and we believe my nephew is too, I see some of myself in him. Well he's almost 3 years old and mostly non-verbal, he can say "na", "la", "da/dada" and "no" but it comes out when he's upset. Anyway he's also a screamer, he...
  9. Ame568

    Silent meltdown, is it possible?

    Sorry for posting so soon after the other one but this question has been bothering me for days. Everytime I get bit I'm always overwhelmed and upset and I cry (silently) and just shutdown quickly afterwards. I told this to my last therapist but she said it wasn't a meltdown but it feels like...
  10. Ame568

    Sensitivity to pictures and light?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread topic but I have a question. How many of you are sensitive to certain pictures like black-and-white grey scale or sepia tones and how many of you are sensitive to bright lights and flashing lights (I'm also adding slow flashing lights to this). I can't look...
  11. Ame568

    Selective mutism

    Sorry it's been a while since I last posted anything but I got a question and I hope I'm in the right area. I heard that many people on the autism spectrum have selective mutism but research told me that that not actually true, that selective mutism has nothing to do with autism and it's all...
  12. Ame568

    Good at socializing?

    I was doing online autism tests before and I asked my mom if I socialize well and she said "no" but my last therapist said that I do and an online test said that I did. The thing is I kinda trained my brain to answer things quickly even without much thought but I'm always messing up, I...
  13. Ame568


    Since Christmas is coming I was wondering if anyone believed (or still believes) in Santa Claus.
  14. Ame568

    Quick update

    Here's a quick update since it's been a bit. I had my birthday and it went OK, my uncle played with the lights and made it too bright and when I said it was too bright he turned them down. Instead of 2 or 3 different conversations going on at the dinner table there was only one which didn't hurt...
  15. Ame568

    feeling confused....

    I hope it's ok if I post this blog like thing. I've been doing research on autism for 3(?) years now and I relate to A LOT of what people have said that their experiences are but lately my mind has been kinda mean? It keeps telling me that I'm faking and an imposter and a hypochondriac. So much...
  16. Ame568


    I now know that we don't talk about people but I hope it's ok to share my comics. Then vs Now.
  17. Ame568

    Do you like the scent of lavender?

    I'm asking because my mom buys lavender scented body wash and soap but the scent is too strong for me and I was wondering if I'm the only person who has issues with it or not.
  18. Ame568

    Surviving b-days and holidays

    Sorry for posting so much lately but I was thinking of my birthday and how fast it's approaching (it's in October) as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas and was wondering if you guys have any tips that I could use this year. I dread my b-day for multiple reasons but that day, along with...
  19. E

    What pets live at your house?

    What pets live at your house? At my home there is a beautiful red kitten.
  20. Ame568


    I'm new here, just signed up today after some debating. I don't truly know if I'm autistic or not but with the research I do I HIGHLY relate to it.
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