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I am growing tired of, even find annoyance, with videogames. Not because I just flipped a switch and just started hating them. It's a more personal reason. Videogames have consumed my whole life or at least what little life I had through existing.

I've noticed that all my mind wants to think about is videogames. All my desires are nonexistent, because I have put all my brain power, time, and focus on the one thing that I believed gave my any happiness. Though even that was short lived after some time. Playing to play. Not to have fun. Not to enjoy for a hour or two. No. Just a distraction so I don't have to face responsibility, obligations to myself and others, and even life itself.

I know what anyone would ask. "What was so bad that you reclused into videogames?"

I don't have a suitable answer now. I guess I could say my parents drove me to it, which is not untrue. But alot was my own doing. I gave up. Why? I don't have a suitable answer to that either.

I feel as if I have to drop everything to slowly clear this out, videogames and YouTube too. I'll have a clear answer to why.

I have contemplated destroying my game consoles and trashing my games. While that'll remove the temptation, that'll also be money down the drain over my own blind hatred of what happened to me. I cannot blame the games. I only have myself to blame.

Man's greatest enemy is themself.


All I kept thinking was 'redirect, redirect, redirect' or 'alcoholic'... I mean, do you have a PlayStation 4? RPG Maker MV lets you make video games. It supports a keyboard plugged into the USB port. Uninstall all the video games that are burning your time without benefit, and intentionally install video games like typing tutors, language education, math puzzle games(kakuro, for example), and game engines.

If that's not possible, for sure, if you need to cut it out, go ahead and do so. I'm just saying that if you haven't tried redirecting to a constructive only game direction, maybe you should.

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