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This was oddly a late night thought process last night. Thinking about what it would be like to be a nudist. And if I'd possibly enjoy it. Though I was mildy tipsy and pretty tired from from 3 beers, so that may of influenced it a bit.

Though let's get the less safe for work thing out of the way first.

I have thought about exhibitionism and the act of doing sexual things in public. It's definitely a appealing thing to me, in thought. But I am not so sure in execution. I am not entirely sure if I'll like it, if I choose to engage in it. Maybe I might. Though the only way to know, is to do it. I'd need to obviously get my head straight first, before finding a willing partner for that.

But outside that. I have kinda wondered what it would be like to be a nudist. To not need clothes. To be your truly natural self. Maybe wandering a forest or a nature park exposed to the elements around me. Being one with everything. Kinda more tribal, I guess. But the sad thing is that I seem scared to. I cannot say I despise my body. But it's like I fear being THAT vulnerable. I sleep with pajamas and it feels comfortable enough. But I do kinda feel trapped in the motions with that. Nudity would break that monotony for me.

IDK. I just felt like getting these thoughts out.


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