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  1. Paella (vegetarian)

    (All measurements in British Imperial) • 2tbsp Olive Oil • 1tbsp Butter • 1 Red Onion, chopped. > Lightly fry (just soft, no more) in a big frying pan • 5.5oz Arborio/Paella Rice • 1tsp Ground Turmeric • 1tsp Ground Cumin • 0.5tsp Chilli Powder • 3 Garlic Cloves, crushed • 1 Chilli, finely diced > Stir in, then immediately: • 2 Red Peppers, diced • 2.75oz Baby Corn Cobs, halved longwise • 20 Pitted Black Olives • 1 Beef Tomato, seeded & diced > Stir in, continue to fry for 2 minutes. •...
  2. Fruit Cake.

    (All measurement are in British Imperial) • 8oz Self-raising Flour • 1oz Ground Almonds • 1.5tsp Mixed Spice • 1tsp Ground Ginger • 1tsp Ground Cinnamon • 1tsp Ground Cloves > Sift into large mixing bowl • 6oz Dark Muscovado Sugar > mix in. • 6oz Butter > crumble in with fingers until texture is consistent. • 3 Eggs > Beat in. • 10oz Mixed Dried Fruit • 4oz Glacé Cherries • 2oz Crystallised Ginger > Mix in. > Pour into a 10” baking tin that has been greased and lined with baking paper. >...
  3. Feeling shame over needing help

    I am still in highschool (hopefully graduating end of 2020-2021 school year) and I need to take summer classes. I am taking a photography class. There is an assignment where we had to take many pictures of features of good pictures (lines,shape,texture,positive and negative space,repetition, and contrast) even after being told what to do 10 times I still messed up and I wasted an hour on pictures I could not use. It ended up that my mother had to help me for over an hour. I would take...
  4. DBT and Autism

    CBT is often brought up for autism and emotional regulation but DBT can work too..and in my case much better,
  5. Fear of being abandoned

    I am scared of being abandoned. I know someday my parents will die and i will be alone. I know life will have no meaning after they die and hope to die soon after them. I don't know how i will manage my property and i am scared i will be left penniless and in the streets. I don't want such a life, i hope i don't have to endure it much.
  6. Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    This guide explains alexithymia, what causes it, the harmful effects of it, and how to better understand your feelings so you can be yourself and be in control of how you feel.
  7. Sensitivity to criticism - How to overcome it

    This guide explains why some people are sensitive to criticism or get upset easily when they are criticized. It then shows you how to reduce your sensitivity to criticism so you don't get upset when you are criticized.
  8. Replacing Unhelpful Beliefs with More Accurate and Helpful Beliefs

    This blog entry contains a list of unhelpful, negative, and inaccurate beliefs followed by more helpful, positive, and accurate beliefs that can be used to feel better about yourself and make it easier to get along with other people.
  9. Chapter Three: Cradle

    Once out of the library building Celeste began sprinting towards the nearest public transit docking station. The ferry had about another ten minutes until it arrived, and after the mild confrontation with Professor Yama, Celeste was nervous about staying too long. There were four University students clustered together discussing how unfair the calculous exam had been. She decided if she tucked herself into the seat behind them, she would be harder to see if protectorate decided to search for...
  10. "I have the cure"

    There is a greek mythologic story about Pandora's box. By opening the box, all kinds of illnesses dissipate and enter men's lives. From now on, men will face diseases, aging, misery, hunger, war, betrayal, passion, trickery, and so on. Out of the box, a last thing comes out. Hope. Inside their struggles, men received hope. Men learned to use and manipulate all kind of stuffs. Wood. Forks. Sounds. Fire. Communication. Feelings. Others. Animals. Whatever. Men even learned to manipulate other...
  11. Tea party no 2

    Or should i say wine party ahahah. I feel strong and capable. I can't wait to get a job. I feel like i don't even have to pretend this time to be taken seriously since my legal knowledge is increasing.
  12. Learning what it takes to socialize

    One great result that came from getting my anxiety under control is that now I'm willing to approach new experiences. From each of these experiences I'm able to learn and do better each time afterwards, which is how I'm getting better at job interviews. The frustrating part about this is actually getting the interviews. I can only get better the more I go to, but employers don't make it easy. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "we're not actually hiring right now" or "we just...

    KITTY NOMS Created by treebranch1 This I started in May of 2019. I was thinking I'd make it as favorite cat treats for particular Warrior Cats. Then in June of this year (2020) I realized I didn't care about Warrior Cats. Using their names would make for many many results, but that wasn't the point of the idea. So I made it only about food options. Title: KITTY NOMS Descriptor: Meal choices for your adorable purr factory and discerning eating machine. Button: noshtime Format:...
  14. ~The Grand Opening~

    Watch this become a Tgcf blog soon and me gushing over hualian as usual Well since i had a break i have only been studying legal texts for about.. 2 weeks? I am really not sure I'll have to get back to my fandom activities soon! A good news is i have succesfully dissociated myself from her. February last year seems like a joke now but what's new about that? It's really reassuring that life goes on and makes everything insignificant.
  15. Being yourself - How to act around other people

    How to be yourself and why it's good advice. Learn the difference between adapting versus masking and how to act in social situations.