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  1. Applied to Matalan for Christmas temp work.

    Topic. Applied to the one in Town last night, bit awkward to get to as it's just on the Parkway, I don't think it's on the Tram route, well I suppose I could get off at Nunnery Square and walk through the car park. Plus I have those 2 interviews this week tomorrow and Tuesday.
  2. Sensory overload

    Being diagnosed made me more aware of issues that I wouldn’t have previously recognised. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I felt overwhelmed, I generally didn’t realise that it may be due to sensory overload. For instance I could be wearing clothes that are too itchy or too tight, and the sensation will overwhelm. However I can be quite aloof to it. I could be tugging at my clothes as a physical reaction to the stimuli, but not realise that the clothes were having a big effect on my mood,...
  3. Got telephone interview for Sue Ryder paid Charity shop job on Monday at 3 PM!

    Topic. Had an email today based on an online application on Indeed.co.uk a few weeks back, if the phone interview is successful, I will be invited to a face to face interview at the shop. IMO this one might be more suitable than the Sorting Office job I'm interviewing for next week, as I have considerable experience of working in Charity shops in a voluntary capacity, as evident on my CV/Resume', Nice to be in demand innit?
  4. September 6 - October 21

    Hey everyone, So things have been quite busy for me as of late. Doing my thesis year for my degree, being involved in the students Union for a third year. Working with my partner on his rehabilitation after he fractured his scapula and required surgery. It's been a solid jam packed 1.5 months. I also had some speaking engagements along the way. I had a Movies for Mental Health panel I spoke on talking about my mental health that's comorbid to my autism on October 2nd. I then turned around...
  5. I need to get more serious about self-employment.

    The thought of working with other humans is really bumming me out, but I’m finding it hard to knuckle down on my own projects when the weather is so beautiful. Excuses, excuses. It feels wasteful to be inside when the sun is out. I need to do a little every day vs. a lot at once. I am a “routine person”—once I get into something, I should be fine. Worry about starting, not about finishing.
  6. Well I applied for 2 more jobs this week!

    Christmas temp work part time at Jessop's Camera shop in Meadowhall, and part time work at a local Petrol Station (it says the post code for it is s3, I doubt I'd get much more local!). Indeed is the best website ever (apart from this one of course! :D)
  7. A glimmer of hope.

    It's been a month since my last update, which was rather bleak. A lot has happened in the mean time. For one, I started seeing a psychiatric nurse and a psychologist at my local health care crisis center. Usually wait lists are up to 8 months here, but I had the mixed blessing of being so acutely suicidal that I applied for an emergency referral, which means I had to get an appointment within a week. Which I did. Since I was so zombified from antidepressants, I was switched to...
  8. Yay! I have a job interview on 30.10.18 with Angard Recruiting for a Post Office job!

    Topic. Just confirmed the interview by email for the Tuesday after next at 10 AM at First Post House, Brightside Lane at 10 AM. If it's where I think it is, I'll need a lift or a Taxi there because it's not on the Tram route between Town and Meadowhall. Anyway! Go me! I have an interview for a job I applied to on Monday.
  9. 3 years

    I’m contemplating applying for a position that could translate into being able to afford my own place in three years’ time. If I could suck it up that long. It’s a job I think I can do. I have an interest in it. Really not looking forward to the human interaction this would entail, however. I also applied for disability. I’m afraid of burning out again. I also have dreams of self-employment.
  10. Throwback to June after I realized that I messed up big time

    "Hey I'm sorry about coming off as a creep I don't know why I did that crap and I know you must hate my guts right now. Honestly speaking I'm used to talking to women face to face or thru text because of the fear I'd do some stupid stuff like that. I didn't mean for that to happen either I got on the phone I got nervous and talked real low cause I didn't want to mess up. Like I'm mildly autistic which I'm other words means that I'm not that good at interacting with people especially cute...
  11. A taste of the mentality

    In case any of the new people I met the last few months wonder why I say some outreagous stuff. I experienced something very messed up to the point I needed counseling for 3 months back in 2015, aka my father's slow transition from one world to the next from lung cancer. I say that it was a slow transition because he spent his last month on this earth on life support, that image alone would mess someone up pretty bad. Why am I saying this? I strongly believe that most people have some...
  12. Just bought new SIM Only contract

    With Three. Not too shabby, £17 a month for "All You Can Eat" minutes and texts and 30 Gig data. Only thing is I've been with Three before and I don't think they have UK call centres, but hopefully I won't have to ring them until about this time next year to give 30 days notice if need be. Also been in the Co Op to get this week's Lottery tickets.
  13. Rejected for 2 jobs this week!

    So I applied to ASDA (Walmart to the Americans) this Wednesday, and yesterday I got an email saying they weren't taking my application further, sorry but I cannot workevenings or nights, especially not in the Chav infested s5. I also got an email this morning from WH Smith's, "after careful review, we have decided not to take your application further", WTH? Is this because I declared my AS and other disabilities? Equal opportunitues my ass, they say that because they have to, they DON'T...
  14. Approaching the end of the holidays...

    In New Zealand, students get 2 weeks off every 10 or 11 weeks. Right now it's around 1 PM on Friday, the 12th of October, AKA the third to last day of the 2 week holiday. I found myself missing school for all of the holidays, which is unusual to say the least. I don't dislike school. My teachers are friendly, and they do anything in their power to accomodate me. They understand if I'm unable to speak, they can tell when something is wrong, some of them even fight off students who keep...
  15. Complaining About Complaining About Complaining

    In this sleep-deprived ramble, I'll be complaining about people who complain about people who complain. That is, people who find complaining objectionable in some way, shape, or form. If there's one way I feel stifled, one way in which I feel I am not free to express myself, it's when I find myself discontent. Excessive complaining seems to be a social taboo, but I argue that society is doing itself a disservice by frowning upon complaining. What happens when someone complains? By which, I...